Martina Gebhardt Cleanser Review #1

by Zoe on 10.01.2017
“This neutral cleansing lotion is suitable for really sensitive skin. It works perfectly for me!”

I have extensively tested the Martina Gebhardt Shea Butter Cleanser and wanted to share my experiences I made with it in this review.

My skin’s condition

Before I started the treatment my skin looked like this:

  • Dry to really dry with some impurities around the forehead and mouth
  • Dry and flaky skin with some redness at the T-Zone
  • Irregular complexion with few areas having thicker skin, mostly at the really dry skin parts (I assume it to be something like the skin protecting itself)


What I was looking for:

  • A neutral and effective cleansing product to remove makeup
  • A cleanser that does not irritate the skin, but rather soothes it
  • The product should not let my dry skin get even drier
  • It needs to harmonise well with the other products I use for my daily skin care routine, most of all with my moisturizing cream

All in all these were the expectations I had for the cleanser. But it was really hard to find one that meets all these criteria.

Did I ask for too much? I don’t think so. 🙂 The daily cleansing routine is really important and you need to apply it at least twice a day (at morning and night).

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How did I find the brand “Martina Gebhardt”?

I tested many cleansing lotions – most of them were drug store products, some of these were “organic” and “sensitive”. But somehow I did not achieve any improvements to my skin. It was still dry even after applying the moisturizing care.

After a detailed search I found the brand “Martina Gebhardt”. In contrast to most of the chemical cosmetic products this brand is a manufacturer of natural cosmetics. I can’t fully comprehend how many product lines this label has, but there are definitely several lines with different target groups.

I started my treatment with the rich Shea Butter Cleanser, because my skin just can’t get enough moisturizing treatments. It could be that some skin types do not work well with this product, but mine totally liked it.

The Martina Gebhardt Shea Butter Cleanser is free of palm oil, perfume, colouring and preservatives to avoid allergic reactions. This product is also free of soap, detergents, alcohol, glycerine and surfactants. Furthermore it is even vegan. So in conclusion this product should be really suitable for sensitive and allergic skin.


Treatment and effect

The cleansing lotion is in a white glass container with a pump dispenser. Therefore it is easy to extract and hygienic at the same time. After using it for some time you will get accustomed to the dispenser and know how much lotion you need for the treatment.

I always wash my skin with a mild soap and then apply the cleanser. I do this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Afterwards I apply my moisturizing lotion, because my skin definitely needs it.

Before, I had to directly apply moisturizing lotion after cleansing my face. Now I wait for a few minutes to savour the smoothness of my skin after cleansing. Never in my life did I have such soft skin! After treating my skin with the Shea Butter Cleanser for some time it has gotten clearly softer.

Fortunately the cleanser does not leave any oily coating on my skin even though it is rather rich. My skin got irritated by just looking at the oily coats some products left.

Even though there were no perfumes added you will notice a slight natural fragrance of shea butter and olives. Besides those two ingredients, rose hydrosol and coconut oil essence were added to the formula. These are natural ingredients, just like I expect it from natural cosmetics. The consistence is light and milky.

I can’t really describe the fragrance well, but it is neither dominant nor displeasing.

The Shea Butter Cleanser has effectively reduced the redness and dryness wrinkles of my skin. I think the irritation of my skin might have come from active agents of some other cosmetic products I used. I am not too sure of it, but at least I can say they almost vanished completely after I changed the products.

The concept of natural cosmetic without any harmful substances seems to work really well for my skin. But I would never call myself an organic freak, I just did not want to compromise concerning facial treatment.


My Conclusion

I recommend you to be a bit more demanding when searching for products concerning your facial skin care. You can get rid of problems with your skin if you treat it consequently. I cannot imagine going back to drug store products after successfully treating my skin with the Martina Gebhardt Shea Butter Cleanser.

I totally recommend the purchase of this product, because it works like I hoped for and is also affordable.

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