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Dr. Severin Balm Review Review #1

by Anna on 12.25.2016
“No chance for irritated skin after shaving because of this fluid after shave balm, which is absorbed into the skin fast.”

Intimate shaving without breaking out in spots – it’s been my dream for quite a long time. I have to say that I tried so many products in this area of shaving that I finally found one that actually works for me and doesn’t leave any red spots nor does it irritate my skin: the Dr. Severin Women After Shave Balm.

In today’s review I will tell you all about this after shave balm’s style and its effects and of course you will also hear about my experience with this product.

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Packaging and consistency

The Balm comes in a white plastic jar and has black writing on it. To be honest this kind of packaging that seems very plain always reminds me of the jars you get at the pharmacy in which they fill their creams.

If you unscrew the white lid – which by the way is pretty easily done – you will find an equally white plastic part beneath that which actually protects the cream.

It looks like an upside down lid on the product and much to my chagrin this part is not as easily removed as the actual lid. While you try to pull it off a low pressure is caused and after a few tries you can eventually take it off which comes so unexpectedly that a small part of the contents lands on you. In my case it landed on my jeans.

The After Shave Balm’s consistency itself can be described as fluid. Now I don’t mean shower gel consistency but rather like water – well, maybe not exactly as fluid as water.

If you look at the contents from outside of the jar, it looks more pink and has little bubbles in it but if you have it on your skin it is transparent like water with just a small amount of bubbles.


Application and effect of the Severin After Shave Balm

Because of its quite fluid consistency, the product is easily applied and spread which also means that you have to be careful not to let it drip while applying.

I rubbed at the small amount which splashed onto my jeans and at first it looked quite creamy or foamy but then it dried stainlessly.

Even on my skin it is being absorbed quite fast but sadly there is no nourishing effect on my skin to be seen. So while it isn’t nourishing, it does prevent inflammation of the skin.

If I had to describe the product’s scent, I would put it into the typical men’s after shave category: It has a rather intense and quite pungent menthol smell and reminds me of my father’s after shave.

While it does smell like other anti-inflammatory products, according to the manufacturer, it doesn’t contain any alcohol.


Using a wet razor and shaving cream, I shave about twice or three times a week. Usually my skin looks rather irritated afterwards. That does happen especially when you shave against your hair growth and/or have sensitive skin. Like that it irritates the skin much more.

Applying the Balm directly after you shaved will cause it to burn quite a bit but that is typical with other after shaves, too. You can trace this effect back to the after shave’s antibacterial properties.

As I said before the product is very fluid and also gets absorbed into your skin quite fast.

My rather dry skin will not be nourished by this product though. It does leave some shine on it which makes my skin look pretty and nourished – but as I said it won’t really nourish it, only if we’re very optimistic maybe just a tiny bit.

After all, this causes my skin to still feel dry and also tense after shaving. I did reapply the same amount of product and if it wasn’t enough by then I repeated this process.

So after two weeks of using this process, I simply went and applied the Dr. Severin After Shave Balm directly after shaving and then I used (this moisturizing cream) to keep my quite dry skin healthy and cared for. Both products seemed to work rather well together.


Finally I had my desired effect of less irritation but without that tense feeling the after shave balm usually left. Even though there was still the burning sensation of the Dr. Severin After Shave Balm, that feeling was worth it since my irritated spots got reduced by quite a bit.

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Durability of the product and my conclusion

After opening up the product for the first time, it is durable for up to 6 months. In my opinion there is no way the product will be used up in these 6 months since only a small amount is already enough. Anyway, from my experience you can also use most of these products after their best-before date.

According to the manufacturer, the ingredients used are the following: “The Dr. Severin After Shave Balm only uses selected ingredients as components for its product. There are no parabens nor alcohol nor any aluminium. Not only did we take the humans’ needs into account but the product is also made animal cruelty free and is vegan.”


I do have to say that I like the ingredients and especially what isn’t contained in the product (no parabens, alcohol nor aluminium). Another positive aspect is that the product has been made animal cruelty free and vegan.

On the other hand I really dislike the product being so fluid and not having that nourishing effect and it also doesn’t have any long-lasting moisturizing properties.

Here I do have to admit that the product’s actual purpose isn’t really moisturizing. It’s been made to fight irritation and inflammation. These two aspects are very well covered by the product and that is also why I am convinced that I will purchase the after shave balm again.

I can only recommend this product, being an effective solution against skin irritations after shaving!



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