Sanitas Blood Pressure Gauge Review #1

by Anna on 08.07.2016
“A blood-pressure monitor which is reasonably priced and easy to use.”

Every time I visit my doctor I feel that pulse as well as blood-pressure are very important parts of the medical field because checking both is always an element of my appointment, and the good doctor already asked me, if I own one of these blood-pressure gauges you can easily use at home.

That’s why I bought the Sanitas Blood Pressure Gauge because next time I can simply say: “Sure, I have one of those!” 🙂

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Operating the Sanitas Blood Pressure Gauge

This battery-powered device is foolproof and easy to use: You just have to fix the cuff around your left upper arm, fasten the Velcro securely, push the button and you’re done! The cuff automatically inflates putting pressure on your arm and also releases the pressure after a while just as easy.

The display now shows you the systole level (upper figure) and the diastole level (lower figure) while also indicating your current heartbeat per minute. Since it is difficult to find out what the measurements exactly mean, a colour-index (green, yellow, orange, red) based on the WHO (World Health Organisation) offers information on having either normal blood-pressure, a slight hypertension, medium hypertension or strong hypertension.

The measured pulse won’t be categorized in the index but everybody should know that a typical resting heart rate should be between 60 and 80 beats per minute. So don’t be too excited for your first measurement otherwise your pulse will be higher! 😉


The last thirty measurements are saved on the device and you can look them up any time. Up to 4 people can regularly use the device and check their individual levels. The gauge can also identify and caution you against cardiac arrhythmias – what a wonderful thing!

4 batteries are included and they should last you for about 250 measurements. So if you are a healthy person and you measure once a week, they will last you for up to 5 years, till you need to replace them.

The gauge is stored in a closable container made out of fabric, so it is protected from dust, heat and shock-resistent, and therefore can’t show wrong levels, which, in case of careless storage, would unnecessarily scare the customer.

I do have to criticise the manual a bit though, even if it was detailed and comprehensible. Displaying the average value of the last three measurements was difficult for meat first. The manual withholds information because you actually have to turn on the device via the M+ button to achieve that. If you just measured and press the M+ button, it won’t have any effect.

But to be honest this is the only point of criticism I can find. All in all the cost-benefit ratio is excellent. If you know how to use it, you just got yourself a great device for little money. Together with a Hawthorn Berry Supplement, it helps me to get control over my blood pressure levels.


My Conclusion

You cannot replace a doctor’s diagnosis with using the Sanitas Blood Pressure Gauge. But to get a general idea of your levels, it’s great and easy to use.

Both, the big front display, and the one on the side to check which level of blood-pressure you are at (low, normal, high), are very convenient.

And additionally you can check on potential cardiac arrhythmias but I can’t say a lot about that, since I don’t have those and therefore my device never showed them. So if it works, I can’t really tell you. But when in doubt, just consult a doctor.

Conclusion: A must-have for any health-orientated household, where people want to stay up to date with their blood-pressure. I’m sure your doctor will agree with me.


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