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Veet Precision Styler Review #1

by Anna on 02.24.2017
“The Veet Precision Styler does not replace a full-fledged shave. In exchange it works really well for rough preparations or as a small assistant on a trip.”

Up until now I only knew Veet as a manufacturer for cream as a hair removal method. A short while ago they extended their product line and added the beauty styler. The Veet Beauty Styler is an electrical multifunctional device, which is meant for precise, fast and in particular gentle hair removal.

I have been testing this new product for a few months now and I wanted to share my experience with you.

The packaging

Let’s start with the packaging. I think it is really great. I often find products which have a packaging so that the product is visible, but is hard to open. Therefore, many resort to using dangerous tools to open them. I was on my way to the kitchen when I noticed the notes on the side on how to open the packaging. The plastic cover can be opened really fast and easily by strongly pulling the front part.

The design of the plastic cover is kept in pink and white. I think this is girly and appealing. (Of course, it’s pink after all!)

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The Styler and its accessories

After opening the packaging the Beauty Styler comes to light. It is quite minimalistic in white with a touch of pink. At first I thought of a nose hair trimmer.

The set includes the following accessories:

  • For facial use there is a two-sided trimmer head with a protecting cap suited for eyebrow contouring and a comb.
  • The other trimmer head with 20mm and the comb are suitable for the bikini line and underarms.
  • A small white brush is included for cleaning. A practical cosmetic bag is used for transport and storing. And one AA battery is also included.


Veet Precision Styler in practice

Before you start using this trimmer you should be aware that this device is solely for waterless use. You should use it without shaving gel or foam.

To insert the battery you need to turn the lower part of the handle into “▼”-position and pull off the cap. To close the device again you need to turn it from “▼”-position to “0”-position.

The manufacturer’s advice about the battery perplexed me. “Please use solely alkaline AA batteries. Other batteries could have low power and only last for a short while. Not suitable for use with rechargeable batteries.” I think it is a pity to not be able to use rechargeable batteries. How about having a rechargeable trimmer?

Underarm and bikini line

Let’s talk about the underarm and bikini line.

The first time I wanted to change the trimmer head I failed. (The device comes mounted with the trimmer head for the eyebrows.) The little arrow had me a bit puzzled. I thought by rotating it clockwise I could remove the trimmer head. But in this case it was exactly the opposite way around.

The trimmer heads and the main device are linked by putting the head on top of the beauty styler and turning clockwise until it latches.

Ok, first hurdle is mastered! Now the 20 mm trimmer head is ready to use.


According to the manufacturer the trimmer should be used without applying pressure to the skin against the direction of hair growth. In doing so, a gentle hair removal on sensible and tender skin parts will be achieved. Unfortunately I cannot confirm this. The promise of gentle and pain-free hair removal did not work for me.

There are little stubbles left over after using the trimmer, because it cannot guarantee a thorough shave like a shaver does. I think this seems especially unkempt in the armpits. I ask myself why I should trim my armpits when I can achieve a better result – while being faster – with a one-way shaver. It took me ages to achieve this result with the trimmer.

But trimming the bikini line made so much more sense to me. Therefore I tested the device for this area. Sadly the result here was also not satisfying for me. On one hand it was really painful, it pinched a lot. On the other hand my skin got red and I had to stop trimming in between.

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Eyebrow styling

Next in line are my eyebrows. I was most excited to be testing the Beauty Styler in this area. Usually I form my eyebrows by plucking them with a pair of tweezers. At the beginning I was scared to shave off too much.

With biggest care I started to shave my eyebrows. The whole procedure was a lot more difficult than I imagined. Because this device is a trimmer the hair are not plucked, but shaved off. Therefore you could see even here unaesthetic stubbles. Compared to dark-haired people it is not as noticeable for blondes.

The included comb head was useless for me, because I do not have such bushy eyebrows.


My Conclusion

Generally speaking I would say that the Beauty Styler fits comfortable in your hand and is anti-slip even though the surface is even. However, I would like an on-off-power-button instead of the rotary mechanism. If you turn the device too far, you will open the battery case.

My overall impression is that the Veet Precision Styler does not replace a full-fledged shave. Furthermore the trimmer is suitable for rough preparations or as a little helper on your trips.

Veet Precision Styler

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