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Malu Wilz Cream Review #1

by Jana on 08.30.2017
“This Camouflage Cream is the most effective concealing product I have ever used!”

I absolutely wanted to try the Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream, because I needed a better concealing product for the impurities and pigmentation marks on my face. At some point I started to notice that my NYX Concealer was not able to cover up the more persistent impurities.

On the product picture the Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream looks a bit darker than it actually is. It was delivered being packed really well in a box. A small scoop and a sponge for applying the concealer were also added.

At first I thought the container might be too small, but later I noticed how rich the cream was. Only a small amount is needed to achieve good coverage.

This concealer works better than the usual ones you can buy at a drug store. It can conceal bigger blemishes of all kinds, like for example scars and tattoos. This camouflage cream is highly pigmented. It is about twice as high pigmented compared to normal makeup products. Therefore the concealing power of this camouflage cream is a lot better.

By the way, the name “camouflage” has its origin in the military. The soldiers had to blend into their environment by colouring their faces and by wearing clothes coloured like their surroundings so they were “invisible”. This is the idea of camouflage creams. Blemishes are “camouflaged” by the high-pigmented cream and are therefore almost invisible to others.



The correct way to use the Camouflage Cream

A daily routine with the Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream should have the following steps:

  • Cleanse the skin.
  • Apply day cream, on sunny days don’t forget the SPF.
  • Apply foundation as a base to create an even complexion.
  • Cover skin area’s that need stronger concealing effect with camouflage cream, but try to avoid concealing bigger areas.
  • At last set the camouflage cream with setting powder, this is needed so the cream does not smear. Another nice effect is that the cream will be almost water-resistant.

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Applying the cream

Even though they added items for easier application to the Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream I find it better to apply it with my fingers. I compared the results and I still get the best when applying the cream with my hands. The result is more accurate and looks the most natural.

This product is easy to use and feels rather light and smooth on the skin even though it has such a high covering effect.

I must say that it is a bit more complex to apply camouflage cream than with a conventional concealer. You need a bit of practice to get it done correctly, but you can learn it really fast. By the way, you can find tons of tutorials on YouTube about the correct application of makeup and camouflage creams.

But it really is worth the effort. The concealing effect of the Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream is a lot better than everything that I have ever used before from makeup to concealer. This cream stays on as long as a long-lasting makeup, therefore I don’t need to think about skin impurities or dark circles under my eyes over the whole day.

You can buy the camouflage cream in many different colour tones. Therefore it should be no problem to find a cream matching to your skin tone. And they are also simple to mix and absolutely easy to handle.



A few words about the manufacturer

The brand Malu Wilz is owned by Artdeco, who has been really active over the past few decades. I think that Malu Wilz care products are a bit more expensive, but also of better quality than Artdeco’s main products (I compared the products a few times).

Artdeco also has its own camouflage cream – by the way, it’s a lot cheaper than the Malu Wilz Cream. It might be worth a try, but I didn’t test it on myself yet. In any case it will take some time until my cream container is empty, so it will be a while until I will buy a new cream.

My Conclusion

After using Malu Wilz’ Camouflage Cream for a few weeks I am still convinced of its concealing effect.

This product seems to be the best solution for my skin’s problems like redness, pigmentation marks, dark circles around the eyes, impurities or red adders.

This camouflage cream was able to tame all these blemishes up to now. At the same time it has a rather light feeling the skin and does not give my face a mask effect even though the consistency is intensive.

All in all I can definitely recommend the purchase of this product!



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