Philips VisaPure Advanced Review #1

by Sarah on 07.20.2016
“Gentle skin treatment at the end of a long day”

I already tried out the Braun Face and VisaPure Essentials facial cleansing brushes. I always wondered if I really needed one of these brushes, especially because, for example, the VisaPure Advanced brush isn’t that cheap. But, in my opinion, it’s a very worthwhile buy and I can’t live without it anymore.

The Philips VisaPure Advanced is based on the basis model which has a nice mother of pearl colour contrasted with copper.

There are 3 different attachments for this model:

  1. The cleansing brush attachment including a protection cap
  2. The fresh eyes attachment
  3. The head massage attachment

The product comes with a storage bag, a charging & storage dock and a further storage stand for the three attachments.

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How did I use the VisaPure Advanced?

This cleansing care product for at-home beauty treatment has an elegant appearance in pearl white and gold and also sits nicely in the hand.

It comes with three easily removed attachments: A cleansing brush, a massaging attachment and a fresh eyes attachment. The three attachments have different functions and each of them is so useful!

I used the cleansing brush every evening. I switched it to the gentler setting because I have slightly sensitive skin, and I found the treatment pleasant and efficient.

You first massage one side of the face, then the other, and finally the forehead. I was almost shocked by the result: After only 60 seconds, my makeup was gone completely, my face felt really clean and my complexion was rosy and fresh.


What does the VisaPure facial cleansing brush feel like?

The VisaPure Advanced brush is really soft and gentle to the skin and it doesn’t spatter. The device is battery run and waterproof, so it can be used in the shower as well. It works a little bit like an electric toothbrush, just with a much nicer appearance.

The device stops briefly three times per minute so you know when to move on to a different part of your face; the left and right cheeks, and the forehead. The area around the eyes is left alone.

The brush gets rid of dead skin cells and cleans the face so well that I don’t need to do facial peeling anymore. After only three days my skin was softer than it had ever felt after being washed with just a facecloth and face wash.

It doesn’t take a lot to get used to the brush; I automatically grab it in the morning and the evening. It doesn’t take long, and I don’t have enough time in the mornings for an expensive care procedure anyway.

After running for a minute, the device automatically turns off. It shouldn’t usually be used for more than a minute on the face but because my skin isn’t that sensitive, I use it for double the amount of time to make sure all my makeup has been removed.

Compared with the older models, the new VisaPure Advanced offers two speeds and two more attachments: the Japanese massage attachment and the fresh eyes attachment. The brush has a built in chip that can tell which attachment is connected and adapts the time appropriately.

Additionally, the device comes with a stand for the attachments and a travel pouch. The charging dock is quite a bit better and more stable than the older models.

Facial cleansing brush review

My conclusion:

The fresh eye attachment has a cooling effect, but I like the massage attachment a lot better. The skin is massaged gently for three minutes. It’s both relaxing and leaves the skin looking radiant.

Just so you know, the new attachments aren’t compatible with the older VisaPure models unfortunately.

The Philips VisaPure Advanced cleansing brush beckons me every evening and I enjoy the gentle treatment at the end of a long day. I also have a clear conscience because I know I’ve done something good for my skin.



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