LORE Eyelash Serum Review #1

by Maria on 07.15.2016
“In my case better suited for the eyebrows than for the eyelashes”

I let myself be inspired by a lot of positive eyelash serum reviews and therefore wanted to test their apparently given effectiveness. For this purpose, I bought a bottle of Lore Eyelash Growth Serum, as a clearly cheaper alternative to M2 Lashes.

According to my opinion, M2 Lashes Serum is exceptionally expensive – one must not necessarily start with the high priced product, in order to test the effectiveness of such products.

You can find positive assessments of eyelash products, as already stated, on many blogs. In many cases the products are made available free of charge and at last no one knows exactly how honest these reviews are.

The Lore Eyelash Serum should reduce eyelash loss and lead to a compression as well as lengthening of the eyelashes – and within the shortest time. It is said to range from 6-9 weeks of soaking in, and then the growth is said to run independently.

I am always skeptical when faced with such advertising statements of eyelash growth. Finally, the tiny hairs differ with any individual user; therefore one should not put too much trust into generalizations.

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The Concept of Lore Eyelash Serum

The Lore Eyelash Growth Serum claims to be made out of 100% natural ingredients – well, again for me also a sort of advertising statement, because one can only check this claim using a professional lab. I will not occupy myself further with the ingredients, because they might be the same with any such product.

I did not know the brand Lore up to this point and I selected them simply because the serum was cheaper and because in addition, there were many good reviews on Amazon (*CLICK*). However, in terms of effectiveness it might not differ too much from other comparable lash growth products.

It was a bit of pity that on the product packaging, one could not find any recommendation or tips regarding the serum’s application or usage. Therefore, I had to seek advice once again from the Internet.


How to apply?

It is recommended to apply the lash-serum once or twice per day onto the eyelash wreath. The use is similar to eyeliner, only that in this case a colorless gel-like substance is applied.

I decided to apply the serum during the first two weeks only once per day, so that the eyelashes could get used to it.

Reaction of my skin

This decision has turned out exactly right. It turned out that I cannot stand the Lore Eyelash Serum at all, in spite of its supposedly natural ingredients.

The first application was accompanied by a light burning. However, this is judged to be a natural reaction according to many eyelash serum reviews. The burning indeed has not reappeared after the first week of its application, so everything was good at least in this regard.

However, then redness appeared over and over again after the eyelash serum use. I applied the Lore Eyelash Serum in the evening. In the morning afterwards the eyelash edges were often reddened and stuck together partially.

My eyelash skin seems to be too sensitive for this growth substance. I kept trying it out a little afterwards; however I stopped using the serum. Reddened eyes were a price not worth to be paid, particularly as one should be more careful in this area of the body anyway.

After I had put the use of the Lore Serum to an end, I got Castor Oil as a cure for the tiny hairs and eyelash edges that were reddened by the serum’s application. Thereby, I wanted to make up for the negative skin reactions triggered by the serum. 🙂

Nevertheless, to me it was also clear at the same time, that it was only about reddened spots around the eyelash edges. Other skin areas showed no irritations after the eyelash serum use.


Alternative way to use the serum

To me it was something of a pity that the opened bottle of Lore Eyelash Serum was left behind pointlessly in the area – serving no purpose at all. So I began to look for another application and a way to usefully apply the invested money.

Now, I am using the serum for the eyebrow care, because the application principle is the same. Apply once per day and wait for the effect. And the serum starts after some weeks of regular eyebrow use to really show the first effects.

The eyebrows which looked a little bit plucked in my case, got back to normal and look a little thicker than before. It looks definitely better than it used to. I will continue this treatment anyway – it is only a pity that it didn’t work out with the eyelashes as it was supposed to.

Let’s look whether I will give the Lore Growth Serum one more chance and purchase another (more expensive?) growth product. Longer eyelashes back and forth: I am only glad that I got over the reddened irritated skin.



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