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Philips HP8280 MoistureProtect Hair Dryer Review

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Philips MoistureProtect Review #1

by Jenny on 08.12.2016
“Faster hair dry together with less unruly hair!”

Today I am going to share the experiences I made with the Philips MoistureProtect Hairdryer. I am using it since a couple of weeks already.

Every morning is a bad-hair-day for me, Miss Simpson can’t even compare. Unmanageable and wilful it points in all directions and curls like pig’s tails. I don’t like it, at least at my hair length (or rather shortness).

My old hairdryer couldn’t cope with my every-morning-bad-hair, every day anew, the old one died of overheating. So I decided to get something new. I searched for a lot of information via Google and other sources.


Because I use these kinds of tools on a daily basis, I needed something that prevents my hair from damage. There is a lot of stuff you can buy that looks pretty, but is totally useless or unhandy. You wouldn’t believe how nutty some switches are placed on various tools. You would need something like hand yoga to operate them, or rather, to not accidentally use the switches.

I found something useful from Philips. My appearance-sensor went crazy and in my head I heard: “I want that one, this is it!”

“That one” is shimmering rosy-golden and white. How stylish! I excitedly checked its technical details, because I needed something with high-performance and yet mild for my hair. Contradictory, right? Or not? 🙂

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How does this hairdryer from Philips work?

Its technology is based on three different modules:

  1. First there is the Infrared Ceramic Heater. It dries your hair from the inside and, with this, protects it from drying up. An embedded sensor measures the temperature of your hair about 30 times per second and reduces the temperature if your hair is overheating. The constant powerful airflow provides ideal results and the hair will be less damaged.
  2. There are charged negative ions produced inside the airflow, thanks to the Ionic Conditioning. If these particles meet the positively charged hair, it will be neutralised. These ions prevent hair to get frizzy and even condition and smoothen down the hair cuticles for shiny and brilliant results.
  3. The CoolShot closes up pores and is also used to finish and set your styling. Six different settings for speed and temperature can be individually combined for your desired styling.


How was the result of the hair drying?

My conclusion: it worked! I can dry my hair faster and I have the feeling they are less unruly and a lot smoother than before drying. The dryer has decent power and can speed up to 80 m/h with its 2300 W. You have to be careful not to be accused of speeding. 😉

I have searched for a long time before finding a useful hairdryer. There is only little variety with my criterions and often the switches were placed on weird places. Very useful is its cord with 2,5m, it is enough even for distant plug sockets in hotels. The dust collector at the back is easy to remove and clean.

I use the styling nozzle in combination with a skeleton brush to straighten my hair. Classic round brushes won’t work with my thick hair, it would only get tangled up. The hairdryer package includes a diffuser for more volume or curls.

By the way: They even made a hair straightener from the same line, which I also use every morning.


My Summary

I am really happy to work with both tools every morning and I am totally satisfied. It has an easy and reliable handling, and is powerful and yet mild for the hair and a feast for my eyes.

This hairdryer has convinced me. These are the reasons:

  • strong electric power – my hair dries quickly
  • different speed and temperature settings
  • limited maximum temperature (does not get as hot as predecessor models, like the HP8270)
  • shiftable MoistureProtect function – my hair is not as rough, it shines and got smoother
  • manufacturing of the cord, my last hairdryer was poorly built, so it had a cable break directly underneath the handle
  • classy look, I fancy it.

P.S. The Philips MoistureProtect Hairdryer is more expensive than similar tools. Though I think it still has a good price-performance ratio. The hairdryer and straightener are high quality manufactured and have a certain weight, no cheap plastic, very neatly manufactured and a fantastic design. Yes… the design… it is rosy-golden with white… am I repeating myself? 🙂


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