Lierac Luminescence Serum Review #1

by Zoe on 07.22.2016
“It has a good glow-effect, but could moisturize more.”

Illuminating power in a flask – when I read this, I just had to test the Lierac Luminescence Serum. Here I will share my experience with you, because except for a few details I am convinced of this product.

The idea behind Luminescence Serum

The french manufacturer Lierac has managed to create their Luminescence Serum, which appeals to the desire of all women: a natural bright face. Besides sun, lifestyle and habits, aging is another reason our skin looses its radiance.

The lost radiance, combined with irregular pigmentation, are two factors which let our face appear older. Lierac invented its Luminescence Serum for it to take effect against the natural development of our skin.

Lierac claims that their product Lumescence Serum corrects the teint and rebuilds the natural glimmer of the skin. In this report I will examine which active ingredients are used and if the serum works like promised.

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Look and Feel

The Luminescence Serum is packed in a pretty flask. On first glance it shimmers mysteriously. Even the outer package is nicely done, so it even makes a great high-quality gift.

The Serum is slightly fragrant with a scent of jasmine and rose, not strong but yet noticable. I think this reflects the higher quality of the product.

Once you open the flask you can see the serum’s pearlescent shimmer. After applying it the small particles are being absorbed by your skin, where they start working like they should.

The Luminescence Serum from Lierac has a jellylike, light texture. It is easy to extract, can be well portioned and is easily spread on your skin. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave a film.

At first the Serum seems to be white, but if you look closely you can see all those small particles I mentioned earlier. They reflect the surrounding light slightly, it is a rather discreet effect.

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How to apply

I mostly use the Luminescence Serum in the morning, after cleansing my face. It functions as my base for daily skin care. You apply it with a pipette, which is really useful. Only a few drops of it are needed, because the Serum is very rich.

You can directly see the shimmering effect on your skin. The small pearlescent particles are spread on your skin, absorbed by it and reflect the light. The skin looks more attractive and most of all, this effect seems really natural.

What I like the most about the Lierac Luminescence Serum is that this product is designed really simple. The manufacturer doesn’t lure with promises about skin rejuvenation, Super-Duper-Anti-Aging or the like. It is designed for a natural skin glow, nothing more.

The glow or radiance will be achieved directly after applying it to your skin. Your face appears to be fresher and younger. The radiance of this product easily lasts a few hours.

It is important that the skin itself glows and shimmers. This effect is being gently supported by the serum’s herbal extracts. Therefore the appearance is natural and the glowing effect isn’t exaggerated.

Lierac’s Luminescence Serum also moisturizes your skin a bit, but should be used in combination with a fully-fledged moisturizer. Especially if your skin is dry or tends to be dry.

It is possible to mix the Serum with make-up, it will upvalue and refine your make-up. The concealing of pigmentation, creases and reddening will be more effective.



My Conclusion

I’d say the Lierac Luminescence Serum is no must-have-product. It is rather a nice-to-have-product with which you can have much joy. It is a high-priced product, but because of its richness it will last for ever.

The Serum is sold in pharmacies, but there it is a lot more expensive than the internet. But I think it’s a good thing that it is being sold in pharmacies.

If you have dry skin or tend to dry skin I would suggest using a good moisturizer together with the Lierac Luminescence Serum, so your skin stays soft and smooth. I wanted to try out another product from Lierac (this cream) because of my positive experience with the Luminescence Serum, but it is quite high-priced. That’s why I’m going to stay with my proved and tested solution (*CLICK*).

My conclusion for the Lierac Luminescence Serum: A wonderful magic potion, which grants your skin more charisma. You can easily create a fresh look and youthful glow. And that’s what skin care is for, right? 🙂



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