Flora Mare Cream Review #1

by Marina on 05.30.2017
“An ‘allrounder’ in its field? Sadly, not really for me.”

I’ve been looking for a good complete skin care cream and that’s how I came upon the Flora Mare Day and Night Cream. This cream has even been advertised on TV, so I thought to myself that I couldn’t go wrong with it.

To my bitter disappointment the Flora Mare Day and Night Cream didn’t really fulfill my expectations. And you can read all about this product in this review and also why I’ve come to that conclusion.


Why do we need different creams for our day and night skin care routine?

As we all know, once you hit 30, your typical skin care routine during the daytime should also be accompanied by a nighttime skin care routine.

So because of our skin’s need for a different skin care product that also means that we have to use two specially made creams depending on the time of day:

  • During the day our skin needs protection from any outer influences that could harm it. A few of these are for example wind and weather, UV-light, oxidative and physical strains.
  • So the best solution for your daytime use is a moisture-regulating cream that protects your skin and also has a built-in SPF.
  • In contrast to that your skin requires support for its natural regeneration during the night.
  • So during the nighttime you should use a repairing and nourishing cream. Especially a cream with a higher dosage of ingredients which can be absorbed well during the night and also replenishes the skin’s storage.
  • Night creams are slightly more expensive than their daytime counterpart since they have this higher ingredient dosage and are also richer in consistency.

Because of all these reasons, it is always recommended to use a special and appropriate cream depending on the time of day. If these two are combined in a Day and Night Cream, it is actually not very suitable, unless the manufacturer has been intending something special with that.

Now we are taking a closer look at the Flora Mare concept.

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What kind of concept is behind the skin care brand ‘Flora Mare’?

A certain man named Axel Ruth has established the brand ‘Flora Mare’. Mister Ruth is a presenter and beauty expert who worked together with researchers and scientists to create his cosmetic line.

The concept behind Flora Mare was to use extracts out of marine plants. These plant extracts are said to have very effective protective functions, since they have to survive wind and weather.
Which plants exactly are used is not mentioned – only that they grow on the Breton coast (which means the North-West of France).

To be quite frank, I really thought that plants which live in the sea don’t get influenced by wind and weather but maybe it is completely different in Brittany. Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway as long as the skin cream does what it should.


What does the manufacturer say about the Flora Mare Day and Night Cream?

When it comes to the description of the Flora Skin Care Cream, the manufacturer is giving a very confident statement:

  • This cream is apparently suitable for any time of day.
  • It contains an ‘anti-ageing ingredient combination with the patented platinum-mare-complex and brown algae extract’.
  • The platinum-mare ingredient complex has four different plant ingredients: sea mayweed, kalparianes (brown algae), oligophycocorail (flower algae extract), oligogelines (red algae extract) and the platinum peptides.
  • According to the manufacturer the anti-ageing effect of this cream after constant use of it for 4 weeks is: 53.85% less wrinkles.

But that is only the ambitious theory and now we come to my experiences with the Day and Night Cream by Flora Mare.

skin care routine

My experiences with the Flora Mare Day and Night Cream

The advantages of this cream for me are:

  • The container looks beautiful
  • The Flora Mare cream’s consistency is very light and also soft
  • It gets absorbed into the skin pretty fast because of that
  • There is no greasy shine, which is unwanted after the application

In contrast to that the Flora Mare cream’s disadvantages from my point of view are these though:

  • There is a very distinct fragrance which comes with this product. Fragrances are known to cause irritation.
  • This cream isn’t nourishing enough for the nighttime.
  • The Flora Mare cream doesn’t contain any daytime sun protection factor.
  • My existing redness and impurities haven’t really improved through the use of the cream. That also means that its moisturizing function didn’t work for me as expected.
  • Even after having used the Flora Mare Day and Night Cream for many weeks now, I cannot see any anti-ageing effects although the manufacturer made such a confident promise.


Flora Mare Cream: My Conclusion

  • The Flora Mare Day and Night Cream wasn’t really convincing in my opinion.
  • Somehow this product is neither here nor there: It wasn’t an effective day cream and not even a good night cream. In my opinion or rather from my experience it was sort of in between which is as bad as it sounds.
  • Judging from the cost-benefit ratio, this cream is clearly losing, since it is quite expensive and doesn’t really give me the desired effect.
  • As I’ve only read positive reviews on the internet before I decided to purchase this cream, I was highly disappointed by it since it didn’t meet my expectations.
  • I do have to say that I will continue applying the product until it is used up and after that I am going to look for a good nourishing cream.
  • I will keep looking for this allrounder cream concept which has both a Day and Night Cream integrated. An acquaintance recommended this universal cream to me which – sadly and in my honest opinion is just too expensive. Instead I will try out this skin care product by M.Asam soon.
  • We shall see, maybe I will give you such a short review similar to this about my next cream and let you know about my experiences with it. But until then I wish you good luck with your skin care routine!


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