Lab Series Pro LS Shower Gel Review #1

by Mike on 08.18.2016
“No experiments, just one all-round-product with first class performance”

Ok, I have finally noticed: I’m a shower gel freak. Besides those with delicious fragrance, I also like simple and efficient products. I just couldn’t resist the new Lab Series Pro LS Shower Gel, because it is an “All-in-one”-product par excellence!

Here a small side note to men’s logic (only for fun):

The most important rule concerning men is the same in every area: Keep it simple. Make it as simple as possible, because us men, we like it best if it’s straightforward.

Of course, we like everything that’s technical, e.g. electronic gadgets and video games, but we also like clever innovations in skin care. That is why we are convinced of the new Lab Series Pro LS All-in-one-Face-Treatment’s success – a handy high-tech multi-talent for men’s care. It is easy to use and at the same time its effect is extremely efficient. And that’s what counts for men: It does not only concern us, how a product works, it needs to be cool and fun.

Is there anything else? Many studies show that men are very loyal. Food, clothes, car, care – if a man decides which brand to use, he will always stay loyal. A man’s nature, I’d say, is to be conservative, experiments are not meant for us.

Same as multitasking, I can totally confirm that stereotype. You could say you always need a woman to encourage a man to try something new. I guess it can be a bother for some, but it is totally worth it, trust me: If we found something new that we like, we won’t let go of it. And of course – it was our idea.

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The idea behind Lab Series All-in-one Shower Gel

Ok, enough blabbering. Let’s go back to the tested shower gel.

A simple Nivea Men Shower Gel is enough for most cases, but I like to have some interesting brand in my bathroom. Foolish, I know… but that’s the way it is.

Even though this Lab Series’ (Estée Lauder) product is a typical male product, women could also use it without a problem. That is, if they don’t like those flowery fragranced shower gels. You can’t find a trace of flowery in this product, because it smells fresh with hardly any fragrance at all. And I just like Lab Series’ products, they have many good ones.

The performance of this product is first class. This stuff can do almost anything. I should let it do an oil change for my car. I bet this ingenious gel would even master that!


Ok, back to reality. If it concerns cleaning around and in your shower, you can confidently ignore all other products. It cleans wonderfully and gets rid of displeasing scents on your skin.

My hardest test: garlic and onions, freshly cut, and two hours of sports, where I forgot my deodorant. My stench seeped through all buttonholes. After a normal shower with Lab Series’ Shower Gel I smelled like every normal person would. Or maybe should… 😉

The hair’s result is great, too. They get depth and are easy to style. There are no heavy residues staying on the hair. The gel can easily wash off styling products. It is really good, but it won’t hurt to sometimes treat your hair with a conditioner.

If you take more gel, instead of getting more foam, the consistency changes, getting heavier and thicker. A perfect foundation for a shave, in your face as well as the “strategically important parts”! The blades float great, the gel is easy to wash away and easily removed from your shaver, perfect.


My Conclusion for Skincare Lab Series All-in-one Shower Gel

In summary, it is a great all-round-product for men (and women) who want to save time in the shower. Same in your holidays! You only need one product. Shampoo and shaving foam can stay at home. The shower gel does not dry out and is gentle to your skin. I even sometimes use it as after-sun shower gel and as cleanser for my face.


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