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Philips Lumea Prestige Review #1

by Lina on 08.09.2016
“Simply great for the bikini area; as for the rest I cannot really say much about it.”

Today I write about my experience with the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Device which I own for a few months now.

Scope of delivery

I still have the original packaging it came in – I guess it’s a bit of a habit of mine to keep the packaging although it isn’t necessary anymore nowadays. Anyhow I think the design of the packaging is very neat: a storage bag, a microfibre cloth and obviously the device and its attachments – for your body, the bikini area and also for the face – are all included in it.

And let’s not forget the charger which charges the battery for about 350-400 light impulses and is said to last you for a whole IPL body treatment. I have never tried it for that extended period of time, so I sadly cannot contribute anything else to this statement.

The integrated battery makes the Philips Lumea IPL device pretty mobile – if you can ever talk about mobility when it comes to its size. I do have to say that I find it pretty comfortable to use and you aren’t really incapacitated by its cable.

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The idea behind IPL

The IPL technology for your home use has been so refined, that you can hear and read about the next generation IPL devices being a reliable alternative for any treatment at a beauty parlour.

Actually what the IPL treatment does, is stopping the hair from growing back. It happens mainly by exposing the skin to heat. The emitted heat affects the natural hair loss by stopping it from regrowing.

Because of this growth cycle being slowed down or stopped, you have no hair growing back on the treated part. At least that’s what it’s like in theory.


What else is to consider?

It is really important to do a skin test before you start your first treatment. Really dark skin (starting with the Skin Type IV) isn’t allowed to be treated with the IPL device. The reason is that this darker skin type cannot absorb the emitted laser beams and because of that the treatment doesn’t really bring the desired results.


Before you start the treatment, you need to shave the part of your body you want to use the device on. It’s only logical because otherwise your hair will reflect the laser beams and then you won’t reach the desired IPL result.

As I said before you should test the IPL treatment beforehand on a small part of your skin and wait for a reaction. Actually I automatically do that for every new product I buy because my skin is pretty sensitive (especially on my face).

By the way the manufacturer suggests testing out the Lumea Prestige in your armpit area because the skin there is also very sensitive. For this test it is recommended to use the lowest intensity level. After all it’s all about trying everything out at first.


How I applied the Philips IPL Device

Since my skin didn’t show any kind of irritation after testing out the IPL device, I just resumed the treatment after a couple of hours. I immediately started with the bikini area, since it has always been my goal to get rid of the ingrown hair there and also to keep it that way.

I dare say the IPL method is very tolerable so far and even if it got a bit warmer on some parts because of the emitted laser beams, I never felt uncomfortable because of it. Seen from this angle, I can only say that I am very pleased with the device.

The IPL treatment can differ in length – depending on the body area you actually want to treat. You should start from a few minutes in the armpit area to about 20 minutes if you want to thoroughly “work” on the legs.

The effects of IPL treatment

But how does the result look afterwards? To achieve the desired result it is recommended by the manufacturer to do multiple treatments in intervals of 2-3 weeks. Actually you should be able to see the first results after three or four treatments – for me it was already visible after the second treatment.

I definitely noticed after the first two treatments that distinctly less hair grew back. With the hair that grew back, it took even more time than before. If it fell out, you generally wouldn’t have it regrow there.

That’s why, especially in the beginning, you should work with a shaver, too and help the process here and there a bit. But you already know that beforehand because the IPL device cannot perform miracles. Even the professional devices cannot do that, although they treat the skin more intensive.

Well, what can I say, after 5 treatments I really only had a few and nearly invisible hairs left, where I used the Philips Lumea Prestige. It feels like a personal success to me and I can only recommend this method of hair removal to everyone.


My Conclusion

Talking from my own experience, the IPL method is really gentle on the skin and the follow-up costs are relatively okay – the lamp of Lumea Prestige actually doesn’t have to be exchanged, since it should last you for several thousand light impulses.

Truly important is to carefully read the user manual before you start the treatment because IPL exposure isn’t allowed to be applied during pregnancy or if you have a certain kind of illness. In my opinion if you have really sensitive skin and get irritated easily, you should consult a dermatologist, so you play it safe.

If you (like me) have a habit of watching the treatment all the time, it is suggested to utilize special Safety Goggles. Like that your eyes will be protected from the IPL beams and you can watch the procedure as many times as you’d like. 🙂


Philips Lumea Prestige

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