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Dr. Jart Ceramidin Gel Cream Review

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Dr. Jart Ceramidin Review #1

by Marina on 06.10.2017
“A good moisturizer for summer, but with small shortcomings”

A strong moisturizing facial cream which isn’t too rich is something you are always searching for.

This time I found the Korean brand Dr. Jart and was amazed how wet a cream gel can feel. 🙂


What promises does the manufacturer make?

  • Intensive moisturizing care with a moisture content of 85%
  • This cream is specially made for strained skin, but also to sooth the skin after an excessive impact of UV-rays
  • Encapsulated ceramides are meant to help strengthening the barrier-like function of the skin to work against loss of moisture

Ok, so far so good. These are the advertising messages of the cream gel by Dr. Jart, which actually sound promising. A really strong moisturizing product, which even provides moisture to your skin after a sunbath sounds good to me.

And if even the consistency of this product is not as rich and creamy then I’d have a candidate for my daily skin care routine in summer.

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How was the feeling after applying the Gel-Cream?

Surprisingly wet! 🙂 The funny consistency (it looks a bit like slimy rice pudding) spreads immediately in my palms and when applied to the skin it feels like a watery gel, which at the same time seems rather rich.

There is no “suddenly it’s gone” feeling but rather it stays on your skin for a bit, as if you sprayed thermal water on your skin. Afterwards it sets completely but a slightly sticky feel remains for a while.

Nonetheless, the skin care already feels well-tended. My partially rather dry skin had no further needs after applying this cream gel. It could be that this is not enough when it’s cold outside, but it felt really good as a summer skin care. There was nothing to complain about.

There is also a slightly cooling effect on your skin, as well as a somewhat strange but neutral scent, which I cannot quite identify. In any case this scent is not really bothering me, but it stayed for a while. It could be a problem for me over night.

The moisture stayed on the skin and after 6 hours the skin did not become tight. I did not see and feel any oily spots on my skin, so I guess the alcohol in this cream works well balanced.

The effect of this moisturizing cream was rather pleasant and surprisingly good. Even the driest skin parts are provided with moisture. But unfortunately there are also some negative points which you need to know too.


Is there any room for improvement?

Besides some really good active agents and moisturizing elements (Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Jiuve extracts, Aloe Vera) this cream contains perfume and many other fragrances that need to be declared (essential oils in too great quantities), silicon, alcohol (quite little), citric extract and a rather aggressive menthol derivative which creates the cooling feeling on the skin.

Dr. Jart advertises with 85% moisture contained in this cream, but this only means that this product contains more water than anything else. This cream gel unfortunately does not contain a high dosage of active agents, there are clearly better formulated products on the market.

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My conclusion concerning this facial cream

I was surprised how pleasant this product felt. Also after a longer period of time my skin did not feel uncomfortable. My skin managed this cream really good. But you need to be cautious if you have sensitive skin, because those active agents I mentioned earlier can cause irritation on your skin.

The consistency of this product has a somewhat strange feel to it, but that is something you will get used to. If it is spread on your skin it develops a pleasant feel, it is really good for your summer care.

Because this cream gel contains more water than great active agents my search for the perfect moisturizing care is not over yet. Dr. Jart’s Gel Cream is quite nice, but in my opinion it is too pricey for what it provides. My search continues! 🙂



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