John Masters Serum Review #1

by Anca on 01.16.2017
“An organic hair serum which doesn’t only balance out your hair but also your scalp.”

As I’ve been using chemical hair dyes for years now, you can see the traces those left on my poor hair. It didn’t escape my attention how dull, thin and lifeless my hair looked for quite some time now.

I even changed my usual hairdresser because of this as he had simply no idea how to repair my damaged hair or solve my problems.

My new hairdresser was quicker in helping me and came up with the idea of using “hot scissors” to fight my split ends and brittle hair. This technology is quite simple when you think about it and in fact it only needs a pair of scissors which is so hot during the process of cutting my hair, that it seals the ends because of its heat.


So here I was, happy to see that this procedure already helped me against one of my problems, as split ends are old news now.

Also one more thing my new hairdresser recommended that I should try to help my lifeless and thin hair was the John Masters Organics Hair Serum.

To be honest I didn’t know anything about this brand but it seemed like the serum was part of a line of professional hair care products which come from an organic cosmetic series. The price sadly reflected that status well… But what was important to me was the effectiveness of this hair care product, so I was ready to pay a few more to get something that would actually help me and also be worth it.

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Formula and how to use

The John Masters Organics Serum is a product for both your hair, and also your scalp which – if we are honest – always gets irritated by dying your hair a lot. So I was delighted to see that the base ingredients used in this product were natural oils and plant extracts.

Using the John Masters Hair Serum is very easy: you simply put 4-5 drops of the hair care serum on your scalp and then you massage it in with a circular and soft motion. That’s how easy it actually is to apply this product. You don’t need to wash it out since it stimulates your scalp during the day and additionally it strengthens the upper hair layers (which, as we know, contain the roots of your hair).

As for the nourishing effect of the John Masters Organics Serum you can only see a lasting effect after you’ve applied the product regularly. After four weeks of using this hair serum daily I could already see the first positive effects: my hair got more elasticity and was saved from its dullness as now it has more shine in it. Even my scalp is more nourished and balanced out which made the skin irritations practically vanish.


My Conclusion

I’m also happy to report that one small bottle of the John Masters Hair Serum which contains approximately 125 ml lasts quite a long time and I think it will also last me for many more future hair treatments. So in my opinion this certainly justifies the higher price and makes it worth the purchase since there is a great and lasting effect coming from this hair care system – as long as you use it regularly.

To opt for an even better hair care effect I decided to forego any kind of heat on my hair like using a flat iron for example (curly hair is popular again – at least I heard that) and I also started using organic shampoos. I’m very satisfied with the one I’m using now since it doesn’t contain any sulphate.

Because of this great experience and me being won over by this hair serum from the John Masters Organics line, I also want to try the Evening Primrose Shampoo (an organic shampoo for dry hair) from the same line soon.


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