Dr. Hauschka Cover Stick Review #1

by Anna on 10.17.2017
“I am still searching the right way for me to use this product.”

Dr. Hauschka’s Pure Care Cover Stick is meant to conceal impurities and at the same time soothe the skin. It contains antibacterial and mattifying active agents and can be purchased in three different color tones.

I tested this cover stick for two weeks and wanted to share my experiences with you.


The first impression

Dr. Hauschka’s Cover Stick is delivered in a white plastic box. It has a pen-like shape and therefore is rather slim and I would say it can fit in just any hand bag.

The design is typical for Dr. Hauschka products. They always have a white label with their company logo in gold, an orange design highlight and black writings. It looks really nice, even though I personally don’t like white plastic covers. I think white covers usually look really cheap, but this one actually looks quite high-class to me.

After removing the cap there is a golden shaft (I don’t know how else to call it) under which the cover stick is hidden. By turning the shaft, the covering stick will move in or out, depending on the direction you rotate.

In summary I think the stick looks really nice. Of course it is more important how the product does its job instead of how it looks. So now let’s see how it works!

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Scent and consistence

After removing the cap of the stick you can immediately smell a strong scent of herbs. From this I guessed that this must be a natural cosmetics product.

Personally, I like the herbal smell. It will still linger after applying the cover stick on your skin. The smell is even stronger when applying it somewhere near your nose. But for me there can be worse things than having the smell of herbs directly under my nose, so this much is fine.

Its consistence is quite hard and it does not get creamy on the skin, so it seems to be resistant to temperature. The Cover Stick is easy to apply even though it is not in liquid form. It is meant to be used sparingly on skin parts like little redness spots or smaller pimples.

I bought this stick in the brightest color, which is #01 and depending on the season it does not work well with my skin tone. In the winter my skin gets light and by summer I normally get a tan. So I guess it is really hard to pick the right color for all seasons concerning makeup. Therefore we need to blend it properly.

For this cover stick it is a bit difficult to blend, because of the consistence. I always get the feeling that I take off the makeup instead of blending it. For this reason I am not particularly happy with the covering results of this stick.

In addition, I think it lays quite heavy on the skin, if you know what I mean. It also emphasizes skin parts like dry skin, because it sets underneath the skin flakes. We all know that this effect does not look that good.

I think this cover stick works fine to conceal smaller blemishes, but it doesn’t go well for bigger redness spots or pimples. The covering result is not satisfactory.

The stick is not suitable for the concealing of dark circles around the eyes, because it is too dry and too firm in its consistency. For this sensitive skin you need a liquid concealer which is soft and easy to spread. Also, the color 01 has a light pink tone which gives you an even worse result.

The effect of this cover stick

Dr. Hauschka advertises for this cover stick with its effect of covering up as well as its ability to mend impurities, to mattify and at the same time care for the skin.

I can totally agree with the mattifying effect, but I cannot judge the mending power against impurities and the skin caring effect. I only started to use it two weeks ago and there was no pimple I could test it on.

Though, I can imagine this stick having the power to soothe the skin. I guess I will need some more time to check out these promises.


My Conclusion

The Dr. Hauschka Cover Stick still needs to convince me of its advertised effects, but I guess I’m going to try it out a bit longer. And I also think I still need to find the right way to use it, if you know what I mean.

I think that this stick is suited for someone with many impurities, because it seems better for your skin. In contrast to that, other covering products might stimulate the inflammation instead of soothing it.

This cover stick could not become my most favorite covering product in the last two weeks, but this has nothing to do with this particular product. A few weeks ago I tried out the All Over Cover Stick by e.l.f. Cosmetics and it was also not able to satisfy me. I think the problem might lie in the effect and area of use for cover sticks in general.

Before buying an item you should try it out in a store if you have the opportunity. There are many aspects like color, consistence and for some people even the smell that should be considered.

All in all I think this cover stick is something you need to get used to. Properly applied, it might be able to keep its promises and at the same time it is a natural cosmetics product. I might still need some time before I find the correct way for me to use this product.



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