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Instanatural Vitamin C Cream Review #1

by Sophie on 06.13.2020
“Such a good moisturizer but sadly without any anti-ageing effect for me.”

Because of positive feedback and a high vitamin concentration contained in this product, I finally decided to purchase the Instanatural Vitamin C Cream. I do have to say that I deliberately chose this product instead of any other similar facial moisturizer or vitamin serum.

Now you will ask yourself why I did that and if this cream was even worth my expectations? Well, you will find that out soon enough in my short review.

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Is Vitamin C good for your skin?

Well first of all Vitamin C contains really important anti-ageing properties. Above all it is an antioxidant which fights those harmful free radicals in your skin. Like that your skin’s UV-protection is rebuilt.

Another important factor is the boost of collagen production in your skin because of Vitamin C – which is only possible with constant and long-lasting application. That’s what the feedback of beauty experts tells us.

Refining your pore structure and acting as a skin brightener are also vital points which make Vitamin C so necessary. These factors are mainly due to its anti-bacterial and soothing properties.

So as Vitamin C is such an important component, I really wanted to find the right compound for my daily skin care. When you look at these kinds of compounds, then there are only two different products, which play an important role: Vitamin C Cream and Vitamin C Serum.



So why did I decide to use a Vitamin C Cream in the end?

Honestly, I don’t really like using many skin care products at the same time because it is so confusing to find out which one worked “its wonders” on my skin, when I use such a vast array.

That’s why I usually choose products which have more than one feature or property in their composition.

Let’s take this example: If I have dry skin and I would need a good moisturizing product, then why on earth would I use both a serum and a moisturizer? To be honest any vitamin-containing cream would do the trick and I’d only be using one product.

So this was my pivotal point – finding a cream which contains enough Vitamin C as well as giving my skin enough moisture. That’s how I came to use the Instanatural Vitamin C Cream.

One thing I have to clarify by the way: People think that a serum usually contains more Vitamin C than any cream, which in my case wasn’t true: The manufacturer’s serum from the same series contains as much Vitamin C as the cream – namely a 20% concentration.



My experiences with Instanatural Vitamin C Cream

When it comes to the cream’s consistency and its scent, this product is quite unobtrusive and also more on the neutral side. In comparison to that, other products have flashy advertisements of “anti-ageing wonders”, which usually contain such a vast array of perfumes and scents in them, making you almost feel nauseated by their fragrance.

The Instanatural Vitamin C Cream has a nourishing but also light consistency. The cream is easily applied on your skin and it doesn’t leave any residue on it. Another positive aspect is that it absorbs fast into your skin after you apply it.

The end result on your face feels like it should: soft and firm – considering you expect such results from a moisturizing product. The small dryness wrinkles are quite smoothed out after applying the cream, which is also an effect you look for in such a skin care product.

Using my electrical facial cleansing brush (*CLICK*) I apply the cream on my skin after I have cleansed it thoroughly. Like this it gets prepared for the skin care I still want to apply and the cream is also absorbed faster because of this method.

One vital thing I could imagine when it comes to very dry and flaky skin is applying an additional moisturizing serum before using the Instanatural Vitamin C Cream. This could become a normal routine in winter, when it is so cold and your skin could really use an extra bit of moisture.

skin care routine

My Conclusion

Having used the Instanatural Vitamin C Cream daily now for a period of 3 weeks, I can honestly tell you that the moisturizing effect actually works, whereas I haven’t even felt any part of the anti-ageing effect yet.

Another aspect of this cream was also the skin brightening which couldn’t actually be seen on any part of my face – liver spots included. But maybe this effect only takes place after a certain amount of application time, so these three weeks might not have been enough.

All in all this cream is good and contains a vast amount of vitamin C but when you look at the end result, it doesn’t really live up to my expectations. It could be that my skin does have enough Vitamin C, so that this cream can’t really reach its potential.

So now you know why I decided that I will start looking for something new after I have used up the Instanatural Vitamin C Cream. I do think that the next product in that range will be a nourishing cream containing Retinol, since that ingredient is also said to have anti-ageing properties. But just you wait, I will tell you all about it when I finally do that. 🙂



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