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Dr. Severin Aftershave Balm Review #1

by Katie on 07.30.2018
“Very watery Body-Aftershave that sets in fast, avoids and reduces razor pimples, but has very little skin caring effects. Needs follow-up skin care.”

A friend of mine recommended the Body Aftershave from Dr. Severin which is said to reduce razor pimples. Now, after three weeks of treatment, I can share my experiences with it.

First impression

The product is filled into a white plastic cup with black writings. The packaging itself is very inconspicuous and reminds me of a cup that is often used in pharmacies for their self-made creams. The white lid is easy to open and beneath it is another white plastic part which covers the actual cream.

This plastic part seems like an upside-down lid and unfortunately is not easy to remove. While trying to open the second lid, the cream and lid created some kind of negative pressure and when I finally managed to remove it my pants were wet.

The consistency is highly fluid. It is not comparable to shower gel and feels more like water. Not as runny but is the best comparison. So basically it is only a little more viscous than water.

It seems to have more of a rosy color compared to the white cup and also has air bubbles in it. When applied to the skin as a thin layer it looks transparent, like water, but with a few bubbles.

The Balm smells intensely, almost piercingly, like menthol and reminds me of my father’s aftershave. It seems to have the same fragrance as other anti-inflammatory skin care products. Also, the manufacturer states that there is no alcohol contained.

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The feeling after applying

The product is easy to spread because of its watery consistency. But you should be careful not to let it run down. This happens rather easily. When it dropped on my pants I tried to wipe it off which created a creamy foam-like look, but fortunately it dried up without leaving any stains.

The Balm sets into the skin really fast. But I did not notice any skin caring effect, therefore it is not rich, but prevents inflammation successfully.

I shave two to three times per week with a razor and shaving foam. After that razor pimples appear on my skin. Particularly when you shave against the direction of your hair growth and/or have sensitive skin it tends to skin irritations and razor pimples.

If the product is applied directly after the shave it feels irritating and burns just like any other aftershave. I assume, this is mostly due to the anti-inflammatory effect.


It is really watery and therefore easy to spread. It sets in fast but my dry skin needs more care than this. Even though the skin seems shiny right after the application there still needs to be additional moisturizing care. This appearance might look nice and makes it seem healthy, but it’s not sufficient.

My skin becomes tight when it dries out after the shave. So, at first I decided to just try to counter this effect by applying more of the Balm to tend my skin. If it still wasn’t enough I’d just apply even more layers.

But after trying this for a week I decided to treat my skin to the aftershave only once and then use a rich moisturizer (Mango Butter by Botanic Hearth) for my dry skin. It turned out to be good for my skin and there were no after effects. This way I had both effects – close to no more razor pimples and smooth skin without feeling tight.

Even if the Body-Aftershave Balm from Dr. Severin leaves a burning sensation after applying it on the skin I kept at it and see here, the reduction of razor pimples was great.

After opening the bottle it should last for about 6 months. But I guess it won’t be used up after 6 months. Treating your freshly shaved skin with only one layer is more than enough, because the Balm is really rich.

In my eyes there are many products that have rather a kind of a guideline on how long it is useable than an expiration date. Most of them can actually be used even longer than stated.


My Conclusion

The active agents are really good. What I liked in particular was ingredients like Parabenes, Alcohol and Aluminium are missing on the list. Also, at the same time it is vegan and no animal researches were performed while developing process and testing the skin compatibility.

But the most important is still its effectiveness against razor pimples. The amount of pimples and redness is visibly lessened after treating my skin with the Aftershave Balm. I didn’t really expect such a quick result.

All in all it is rather watery and not rich enough for really dry skin, not even in summer. I can imagine many users having the same problem – it is missing any skin caring and moisturizing effect.

But razor pimples and inflammation are being prevented really well or are at least minimized. Even so I am not sure if I am going to re-buy Dr. Severin’s Body Aftershave Balm. On the other hand I can’t come up with any other product that has such a fast result against unpleasant side effects from shaving.



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