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Veet Spawax Review #1

by Amanda on 08.20.2016
“Works well, but you to have to practice a few times.”

Getting my legs waxed at a professional salon would cost me $60 every 4 weeks, or even more – because it seems like my leg hairs grow back extremely quickly. 🙂 Veet Spawax was my first experience with warm wax. Throughout the years I have tried many different methods, from epilation to cold wax strips and everything in between and I still haven’t been really satisfied with any of these methods. This product appeals to me because it doesn’t need any waxing strips – you just have to pull the wax off of your skin.

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Initial thoughts on Veet Spawax

The device looks really good. The set is made up of a container, a package with six wax strips, an electrical cable, directions and the spatula to apply the wax to your legs.

Before using, select as many wax strips as you will need for the particular body part. For your armpits, for example, one strip is enough, but for your legs you should use around four strips. If you miscalculate the amount, that is not a problem, excess wax can just stay in the container and can be rewarmed for the next use.

In order to get started, you need to plug in the device and put the wax strips into it. Then, the bottom of the container lights up red. This way you can tell that it is working, and it even adds a bit of atmosphere.

As soon as the device is switched on, it starts to warm up. Four wax strips need about 30 minutes to melt completely. In the meantime, you should stir the wax occasionally so that it melts consistently. The solid wax strips have a pleasant smell and remind me of the cold wax products from Veet. However, when they melt the smell changes a little and I personally find it a bit unpleasant.

After 30 minutes you can get started. While waxing, the device stays plugged in so that the wax stays at the correct temperature. You don’t have to worry that the wax will get too hot; the temperature stays constant the whole time.


My experience with Veet Spawax Kit

For the first try, I waxed my legs. I took about a walnut size amount of wax with the spatula and applied it. This is not very easy at first because the wax gets hard very fast and you have to apply it to the skin very quickly. Thus, you don’t always have a good layer of wax or the top or bottom of the wax layer is too thin and then you can’t remove the strips very well.

You have to practice here a few times. When you take the wax out of the container you should turn the spatula around a few times, if you don’t the wax starts to get stringy and then you have a small mess in the bathroom.

After about a minute you can pull the wax off. I have to say that I was not really satisfied with the results on my legs. Not much hair was removed and quite a few were left standing. This can, of course, be because the skin on your legs is oilier because of the body lotion on them. In the future I will try to use baby powder so that the skin is absolutely oil free.

The armpits and the bikini zone worked much better. I would recommend only depilating small areas here. When I first tried my armpits I recklessly slapped on a large amount and had to do a little dance through my bathroom when I pulled it off – ouch! The pain is totally acceptable for small areas.

In order to remove all hair completely, you need to wax the areas more often and this takes time. Any remaining residue after can be removed with baby oil when you are finished.


My Conclusion

I think the Spawax is just fine, but you need practice for really good results and you probably won’t be totally satisfied with the first use. I took off points for the smell of the warm wax because I really didn’t like the smell.

In addition, I think that the wax dries out a bit too fast because little pieces of wax get stuck on the spatula and you have to peel them off. When you are using the wax you really need to make sure that your skin isn’t oily because then the wax doesn’t stick correctly.

On the positive side, I think is good that the leftover wax can stay in the container and can just be reheated for the next time. This way it doesn’t matter if you miscalculate the amount of wax. I also think it is great that you don’t need any waxing strips; you can just pull the wax off of your skin. That makes using it a bit easier.

All in all, I am satisfied with how armpits and bikini zone turned out. However, I wouldn’t use it on my legs because it just takes too much effort, you can’t apply really long strips of wax. In the wax products category, though, it is the best up to now, cold wax just doesn’t compare.

Veet Spawax

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