NIOD Copper Serum Review #1

by Josi on 03.07.2017
“High-tech Serum with almost immediate positive effects!”

I only found the Copper Amino Isolate Serum by NIOD because there have been many positive comments about this product.

But is it really possible for a facial serum to help your skin look better after only a short period of time? You can find the answer to this question in my review.

Information about the skin care manufacturer NIOD

NIOD means “Non-invasive options in dermal science” and is a high-priced brand by the manufacturer Deciem, who also produces under the brand name “Hylamide”.

NIOD also stands for innovative facial care products. Unfortunately this also results in the products’ high prices.

The Copper Amino Isolate Serum shows its innovation through its necessary “activation”. The special highlight is that you need to mix two substances together and then shake it thoroughly about 30 seconds. After this so called “activation” the Serum is ready to use.

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My first impression

The Copper Serum’s consistency is rather watery. You need to be careful not to spill the serum and properly get it on your face.

Of course you don’t want to waste it by rubbing it in your hands. So you need to carefully place it on your skin after cleansing it. It happens really fast that drops get on the floor!

Before the first treatment you should be aware of the smell this serum has. It’s really anything but pleasant. It has a strong scent of vinegar and is definitely something you need to get accustomed to. But fortunately the smell will vanish really fast after applying the serum.


Active agents used in NIOD’s Copper Serum

This serum contains rejuvenating peptides, for the main part copper peptides. This active agent is quite unexplored, but maybe it will become the next big breakthrough for stimulating the skin cell’s collagen production.

The serum sets in fast and immediately after you can feel the skin tightening as if it was being stretched. You should relieve your skin with a moisturising cream. After the serum sets in, I immediately use my face cream by Andre Lorent. Any feelings of tightening or stretching fade away.

The effect of NIOD’s Copper Serum

After using the serum on a daily basis for a week my facial skin feels tighter. The skin structure looks better and finer, also around my eyes. I look more awake and seem more positive. I did not expect such a fast effect.

I expect a stronger effect on smoothing out wrinkles on a longer term. I presume that these active agents also have an impact on the skin’s own collagen production. Well, not for nothing are peptides the number one agent in skin care. 😉

skin care routine

My Conclusion to NIOD’s Copper Facial Serum

I am really amazed how fast I could feel and see small improvements on my skin. Of course you should not expect a secret weapon against wrinkles, but the skin looks better, calmer, more even… and somehow tighter.

That is exactly the reason why this copper serum is different than other comparable products. Many care products promise to taut the skin, but this time it is not an empty phrase. I cannot explain it better, but after some time the facial skin just seems tighter.

I am curious about the long-term effect of this high-tech serum and can only recommend to everyone to try it out.



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