PMD Microdermabrasion Review #1

by Mira on 09.28.2018
“A very effective microdermabrasion system, which is now part of my skin care routine!”

I think most people know of the term Microdermabrasion already – well, at least when they’re interested in beauty products. This type of skin treatment is being offered for quite some time now and is the second-most popular beauty treatment right after Botox.

I wanted to try the microdermabrasion on myself and see if it is compatible to my skin. Therefore I bought the PMD microdermabrasion device. This device is an upscale product to me, but it is still a lot cheaper than the ultrasonic facial massage device I purchased which I use to help skin care product reach deeper areas of my skin.

The PMD microdermabrasion device uses a gentle abrasion technology to remove dead excess skin particles from the upper dermal layer and vacuums it afterwards. You could say it is something like a peeling device combined with a vacuum cleaner made for the skin. It exfoliates the upper dermal layer and stimulates the skins renewal.

Microdermabrasion can also be used in form of creams – for example with this product – though it is said to be not as effective as an electrical device. I did not try out the cream dermabrasion yet, but have read about it from online beauty magazines.

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What is the standard scope of supply?

If you compare the PMD microdermabrasion device with similar products you will notice the larger number of accessories added in the package.

Thus, you will find three pair of small facial discs and three pair of big bodily discs – this way you can peel the particular body’s zone better and even more thoroughly. Also, the discs’ grain sizes differ from each color:

  • White: for the first use of the device and for really sensitive skin
  • Blue: for sensitive skin (I mainly use this cap)
  • Green: middle granulated disc for normal skin (I alternate between the blue and green)
  • Red : coarse grain size for a more intensive peeling result

With these different available discs every skin type can choose the most suitable disc for their treatment and can therefore get the best possible result via dermabrasion.

skin care routine

Recommended treatment

Before treating your skin with microdermabrasion you should prepare it appropriately. First of all a thorough cleansing of your skin is the alpha and omega to remove cosmetic remains. This also enables a good contact between the skin’s surface and the PMD device.

Before you start off with your treatment you need to dry the skin properly. This way the excess skin particles can be removed more easily from the upper dermal layer. They could be sticky or greasy and hard to remove if you don’t wash and dry properly.

After this you can choose a suitable disc and start your treatment with slow and straight movements. Because everyone has their own “problematic zones” the treatment can be controlled correspondingly.

The PMD device was built neatly, is easy to hold and smoothly glides over the skin. The filter for the vacuumed skin particles is re-usable, you just have to clean it after the treatment.

The intensity can be controlled by two different speed levels. I would recommend you to start off with the slower level so you can get used to it. You can always adjust to the higher level later.

I treat my skin once per week with microdermabrasion. I can already see changes in my skin’s appearance after using the device every week for three months.


My results and overall summary

The experiences I made with microdermabrasion are as positive as they can be and I wonder why I didn’t start with it a lot earlier!

  • The facial skin feels less flabby and tired
  • It is more elastic and noticeably resistant
  • Wrinkles due to dryness have lessened
  • The skin’s complexion has become smoother in general
  • It is especially smooth the next morning (I couldn’t get such results with any other skin care product)
  • And the skin is able to absorb any kind of cream or serum a lot better – this is really important for me because I select only high-quality products for skin care. The skin literally sucks up the active agents, in which way they can take an even better effect on it.

Microdermabrasion Review

I cannot report on the reduction of large pores yet, but I have hope this will change over the next months of treatment. This effect would be a deeper matter to the skin’s structure, so I guess it needs more time.

The skin needs to calm down after every treatment with dermabrasion, so I would only use it in the evening before going to sleep. PMD offers a daily cell regeneration system to soothe the skin after the treatment, but it is really expensive. I rather use natural cosmetics from CeraVe, for example this hypoallergenic moisturizer that is free of fragrance and oil.

I am rather curious if the results will get even better if I continue to use the PMD microdermabrasion device for further regular treatment of my skin.

There is only one negative thing I want to point out. The PMD microdermabrasion device has peeling caps that need to be changed frequently. And with 20 USD for 6 discs this kind of treatment is rather expensive.

Talking about the pricing – the competitor Silk’n ReVit offers a microdermabrasion device with diamond coated caps. They last for ages and therefore might have even more value for money than the PMD device.



My Conclusion

I am really happy with the results the PMD dermabrasion device provides and can totally understand why this type of treatment is getting so popular. I am going to carry on using the PMD device regularly. And who knows? Maybe I won’t ever need to use makeup in the future. Okay… maybe only a little compared to now! 😉



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