Jentschura Energy Brush Review #1

by Josi on 08.05.2016
“If used regularly, it’s so good for the skin!”

I read somewhere about the good effects of a Dry Body Brush massage and was very curious to try it by myself. There aren’t so many high quality products in this category. Besides the Energy Brush by Jentschura (which I tested) there’s the Mio Body Brush which is a bit cheaper.

I decided to try the Jentschura Energy Brush, because it seemed to have a better quality than products of other brands. Nevertheless I think that the Mio Body Brush is also a good choice, at least according to the customer reviews (*CLICK*).

In the following I’ll review my experiences with the Body Brush by Jentschura. I’ll also give an insight into the recommended use the Dry Body Brush massage and its effects out of regular application.

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Why is a Dry Body Brush massage so important?

The skin is our largest organ. It’s like a window to the outside world and it works as protector and regulator. The skin is involved in so many important processes of the body and because of that it’s essential for our well-being.

The pores of the skin move toxic substances out of the body – and not only when you’re sweating but actually the whole time. That’s why it’s so important that the pores aren’t blocked and that the blood circulation in the skin works well.

Because of a constant renewal of the skin cells, dead cells get transported to the surface, blocking then the pores, so that the breathability of the skin gets disturbed.

As a consequence, the skin looses its elasticity and the blood circulation gets worse. After some time this might have a negative impact on your overall well-being, what shall be avoided. A good method to avoid this is a regular dry brushing massage that refreshens your skin in a natural way.


Which effects does a Dry Body Brush have on your skin?

The Energy Brush removes dead skin cells which are gathered at the surface by gentle scratching. By the way, this method is already used for Face Brushes for a long time. They’re just a bit smoother because the facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than the other skin.

The daily use of the brush leads to a better blood circulation and lymph flow of the skin. To increase this effect, the energy brush shall be moved in the recommended direction. I’ll come back to that later.

Furthermore the dry brushing massage has a pleasant and immune system supporting effect when used in the right way. It’s similar to the needle therapy, but in difference to it the effect is not only punctual.

In addition, the producer claims that the Energy Brush generates a positive energetic effect on our body. In order to reach this effect, the brush has bristles which are made of natural horsehair (outer bristles), but also bristles made of an alloy of copper and zinc (inner bristles). These materials shall improve the microcirculation of the skin and compensate excess electricity which is created by the natural body motion.

Of course, I couldn’t prove the latter aspect on the energetic effect of this brush. Furthermore I don’t know for sure which impact the regulation of electricity by Dry Body Brush massage has on your well-being. Maybe it’s partly just a matter of faith. 😉


Recommended use of the Energy Brush by Jentschura

You should use the brush on a daily basis in order to get the desired results. You’ll get the best effects if you apply it on dry skin. That’s why I personally use the brush every morning before I shower. The only disadvantage: You have to get up a bit earlier than usual.

By the way: You can improve the effect of dry brushing by alternating hot and cold showers. But I couldn’t force myself into doing this yet. 🙂

In the beginning you should massage only some parts of your body. After some time you can expand the treated areas in order to make it a complete body massage.

In general, you should begin with your legs, from bottom to top. The same goes for your back. This shall improve the lymph flow. The chest as well as the abdomen should be massaged in a circle – anticlockwise, that’s important.

You can also use the Skin Brush by Jentschura in your face – but of course be careful, especially under your eyes. The skin there is very sensitive and you could get reddening or irritated skin. Although the brand produces also a brush that’s especially composed for your facial skin which is way softer (*CLICK*).

Caution: Don’t dry brush your skin when it’s already reddened or even injured. Also better don’t use the brush on varicose veins or bruises to avoid further complications.

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My experiences with the Jentschura Dry Body Brush

  • The Energy Brush which is made of waxed beechwood is easy to handle and can be used very soft on the skin. You should exert the pressure very even though.
  • After regular dry brushing the skin really feels fresher and more elastic. Especially in the morning the tingling is very pleasant, because such feelings are perceived more intense at this time of the day.
  • Whether you can reduce energetic charge with the skin brush by Jentschure, I can’t tell as a non-physicist.
  • All things considered, buying the skin brush by Jentschura was definitive a good idea and I just can recommend it to all of you who want to improve their well-being in general. I would definitely buy it again.


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