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Grandelash Eyelash Serum Review #1

by Josi on 11.20.2016
“No effects but a bad reaction of my skin!”

So after reading several reviews about lash serums in general and also multiple ones about this serum in particular which is called Grandelash Serum, I finally purchased this product to pamper myself.

I do have to say that my lashes don’t make my eyes as expressive as I’d like them to. Only if I use a good dose of my mascara, then they are rather gorgeous but sadly they also don’t look as natural anymore as I want them to look. So I thought I’d just give my lashes the much-needed help.

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What does the manufacturer promise?

One thing I was a bit surprised about was the promise Grandelash’s manufacturer made, because they made it seem so precise when it comes to the application, saying that the effects should be visible only 4 weeks of regular application.

If I am completely honest, I should have already been a bit sceptical since lashes are simply hair on your body which is different from person to person. Now how on earth can the manufacturer know and state with such accurate figures how the Grandelash Serum works?

I think you will agree with me – such promises are complete humbug. All reviews I read state that with these lash products you need at least 6-8 weeks to see such effects.

Typically it’s all about prolonging the lash growth cycle and it’s not really possible to do that after only 4 weeks of application! If Grandelash is some sort of different from other lash products when it comes to these effects, that might be true but honestly I am not going in this direction of hypothetical thinking.


Did the promise come true?

You know how hindsight is always easier than foresight? Well, I guess I did have to experience it myself and now I can also tell you all about the (missing) effect of the Grandelash Serum in detail.

Reading the INCI list before applying the lash product was a very important factor for me. The serum’s composition seems to be quite good since I couldn’t find any dangerous nor harmful nor somehow unhealthy ingredients in the Grandelash Serum.

There is one particular thing about this serum I don’t understand though: It burns lightly – but very unpleasantly at the edge of my lid. I did everything how it was supposed to be done, since you shouldn’t apply the serum directly on the lashes but rather at their roots, to let the it get soaked in.

After about 2 weeks of constant (daily) application of the Grandelash Eyelash Serum I did end up with bouts of redness around the whole edge of the lid and my eyes always were extremely dry in the morning. Not to mention that my eyelids seemed partially glued together and sticky.

It may seem funny but it was nothing to laugh about. Your eyes are very important and if you don’t take good care of them, your sight might also get affected, so I couldn’t let it sit like that. Having expressive lashes or not – there is no valid reason for this treatment to continue if I expose my eyes to unhealthy or even dangerous substances and in worst case I could even risk my eyesight.


Possible reasons for the bad reaction

So it appears like I reacted badly to some sort of ingredients in the Grandelash Lash Serum because my skin categorised it as harmful and so I simply got a bit of an allergic reaction. Up until this day I don’t know though which of the ingredients could be so unhealthy and have caused that.

And believe me when I say that I used it 100% like I was supposed to use it and I didn’t exaggerate the treatments’ intensity either. I even tried Castor Oil. I applied this at the edges of my lids to keep the skin smooth and soft. The crux is: it didn’t help at all. Redness and dry skin still happened and prevailed.

In the end I couldn’t fulfil my dream of longer and more voluminous lashes with the Grandelash Serum even though I had high hopes for it. But after the bad reactions occurred more frequently, I stopped using the lash serum and gave my eyes a much-needed break to regenerate themselves.

When I look at the effects which I suffered through now, I can imagine that the daily burning feeling on my skin could have long-lasting harmful effects on me. At least I wouldn’t rule out that possibility.

The Grandelash Serum just had no effect on my lashes, although it has very good reviews, because essentially I used it for 4 weeks, so there was no way it could. And thinking back to the manufacturer’s statement of only 4 weeks until the first visible effects happen, this simply can’t be a product that I can take serious.


My Conclusion

I am still interested in everything that has to do with lash growth but I learned to be cautious and not to risk anything. Longer lashes in exchange for a possible dangerous eye infection? There is just no way for me to let that happen. And sadly the Grandelash Eyelash Serum wasn’t even a cheap product.

Oh well, now I have made one more experience that brings me closer to finding a better eyelash growth solution.

Grandelash Serum

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