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OZ Naturals Retinol Serum review #1

by Clara on 07.12.2016
“Natural anti-aging treatment with retinol”

In the test that I personally took I talk about my experiences with OZ Naturals Retinol Serum which is a skincare substance that is used for anti-aging. After a long phase of research I bought this product which contains a very high concentrated dose of the ingredient.

At first I’ll give some general information and advice and afterwards I’ll describe the application of the product more detailed.

One advice at the very beginning: You have to be patient with this anti-aging product because the effect of the Retinol Serum shows up after about 6 to 8 weeks. That’s why the user should be willing to use the product over a longer episode of time without noticing results.

On the other hand the Retinol Serum should be used cautiously at the beginning of the treatment to avoid possible side effects (flakes or reddening of the skin). The skin should get enough time to get used to the Serum step by step.

But first things first – I begin with telling you how I got the idea of the product.

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How did I find out about the Retinol Serum?

Unfortunately I’m not becoming younger (early 40s) and that’s why I wanted to inform myself about anti-aging products. I read a lot of articles in the internet which made me recognize retinol and I got curious about it.

I got interested especially in the combination of effectiveness and tolerability of retinol (vitamine A). I just had to try it and started with the Retinol Serum of OZ Naturals.


What does the product of OZ Naturals contain?

As the name already says the main ingredient is retinol. Since decades it is used in high-value anti-aging products to fight against signs of aging.

Retinol is taking care of the skin from the inside by stimulating the production of collagen, supporting the growth of cells and reducing blemishes and pigmentation marks.

Retinol is a kind of vitamin A which we already consume through our nutrition – provided that we eat balanced and healthy food. If this is not the case you should ingest vitamin A as food supplement, because the human body isn’t able to produce enough of it by itself.

It’s the same with our skin – it loses more and more of its elasticity and suppleness, reduces collagen and becomes thinner and dryer as before. The Retinol Serum is fighting exact these symptoms by supporting the natural functions of the skin.

Also, the Retinol Serum of OZ Naturals contains Astaxanthin. This substance is described to be the strongest antioxidant of the world (source). It fights free radicals at the level of the cells and prevents an illness or inflammation of the skin. More than that, it protects the skin from bad environmental influences.

In addition the Retinol Serum of OZ Naturals contains extracts of aloe, vitamins, natural hyaluron acid and extracts of oils. These all are substances that work well with retinol. At least in theory.



How did I apply the Retinol Serum?

Retinol might irritate the skin if the user overdoes the application at the beginning. That’s why I decided against a daily application. Instead, at first I only used the Retinol Serum every three days.

The Serum has orange or brownish color, is runny and easy to spread on the skin. Because of the high concentration it’s suitable to be used as additional skin care – I used it alternately with this retinol moisturizer: *CLICK*.

I applied the Serum undiluted on my cleansed face, because I wasn’t so sure if a dilution with distilled water would lose its efficacy. In theory you could dilute the Retinol Serum, because in contrast to a skin cream the concentration of the ingredients is way higher. I chose this on purpose and forwent the daily application.

I applied the Retinol Serum in the evenings to make it possible for the facial skin to absorb every substance of this product. Afterwards I applied my usual night recovery cream (the Serum is not sufficient as moisturizing skin care).



Effects of the Retinol Serum of OZ Naturals

In my case it took a few weeks to recognize the first effects of the retinol. But then the effect occurred very quickly and surprisingly:

  • The pores around my nose shrinked.
  • The wrinkles around mouth and nose were visibly smoothened.
  • Dry wrinkles around my eyes noticeable decreased.
  • My facial skin got a better and healthier tone.
  • A few reddish scars of my acne got reduced or became less visible.

I must admit that the effects of the Retinol Serum did surpass my expectations. Even if my skin stays like this and doesn’t improve a lot more, I’m more than happy with the OZ Naturals Serum – also the price is worth it.

I also appreciate it, that the Serum is vegan and that there were no animal testing included. I can highly recommend this product because of its natural efficacy and tolerability.



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