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L’Oreal Fiberboost Review #1

by Max on 02.17.2017
“Fluffy hair: definitely. Fuller hair: not really.”

Of course a shampoo should have a good washing quality, but it should also feel good. The L’Oréal Homme Fiberboost promises a few great things, primarily fuller hair. This promise made me really curious, which is why I just had to test out if it really worked.

So after testing it for a few weeks, I can now give you a report about my experiences. I hope this information can be of use to you.

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My first impression

For a starter: I exceptionally like this shampoo. Up until now I mostly used products which can be bought in every drug store and was rather satisfied with them. But most of the time I switch between high-priced hairdresser products and the cheaper drug store products. Back and forth again and again.

But with the L’Oréal Fiberboost I had a good feeling right from the start. The shampoo has a decent fragrance and its foam is rich but not too firm. The hair is cleaned soft and gentle, but yet powerful so that even persistent styling products can be washed off easily. The fragrance can be described as followed: bitter, fresh, discreet, encouraging.

This shampoo’s foam is firmer and harder than the cheaper shampoos you can buy at a drug store. But the foam does not froth up too harshly. The hair is well enwrapped in active washing substances so that not much shampoo is needed for each wash. The one word I think of for this shampoo is “luxurious”.

After washing, the hair is really clean and it seems slightly “strengthened”. I can definitely confirm that this shampoo also makes the hair airily let up at the same time. However, L’Oréal made a few promises I cannot accept and affirm even after using the product for a few weeks. And that should be sparse areas are reduced and weak hair retrieves its natural vitality.


Active agents of the L’Oreal Fiberboost Shampoo

Let us take a look at the implemented technology a bit closer:

  • Intra-Cylane is a high-power, patented active agent and result of ten year long research. It has a deep penetrating strengthening effect on the hair.
  • Guarana is known for its stimulating and energizing properties.

Which effect says the manufacturer does this technology have on our hair?

  • immediate care and filling effect
  • sparse areas are being visibly reduced
  • the hair will look fuller and voluptuous and regains its vitality
  • ideal in combination with other anti-hair-loss-products, e.g. Newopure


Which things have taken effect for me?

The immediate filling effect and less visible sparse areas are something I can absolutely not relate to. My hair looks exactly the same after the treatment (even after many). However, it certainly looks strengthened. It is easily combed and styled, and it somehow seems much sturdier.

I like the L’Oreal Fiberboost Shampoo and can totally recommend it. But it is definitely not a power cure-all against thin hair or balding. This hair care product is quite good and fulfills its purpose of cleaning with flying colours, but you should not hope for any miracles to happen.


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