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SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer Review #1

by Anna on 10.31.2016
“A lash serum for sensitive eyes? Nope, never! Even when you look at the effects, it’s a rather poor excuse for a lash product.”

One thing I can tell you beforehand is that the Smartlash serum wasn’t worth the buy in my case. Just read all about my experiences with it and you will know why.

So, you know how people with long enough lashes want “more”. I’m one of those who are quite happy with the length of their lashes but I really wanted more volume, so I’ve been trying and well using the Rapidlash Serum for half a year now and I can tell you that I was quite satisfied with it.

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The effects

One could clearly see that I attained quite some lash volume with the Rapidlash Serum and even the length of my lashes was on the brink of “too much”. Sadly the serum came with some pretty annoying side effects – red, irritated and burning eyes were quite common.

Thus it appears that I had quite some reaction to one of the ingredients in the eyelash growth products and I may even be allergic to them. Anyhow I stopped using the Rapidlash Serum and started looking for an alternative for sensitive eyes.

And that’s how I found the Smartlash Serum. By the way, many customers describe this to be “the best solution for sensitive eyes”. Also some successful clinical tests are mentioned.

I can’t say that I doubt what he wrote to be true for other people but for my eyes the so-called “sensitive” nature of the product never really happened because I reacted to it even worse than to the Rapidlash Serum, so I can honestly say that in my eyes this serum doesn’t even have an ounce of “sensitivity” in it.


What happens if you stop using it?

But here comes the crux to every serum use: once I stopped using the Smartlash serum, after a few weeks my lashes went back to their original length (and sadly also to their original volume).

And that’s how you find out the hard way that you should keep using a lash serum permanently once you start using it in order to maintain your achieved volume and length. Since one small bottle usually lasts you for a few months only, you do have to plan on rebuying the product and that’s why you should keep an eye on the price of these serums – never pay too much for one, it isn’t worth it.

I assume that my eyelids react badly to one of ingredients contained in this product. It doesn’t matter what active ingredient is the reason – in my opinion this serum doesn’t qualify it to be a lash serum for sensitive eyes.

But here’s the most important thing: I did use the Smartlash serum every day – the good girl I am. And I should also mention that because of my experiences with Rapidlash, I am not really a beginner in this area. I quite know how much serum I need to apply and where I should apply it to, so it is effective.

Here I went and fought through the skin irritation and my bad reaction using the Smartlash serum as long as possible to test the effect, namely 4 weeks – this in order to be able to obtain a meaningful result. By the way – according to the manufacturer, there is a visible result after only 7 days of daily use. 😉

Anyway, I really found the result after 4 weeks to be ridiculously small after having endured these 4 weeks of redness and the slightly stingy feeling.

If you consider the length, there was no result at all to be seen. The volume of my lashes (which was one of the most important points for me) had only increased marginally and only seemed to be seen from a certain angle and with a big amount of what you call imagination.


End of the story

So after these 4 disappointing weeks I stopped the Smartlash application and again I can only say that the manufacturer’s statement about this serum being a lash serum for sensitive eyes wasn’t true in my case and even the promise about the results being visible after 4 weeks of daily use sadly wasn’t upheld as I couldn’t see any difference.

One certain thing I can tell you is that I’m utterly disappointed with this product and I’m thinking about going back to Rapidlash Serum to try and experiment a bit with the dosage. Maybe I will find the perfect dosage for me so that there won’t be any irritation around my eyelids anymore. We’ll see about that.

I hope I could help you out with my experiences! As you guys can see it is not very easy to find a suitable and skin friendly lash serum for sensitive eyes. As for me, I shall keep looking for the right one until it comes around.


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