Red Cherry False Eyelashes Review #1

by Eva on 06.13.2020
“Oh wow, these fake lashes look so real!”

If you haven’t heard about the Red Cherry Lashes, they are fake lashes that you glue to your real ones to enhance them and also to give them more volume. I tried those beauties out for you and now I have a short review about them.

Why artificial lashes?

Fluttering your eyelashes in a sexy way is one of the strongest female “weapons” as they say. And obviously that’s true because our eyelashes give our eyes their shine and expressiveness and in the end the eyes are the first thing people notice about us, which makes them a vital point in our look.

So actually I felt like I had to try fake lashes out and see how I would look with them even though I can tell you that I am quite happy with my own ones. But from time to time I do wonder if there could be “more”, which – if we are honest – probably lies in our nature. 🙂

Once you know the application steps of putting on fake lashes by heart, it is even easier than applying mascara – or so I heard. I do have to say that would be a great advantage to me, since my mascara usually leaves me with streaks or very clumpy parts.

If what I heard is correct, you could make that fake lash application a part of your daily beauty routine and you’d never have to use your mascara again. But sadly it didn’t turn out as I expected since the application is more difficult than I thought, so I will simply stick with the typical routine I have for my lashes. 🙂

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Look and Feel

Nonetheless I promised to tell you all about my experience with fake lashes and in this case especially with the Red Cherry Lashes. It was quite important for me that my new artificial lashes were made out of real human hair, so I went with this brand because of a recommendation. Here I do think they are really more natural-looking than using the plastic fake lash version and also more tolerable on my eyes.

And it did turn out like that because I can tell you that I did have a few ‘adventures’ – let’s call them that – with fake lashes which weren’t made from real human hair. In comparison to that the Red Cherry Lashes really gave me a more natural kind of feeling and it was also my first time that I felt more comfortable wearing artificial lashes than with the plastic ones I had tried on beforehand.


And in my opinion that is something that speaks in favour of them. The price is also quite okay but what’s even better: the quality these lashes come in is wonderful. The lashes themselves have a thin and quite inconspicuous band, which is elastic and very reliable.

Red Cherry Lashes are, like I said before, made from real human hair and they also look as thin and natural as said hair, which you can’t say about the cheap plastic versions. The way I see it, these two are worlds apart.

Yes, the Red Cherry Eyelashes are slightly more expensive than your typical lashes, but at least you can use them several times, if you take good care of them. That just means that you need to take them off carefully and also watch out when you remove your make-up.

So when I compare my lash uses with those in former times, I can say that the Red Cherries have been an improvement, as I used them approximately 3 times. In contrast to them, the cheap plastic ones are a bit like IKEA furniture pieces – you take them apart once and suddenly everything looks worse for the wear.


How to apply the ‘Red Cherries’

Just my short how-to on applying Red Cherry Lashes the right way:

  1. Shorten the fake lashes to your own liking.
  2. Use tweezers to pick up the lash bundle and apply the lash glue on the band.
  3. Let the glue dry for about 30 seconds until it gets sticky.
  4. Place the lashes right above your own ones, starting with the middle and press them lightly until the outer parts are stuck, too.
  5. You should look down while doing that and your head should be tilted up a bit.
  6. After 20-30 minutes the glue should be dry enough so that you can apply mascara and join both the “falsies” and your real lashes. After that you can simply finish your make-up routine.
  7. To make the Red Cherry Lashes last longer, you should clean them thoroughly and put them back into their packaging, so that you can apply them several times.

You will get used to the Red Cherry Eyelashes very fast, since they are so light-weight and you only feel them at the beginning, which will fade after a while. I also bought a good applicator beforehand in order to handle them even better.

So you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I am very satisfied with the Red Cherry Lashes. Although they are quite light and may seem a bit plain, they are very good.

skin care routine

What to expect

My lashes got way more voluminous and also seem longer than before. They fit perfectly, stick to my lashes very well and are easily removed. They still make my eyes look very natural because the Red Cherry Lashes enhance my own lashes and they work like a charm.

You really see no difference between the artificial hairs and my real ones, so the “Cherries” get a point from me.

Since the only problem was applying the fake lashes for me, I shall try the artificial lashes by Ardell soon and I will also compare them to the Red Cherry Lashes and share my experience.



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