Missha BB Cream Review #1

by Anna on 07.16.2016
“A Beauty cream which successfully combines many functions”

For a few months, I have been using the Missha BB Cream with sunscreen factor. Thus, today I am in the position to write a quick review about this skincare product. I sincerely hope that my test report will be helpful to you – above all, if you are just dealing with the consideration which BB cream might be the right fit for you.

What does BB stand for?

BB is the abbreviation for blemish balm or beauty balm. This means, that the cream unites in itself the power and effectiveness of different care products – above all moisturizer, make-up and sunscreen.

Until I had tried out the Missha BB Cream, my opinion on combined care products was rather reserved. It is simply often the way that a product with too many functions is able to perform on none of these functions really well. Everything just feels “halfheartedly done” compared to the special products which cover only one area of care.

The Missha BB Cream seems to be one of a few exceptions on which I will now report in greater detail.

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How long have BB creams been around?

According to Wikipedia, the composed creams were developed in the sixties by a German dermatologist. Then it got quiet around the BB creams for a long time. Only during the last years, the BB cream trend reappeared – namely from the East-Asian countries that seem to have mastered their production well. The hype has gotten so strong in the meantime, that old school cosmetic developers jumped onto the train and brought their own versions on the markets.

One must admit that the by the big companies produced creams, are mostly not as good as the “originals” from Asia. Apparently, they must have a head-start concerning such combined skincare products.

Therefore, I have bought for myself, after some time of consideration, the Korean Missha BB Cream, because I absolutely wanted to try out „the original“. If you’re going to do something, then do it. 🙂


Which Missha BB Creams are there?

The Korean manufacturer offers BB creams in five different colors. They are all beige colored tones which I will introduce in increasing color intensity:

  • No. 13 Milky Beige (very light skin tone)
  • No. 21 Light Beige (light skin tone)
  • No. 23 Natural Beige (slightly brown skin tone)
  • No. 27 Honey Beige (one nuance darker skin tone)
  • No. 31 Golden Beige (dark skin tones)

I have chosen the third-brightest colored tone, because I have in general bright skin. As it turned out, the tone “natural beige” (No. 23) fits my skin type wonderfully.

For Asian manufacturers, Missha offers a wide choice in color selections – the remaining manufacturers only carry on average about 2-3 different products in their assortments.

Moreover, it is still important to know that the BB Cream has a neutral finish and does not darken your skin tone. Having said this, the offered creams are suitable for all skin types.

Look and Feel of the Missha BB Cream

The optical impression of the Missha BB Cream is discreet and still attractive – a tube with pumping dispenser. This is not only practical, but also helps. Thus you can squeeze out the last drops of the noble cream, when required you can even cut open the tube and thus remove the remaining cream.

In any case, the necessary amount in BB cream can be dispensed cleanly and simply. You don’t need a lot of cream as the cream distributes evenly and soaks in quickly.

The cream is delivered in a nice wrapping, and therefore also serves the purpose of a present well. Together with its effectiveness and the low price it makes for an ideal gift – better keep the receipt, in case the tone should not fit precisely.

The Missha BB Cream has a slightly creamy texture, however not too extensive (also not too watery). Finally, in addition to its nourishing character, it also has a concealing effect and is creamier than a common moisturizer.


The color tone of the BB cream No. 23 is neutral and balanced out well – this product is suited, as already stated, above all for bright skin types. In midsummer, you would even be able to consider the little darker No. 27 if you liked to have a universal cream precisely fitting to your skin complexion.

My present experience has shown that the Missha cream looks a little darker when being applied to the skin. Nevertheless, after some soaking in, it adapts itself quite well to the skin tone.

The scent of the Missha BB Cream is slightly flowery and discreet. It hardly contains fragrances, being a good thing for its skin tolerability. However, it contains plentiful natural ingredients – among them jojoba oil and chamomile extract.


Effect of the Missha BB Cream

For the manufacturer of a combined care product it is certainly not easy to maintain the balance between care and ease. A good BB cream should conceal all skin troubles and redness, without cloaking the skin. It should nourish and flatter the skin without working as a burdensome mask.

Well what should I say, the Missha BB Cream accomplishes exactly that in an easy and nourishing manner. It supplies the skin with moisture and elasticity, covers all irritations and does not darken afterwards – other than many ordinary tinted day creams.

Moreover, it contains with SPF 42 a rather high sunscreen factor and protects us from injurious solar radiation, the main cause for the aging of our skin.

All in one, the Missha BB Cream combines the advantages of a moisturizing sun blocker with the advantages of makeups and concealers. Besides, it causes no long-term pale effect on the skin – an important difference to many other BB creams. The Missha Cream has a medium covering effect. With skin strongly tending to acne, I would recommend an additional concealer (this product is my current favourite).



Drawing a conclusion on my Missha BB Cream Review

The effectiveness of the Missha BB Cream makes clear, why this cream has been received so well within western countries. It is simply clearly better than most BB Creams made by the traditional skincare manufacturers, which are nothing else than tinted day creams with a high sunscreen factor.

If you are looking for a cream which does flawless complexion in seconds, I recommend you try out the Missha BB Cream sometime. If you rather liked to go with a traditional producer, I would recommend alternatively the Garnier Miracle Cream from which I have also gotten some positive feedback from my circle of acquaintances.



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