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Silk’n Revit Review #1

by Marina on 05.08.2017
“Microdermabrasion is THE way to stimulate cell renewal and refresh the complexion!”

A short while ago I found the Silk’n ReVit dermabrasion device by chance and was immediately curious about this form of anti-ageing treatment. I think it is a positive thing that it nowadays is possible to use dermabrasion as treatment at home.

Of course you need to invest money to buy the right device, but afterwards you can enjoy your facial skin’s renewal without costly visits at the beauty parlour. I will firstly explain why I think that microdermabrasion is an effective way of anti-ageing care and then I will give a more detailed review about my experiences with the Silk’n ReVit dermabrasion device.


How does microdermabrasion work?

By now, microdermabrasion is a constant theme in the beauty scene. The manufacturer PMD is really popular with its devices in this area and many say these products are secret weapons against skin impurities and shallow facial complexion.


The microdermabrasion device is an electrical peeling stick with exchangeable heads, which removes dead skin particles from the skin’s surface. Unwanted and excess particles are removed by rubbing, so the skin will be cleansed in a mechanical way.

The skin will show redness after this treatment – the redness of your skin depends on your skin’s sentivity and how intensely the abrasion was carried out. That is why your skin should be treated well after the cleansing process, it needs to settle and afterwards regenerate. By this rejuvenating process the skin will shine again (that happened to my skin after regular treatment).

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Which affordable microdermabrasion devices can be purchased?

PMD devices like e.g. this one are rather expensive. I did not want to spend that much money, therefore I searched for cheaper possibilities to use at home.

That is how I stumbled upon the Silk’n ReVit Microderm Device, which is a lot cheaper and still has a proper set of accessories. The device is delivered with diamond heads in different grain sizes. They can be exchanged depending on the skin type and intended use. The treatment’s intensity depends on the chosen head.

I have to say that these diamond heads seem rather rough at the beginning. Therefore I initially started to slowly treat my facial skin with microdermabrasion as of not to damage or irritate my skin. But later I noticed that many of my fears have been baseless.

Of course you need to start off slowly when using a new device on your skin and search for the best way to treat your skin. But once you get accustomed to the treatment with the Silk’n ReVit device it will be easy and comfortable.


How often do I treat my skin with microdermabrasion?

Generally it is recommended to treat your skin with this kind of method 1-2 times per week. More so for beginners whose skin needs to get used to this new treatment. After using the Silk’n ReVit device for about 5-6 weeks the first visible positive effects have shown.

I wanted to stop this method because I was about to lose my motivation of using this regular microdermabrasion treatment. 🙂 But it is really important to stick with it. Long-term effects will show if you are patient and consequent enough with this type of treatment.

Unfortunately it often happens that you lose patience after a short time without any visible results and the device will lie around in a corner just to catch some dust. This should not happen!

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What is Diamond Microdermabrasion?

It seems to be real that original diamonds are used in proper microdermabrasion devices. It is said that hereby the removal of the skin’s first layer of danders is precise and at the same time gentle.

Unfortunately I can’t say if there are real diamonds used on the Silk’n ReVit dermabrasion device. But what I can say is that with consequent and regular treatment the skin’s structure will be refined and big pores will get smaller.

The treatment is similar to a micro peeling and is free of pain. The skin’s following redness will easily vanish with a rich Day Cream.



My Conclusion to the Silk’n ReVit Dermabrasion Device

The Silk’n ReVit is a device to extensively treat your skin at home. The times are over where you had to pay a lot of money for such proceedings at the beauty parlour. Dermabrasion stimulates cell renewal and refreshes the complexion. At the same time disagreeable skin irritations will be “sanded away”.

The only fault I find with this device is that you cannot use it with rechargeable batteries. It would be really handy. But in summary I am really pleased with this device.

P.S. It is important to protect your skin from direct sunlight. If I go out on the same day I always use a day cream with high sun protection factor.

Microdermabrasion Review


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