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Redken Extreme Strength review #1

by Zoe on 04.29.2019
“This intensive hair treatment is my recommendation for damaged and stressed hair!”

The first time I heard about the Redken Extreme hair care was because of my friend. She’s using it for a long time and she’s claiming that it’s good for damaged hair.

My hair never needed so much care – until I got the magnificent idea to get colorful extensions. But it didn’t look so good on me. So I had to color my hair one more time, but it didn’t get better.

After a few weeks I let the extensions remove and since then my hair looked really stressed. They had split ends, seemed very dry and broke from time to time. It definitely wasn’t so great.

The reason for this hair disaster was the damaged area of my hair on which the extensions were stuck on. For this horrible sight to not get worse, there was the need of fast help.

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How I came to Redken

At this moment I remembered the positive reviews of my friend about the Redken hair care and without further ado I ordered a hair treatment of this producer that’s called “Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus”.

By the way: Also my hair dresser recommended this intensive care. So I heard two positive opinions and didn’t do an extensive research about the effects of the product.

In general, the products of Redken Extreme are designed for damaged, stressed and very dry hair. There are many hair care products, especially intensive care conditioners.


How to apply the Redken Conditioner

Mostly I let the Redken Extreme Conditioner soak in overnight and afterwards I awake with wonderful shiny and soft hair. The application doesn’t lead to oily hair what’s very important to me. Because actually I didn’t have very dry hair, so I wasn’t in need of a hair care that’s too rich or oily.

If you apply the Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus, it’s important to not overdo it. The proteins that are responsible for the desired effects can lead to supersaturated and inelastic hair if you use the product too often. And this means a higher risk for the hair to break!

At the beginning I applied the Strength Builder three times a week. As I already mentioned I needed very quick help for my hair catastrophe. Now I only use the product one or two times a week.

What to expect

I noticed the first effect after about two weeks. The hair seems a lot softer and didn’t tangle anymore. And it stays like this for longer time – even after you wash your hair.

I’m now using the Redken Extreme treatment for about four months and I’m so satisfied with it. The high price made me hesitate for a short time but the product is really worth its price because it’s very economical.

Anyhow, after four months the bottle is still half full. That’s pretty good, because I didn’t want to spend too much money for hair care.


My Conclusion

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus proved that it’s one of the best possible solutions for damaged hair. When you don’t overdo the application, you can get to results that make you very content.

The effect of the Strength Builder shows the best when soaked in overnight. Anyhow, I can tell you that the problems I had with my hair are a thing of the past. My hair doesn’t only look good, it also feels healthy.

Now I’m not in need of an intensive care, so I think about buying an overnight treatment of Redken the next time. Then there’s no risk of supersaturating the hair with proteins.

I also thought about buying my usual shampoo from Redken. But I’ll still use this silicone-free shampoo with integrated conditioner I had until now because of the positive experiences I made.

Redken Extreme Strength

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