Nivea Cellular Day Cream Review #1

by Zoe on 08.10.2016
“It lives up to its name. SPF 30 is important to prevent the formation of new wrinkles, not only in the summer.”

“I’m in my mid-twenties, surely still a pretty young age, to start thinking about using anti-aging products” – This is the usual thinking about anti-aging skin care. But one cannot deny the value and effectiveness of anti-aging products when it comes to prevention of skin aging!

So for two years now I’ve been using these kinds of creams on myself; well better said on my face, neck and cleavage and I have to say that the best ones in my opinion are Q10 creams. I was very curious to see if the Nivea Cellular Anti-Aging Day Cream would have the same wonderful effects as the ones I usually use.

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Appearance and consistency of the cream

The glass container which the cream comes in looks very precious and is filled to the rim. At first glance I thought what little product I actually got! Because not only is the glass container pretty small but the walls are very thick, too!

But once I applied the cream I realized how good the cost-benefit ratio in comparison to other anti-aging skin care products actually was. The cream is very rich – one pea-size dollop on your finger is enough to cover your whole face completely without leaving any gaps.

Effect of the Nivea Cellular Day Cream

My skin feels pretty smooth and also looks healthier and recovered!

I have perioral dermatitis – a skin condition with very unpleasant rashes and eczema around the mouth and nose area. I’m very sensitive in these areas and I avoid using any other creams than the one my doctor prescribed me. I can tell you: My skin tolerates this Nivea cream pretty well and my eczema wasn’t affected nor did it increase any more than usual.


My criticism of the Nivea Cellular Cream

I do have to criticise one thing: I don’t understand why the manufacturer of this cream put it into a glass container. Because of the rather liquid consistency a dispenser or a tube would have been more effective! And then the SPF could have been stabilised/preserved better as with every opening of the container some of the components and active agents will sadly evaporate (because it comes into contact with air). It could have been solved in a better way!

My conclusion of the Nivea Cellular Anti-Aging Cream

The cream is wonderful. Period. I cannot say anything against it. It moisturises perfectly, doesn’t stay on the skin too long, doesn’t feel greasy and is absorbed by my skin in seconds. My skin feels soft and smooth, and also very even. The scent is subtle and pleasant; if any kind of perfume is necessary though, I don’t know, but my skin tolerates this product (even in the eye area!) and I have no problems with it!


If we compare this one directly to the SPF 15 Cream, in my opinion the one with a higher SPF is definitely more pleasant on my skin. So if your skin is rather on the drier side, you won’t be happy with using just this cream (especially in the autumn and the winter time) because it is very light for your skin. Maybe then you should take a look at the SPF 15 one.

For combination skin this new Nivea SPF 30 Cream is pretty much ideal and I can only recommend it and think it’s a well-made product.

The cost-benefit ratio is simply perfect and one of these glass containers usually lasts me for about 4-6 weeks; and to be honest I use it rather generously on my skin. My recommendation!


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Current Best Sellers in Anti-Aging Creams:

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