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Skinceuticals Ferulic Serum Review #1

by Ayame on 02.22.2018
“A perfectly balanced Anti-Aging Serum for daily use!”

There is a serum that is said to be the absolute classic when talking about Vitamin C Serums: SkinCeuticals C+E Ferulic 15% serum. It is also the most favorite serum of beauty experts all over the world: “it might be the most-valued product among the over-35 set in the Allure office”, stated in an article of United States’ biggest beauty platform Allure.

I guess if a product attracts so much attention there needs to be something particular about it. So, let us check it out!


What is being promised?

The serum is said to:

  • protect the skin from environmental damages,
  • prevent skin’s aging and
  • reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

It seems like the full anti-aging program is being fulfilled with just one serum. 🙂

But what effect does it really have?

You know the procedure: First, we need to check the product’s ingredients to get some information.

Thus, we will summarize our takeaways in form of statements, in order to make them more understandable.

*Statement #1*: It has a strong combination of antioxidants

As you can guess from the name it contains three antioxidants, Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid. It contains about 15% of Vitamin C in its most potent form: ascorbic acid. The concentration of Vitamin E lies at about 1% and that of Ferulic Acid at about 0.5%. The serum’s pH value is 3%, which is optimal for Vitamin C.

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*Statement #2*: Sophisticated composition of active ingredients

Yes, exactly this mixture is the optimum. There are numerous studies which state that Vitamin C is the most effective as ascorbic acid in a concentration between 10-20% and a pH value under 3.5%. Under these conditions will protect the skin from free radicals, improve the skin’s own UV-protection barrier and is able to reduce smaller wrinkles and fine lines. The UV-protection is also increased by adding Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

A very interesting fact: The manufacturer is still holds the patent to this formula. This means it is the only Vitamin C Serum which contains highly-concentrated ascorbic acid with a pH value of 3 or lower.

Those who want to learn more about Vitamin C can check out our Vitamin C Serum comparison.

*Statement #3*: It has a strong moisturizing effect

The formula is completed with well-tested moisturizers like glycerin. It is able to extract moisture from the air and bind it on the skin.

Also, the well-known hyaluronic acid is able to store high amounts of water in the skin. At the same time it is said to be an active anti-aging agent that can fight wrinkles effectively.

Furthermore I would like to emphasize that the manufacturer passed on using skin-irritating ingredients like parabens, perfumes and critical preservatives.


My experiences with the SkinCeuticals Serum

After two weeks of using this serum, my skin became thoroughly peeled so that I switched to regenerating skin care products together with UV-protection for a few days.

My skin had gotten rather sensitive to pressure even though it didn’t look that way. Even after the regeneration phase it stayed that way.

My skin is neither red or sensitive nor inflamed. Therefore, I don’t concern myself too much about it. The skin looks great and it took only a bit over two weeks to get it to look like this. I got feedback that confirmed my impression as well.

I think this serum is suitable for oily skin. At the same time my skin is also dry, but I have other products that help me with this. Overall I am very content with my skin’s condition if I compare it to the condition a few weeks ago.

The skin’s structure is finer than before (I also had some feedback proving my impression right) and I think it is smoother and more even. Also I noticed that my pigmented spots have brightened up.


My Conclusion

I think there is a reason for this product being a classic in the Vitamin C Serum section. In my opinion everything was done right. The correct form of Vitamin C is used in the right dosage and with the best matching pH value as well as perfect partners concerning the other two active agents like Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

The serum is perfectly balanced in its anti-aging agents and totally disregards negative critical agents. Therefore it is most suitable for sensitive skin. Those who don’t own a Vitamin C Serum yet can only do everything right if they chose the SkinCeuticals Serum.

Tip: The best time to use this serum is in the morning because of its UV protection. I can totally recommend this serum!


Skinceuticals Ce Ferulic Serum

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