Revlon Shine Addict Review #1

by Sarah on 07.05.2017
“Handy electrical nail buffer for immediate smoothness.”

Today I’m sharing the experiences I made with the electrical Nail Buffer Revlon Shine Addict with you. In this review I will tell you about its functions, the general use, as well as pros and cons about electrical nail buffing.

I work in an open-plan office with male and female colleagues. Given that, it feels as if everyone keeps an eye on your fingers most of the time. That is why I set value on nice and neat fingernails. Furthermore I feel more comfortable with well-kempt hands.

I only go to a professional for my nails if there are any special occasions, because it normally takes up too much time and is also very costly. Therefore I do my everyday manicure myself.

For my manicure I normally use a Nail Care Kit by Three Swords which has first class manufactured tools. However I recently noticed that my nails’ surface have gotten uneven.

Many dents have developed with the use of a cuticle cutter. These dents reposition with the outgrowing of the fingernails, which is why the nail looks wavy. When I apply nail polish it sets into the furrows and this results in an uneven colour.

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Why Electic Nail Buffer?

While researching for nail utensils online I found the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer. This device is for making your fingernails even and shiny. You can use it for the fingernails as well as your toenails. The results of smoothness are said to be achieved after the first use.

The scope of delivery includes everything you need to directly start with your nail buffings:

  • Nail Buffer with a covering cap
  • 2 AAA-batteries
  • 2 rollers for smoothing
  • 2 rollers for buffing

The Revlon Nail Buffer has an elegant rounded design and at first glance reminds of a mascara tube. The device is 15 cm long and has 3.5 cm in diameter. This sounds a bit unhandy at first, but it is really practical and comfortable to use.


The recommended application

The handling of the Revlon Shine Addict device is really easy. You only have one switch for turning it on and off. The speed cannot be altered and stays constant. This is really convenient, because you can fully concentrate on buffing your nails.

For the treatment you first need to take off the covering cap and mount a smoothing roll. This roll is for the gentle removal of your nails’ bumpiness. The surface of your nails won’t be damaged by planing them.

When you turn on the device, the flattening roll rotates and levels out the furrows of your nails. The surface becomes smooth and even. Afterwards you use the buffing roll, so the fingernails look shiny, as if they were polished. After the first use the result has been smooth and shiny – as if the bumpiness just vanished magically.

The glossyness lasts over a few days, even without nail polish. For me it is handy that no polish is needed, because I want to let my nails recover without polish for some time. Because the natural substance of your nails is being smoothened by the treatment with Revlon’s device, your nails will look good even without polish.

The batteries last longer than I thought. I already used this device for four weeks, two to three times a week, and did not need to exchange them.

You need to order some more rolls for the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer, which is the only disadvantage of this device. Four rolls cost about $10. The life period of these rolls depend on the intensity and size of your treatment and the consistency and length of your nails.


My Conclusion

I am really happy with the Revlon Nail Buffer. My hands look many years younger with those glossy and smooth fingernails. And even my jewelry are emphasised by my beautiful nails. I am definitely going to use this device regularly in the future.

P.S. One of my workmates told me to try out this electrical Nail Buffer by Uspicy. But I am going to stick with the Revlon Shine Addict, because I am really satisfied with it.



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