Philips Satinelle Prestige Review #1

by Anna on 10.15.2016
“A gentle epilator with a a lot of different accesoires!”

A new system for hair removal and personal hygiene is purchasable since March 2016: the Philips Satinelle Prestige.

I have extensively tested this epilator and will now present my results – pros as well as cons.

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Scope of delivery

The epilator is available with nine accessories, from which seven are for hair removal and two for body care. There are, for example, a shaving head, body massager and exfoliator.

I will explain which way to use the different accessories:

  • Shaving head and comb: Fast and easy electrical shave. The comb will help to get your hair to a specific length instead of shaving it off completely.
  • Epilator: Thorough and long-lasting hair removal. Patented epilating system with ceramic heads guarantee smooth skin. At the moment the wider head is said to be the largest on the market. The epilator is the base for four other accessories.
  • Delicate area cap: It is used in combination with the epilator and can be used for the more sensitive and delicate body regions.
  • Efficiency cap: Also used in combination with the epilator. This cap pulls the skin taught and guides the hair into the epilating cap; this guarantees a more effective epilation.
  • Facial area cap: This cap is ideal for smaller regions of the face.
  • Massaging cap: This cap stimulates the skin by gently massaging it. This way the epilation will be less painful.
  • Body massager: The body massager relaxes the skin before or after epilating. It can also be used to massage body care products into the skin. Setting 1 relaxes the muscles, whereas Setting 2 induces a pleasant deep massage.
  • Body exfoliator brush: 48.200 fine hypoallergenic filaments are combined for a pleasant skin peeling. Ingrown hair will be freed and can then be easily removed. The peeling should be done one day before epilating. The brush should be changed every three months, provided that you peel once a week.

Whew, so many options and possibilities. Of course I tested them all, so now I can tell you if the product keeps what was promised.

Look and Feel

The Satinelle Prestige looks great and will look chic anywhere you keep it.

This product is really multifunctional and can be used dry and wet. It combines many different functions – epilating, shaving, massaging and peeling. The case is clean and is high quality manufactured, the usual Philips quality I know. The appropriate bag is really practical for keeping the many accessories in order.

How to use

The first time I switched the Prestige on, I was startled. It sounded really strange and powerless. Every time I switch it on I think: “Oh, I should charge the poor thing again to regain its power.”

The epilator is S-shaped and fits comfortably in your hand. It gets smaller near the end, why it is easy to touch and hold. On the sides are three stripes which make it slip resistant (they are not glued but inserted in production, they won’t fall off easily). The product can be used while showering so the stripes are really helpful when it’s wet and slippery.

The power switch can be used to switch between two speed settings. A small light is built-in and will be switched on with the power switch as well. A small button on the back of the product is used to change the different accessories.

I used the epilating cap with and without the different caps. First of all, I can confirm that it works really gentle.


The effects out of the application

Of course epilating hurts – depending on the skin area – sometimes worse sometimes less. But in comparison to my old Braun epilator (*CLICK*), the Philips Satinelle Prestige is definitely gentler.

On the other side, I have to say that the Prestige is not as thoroughly. It does not properly catch the really short hair if I combine the epilator with another cap.

When the cap is removed it works just as well, but then the ceramic discs almost directly touch the skin. Also the wider head isn’t noticeable at all, even though it is the widest on the market. I really appreciate the ceramic discs though, they are more hygienic and don’t irritate the skin as much.

The small white caps are just clip-on, so they seem a bit shaky. I had one or two caps fall off, because it doesn’t click in properly. The caps don’t lock on to anything, so it doesn’t give any halt – a rather bad solution.

I also don’t like the cleansing possibilities. I can’t clean the backmost or innermost parts of the discs and I can’t see if there is any leftover hair flying around. Of course this does not hinder the proper use of the epilator, but I would still like to know if everything is clean or not. I think this part can still be improved.

But all in all I think the epilating function of this device is okay.

The shaving head of Philips Satinelle works like it should. It shaves. In combination with the comb the hair will just be shortened. I normally don’t use it, because I have an epilator. So I can epilate and don’t need to shave.


Other functions of Philips Satinelle

Let’s go over to the body care caps.

The massage cap is nice to have but not really necessary. The Prestige has too little power to provide the massage function. In my opinion it is not effective and therefore is not needed.

If I do not use any oily or greasy cream the massage cap will “stop” regularly if you press it a teeny bit too hard on your skin. I can only assume this is because of the missing power. It is definitely not a protective function, because the tool still runs.

The peeling brush works just fine, but it does not need that much power, because it will only hurt.

A completely charged Philips Prestige (charging takes about 40 minutes) can be used for about 1.5 hours. I think, this is a good value, being at the average level of comparable devices.

The current internet price for the Philips Satinelle Prestige is around $110, which I think is a quite high price. On the other side, the Philips device works efficiently and has some valuable properties, having also a few weaknesses though.

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My Conclusion


  • nine different caps
  • for wet or dry use (shower or bathtub)
  • hygienic, gentle ceramic discs = less painful
  • built-in light
  • ergonomic S-shape, feels nice and handy
  • reasonable price
  • short charging time


  • too little power
  • the extra caps for the epilator can fall off, nothing to clip onto
  • partially does not remove the thin and short hair
  • epilating cap is hard to clean, backmost parts not visible

Concluding I would say the Philips Satinelle Prestige is – despite a few small weaknesses – a pretty and solid multifunctional tool. It seems to be suitable for beginners, because it works really gentle. And in any case – it is worth testing it out. 😉


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