Rosense Rosewater Review #1

by Anna on 08.02.2017
“You seem to only need half your skin care products when using rosewater!”

Today I want to share my personal experience in using Rosense Rosewater with you. I did not know about this face toner beforehand, even though it can substitute for a lot of really expensive skin care as I have realized.

I have heard the term “rosewater” before without really considering what it actually means. Therefore, this customer review will be a bit lengthier due to me covering first the special features of rosewater, before explaining its effects.

I have long struggled with myself to even buy rosewater. Somehow, I first wanted to use up all the other skin care products I still had on my shelf. I am sure I am not the only one who has a whole bunch of them at home.

But eventually, curiosity won and I ordered my first bottle of Rosense Rosewater online. Prior to that, though, I have done extensive research on the specific features of this skin care product, and therefore I will say a couple of sentences about the results.

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What makes rosewater so special?

Roses are not just known for their outer beauty, but they also have a number of beneficial constituents. In fact, there are several hundred active substances that are combined in the flower. A lot of those are already used in various cosmetic products – especially in essential oils and lipids.

Essential rose oil is the main source for the typically known fragrance of a rose. Its manufacture is highly complex, and its by-product is rosewater.

One could argue which of these products is the better one for our skin – both of them are highly effective, just each in their own way.

Rosewater is significantly cheaper than rose oil. For that very reason it is used in a number of different ways in medicine and cosmetics due to its vitalizing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. Some say rosewater also slows down the aging process, but I am still a bit skeptical about that.


How does Rosense Rosewater work?

We are talking about naturally engineered rosewater in contrast to synthetically manufactured extracts that are often used in cheap cosmetic products. This is not the place to be frugal, and one would see little to no effects.

Ideally, naturally derived rosewater does not contain any alcohol or preservatives. That means it has a shorter shelf-life (about 4-6 months), but it is much more mild and easier tolerated by our skin to work its soothing magic – even with sensitive and itchy skin.

Most of all, though, rosewater is moisturizing and thus is the perfect skin care for dry and damaged skin. Its anti-inflammatory effect is beneficial for eczema and smaller skin lesions.


The antiseptic agent in rosewater makes it a great product for a deep and thorough cleansing of your pores. I cannot think of any other cleansing agent that is as mild and tolerable for your skin. Even eye compresses and eye masks are a great treatment with rosewater – not aggressive like many other natural extracts.

It is the combination of nurturing properties and skin compatibility that make rosewater so appealing – in medicine as well as cosmetics. However, I still need to be convinced to actually drink rosewater 🙂


My experiences with Rosense Rosewater

First of all, do not mistake Rosense Rosewater for the rosewater you can buy in Turkish stores for about $3 – I have no clue of the substances found in those.

However, Rosense Rosewater is being produced in Turkey as well. It is inevitable, seeing as Turkey has enormous cultivation areas for roses, which makes manufacturing costs much less than here in the United States.

As I have mentioned, it is important to get facial tonic which does not contain any alcohol. I was ignorant of this – until I tried a product with much alcohol in it, which was not beneficial at all for my dry skin.

You should be prepared for possible skin blemishes at the beginning of your rosewater treatment – at least that is what happened with me. This, however, is said to simply be a result of the deep pore cleansing. To what degree this holds true is yet to be determined.


Personally, my skin needed a few weeks to get used to the treatment with Rosense Rosewater. I had an increased outbreak of acne during that time.

I also had to get used to the fragrance of Rosense. You can really only smell the rose in the water AFTER you put it on your skin. If you smell directly at the bottle, it is a rather unpleasant smell. You have to be able to handle that 🙂

Once started, you should stick with the rosewater treatment, though, and not lose heart. The positive effects will come, and they come in abundance.


The Rosewater effects

These are the effects of Rosense Rosewater that I could see in myself:

  • good cleansing without drying out the skin
  • no skin tensions after the treatment
  • quick healing of small skin lesions
  • quick drying and healing of acne
  • an overall smooth and tender skin with a fresher complexion

From my personal experience, using a cotton pad with rosewater clears out some remaining pore blemishes, even when you thought you had already cleansed your skin.

I don’t think Rosense Rosewater is an anti-aging agent. Some people claim that due to the fact that rosewater is a component in a number of anti-aging products. However, rosewater is great for skin care and cleansing.

skin care routine

My Conclusion

I have to say I am a little surprised at how well the treatment with rosewater has proven to be in my own skin care routine.

Assuming it won’t change, and the price will not increase dramatically (right now it is moire of an insider tip), I will definitely order another bottle of Rosense Rosewater.

I am using Rosense Rosewater for my dry skin in combination with the oil-free moisturizer by Neutrogena, and I am very happy with the results of this skin care combo.

P.S. Due to having a much fresher complexion I am saving a lot on additional creams, foundation, and powder. Another plus for the Rosewater 🙂


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