Daylong Extreme Sun Lotion Review #1

by Anna on 08.14.2017
“A water-resistant sun cream that actually works!”

I was able to test the Daylong Sun Lotion for 14 days during my vacations. I applied it only once a day and it did as promised most of the time.

In our holidays we had about 35°C daily temperature. I also went swimming, jogging and did many other activities. It was a great time! 🙂

For me, it seems that the manufacturer pays attention to their products being skin-friendly. At least you can find this information on their website. But well, I guess many write that kind of stuff into their product descriptions. But best is to try out the products instead of trusting those kinds of promises.

This lotion worked really well for my sensitive skin, even when my skin got more moody day by day because of my vacations’ extreme environmental influences. It does not contain any preservatives or flavours, which increases the skin’s acceptance.

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The Daylong Lotion’s effect

The Daylong Extreme Sun Lotion is meant to give your skin strong protection against UV-rays – no matter what you’re going to do over the day. Due to its full but not too rich consistency it sets in rather fast and does not lay heavy on the skin. Only a few minutes after applying there are no traces left.

There remains no white coat on your skin unlike after other sun screens. What’s not there can’t stain your clothes, which is also good. 🙂 But, of course, if you apply too much lotion it will show. It won’t give you more protection though, because this lotion already has an SPF of 50, therefore it already has reached the highest protection factor possible.

My skin is really bright and normally rather dry, so it actually accepts the Daylong Sun Lotion easily and does not get that oily shimmer. This lotion does not get sticky like many other sun protection products, for example most sunscreen sprays.

It has a slight fragrance which is not too heavy. There are some users who like this “smells like sun” fragrance and I assume you know what I mean! But I am definitely not one of those people.


My experiences with the Daylong Lotion

I like that this sun blocker is suitable for most activities, because it is water- and sweat-resistant. With this lotion you can do almost every type of sports you can find in your vacation. At least there is no sport that comes to my mind for which it does not work.

My neighbour uses the Daylong SPF50+ Lotion for her kids and says it works well for them. Because we don’t have kids I cannot comment on that, so just take this information as it is! And my partner told me that this lotion also works as a base for makeup. No comment on this one too. 🙂

If you want to sunbathe you should know that pigmentation on your face should get a lot of protection, because they are said to be more of a health risk. But the best would be to not let those skin areas get under the sun.

I also have some pigmentation marks and I don’t mean my freckles. The Daylong Sun Lotion worked well for those spots on my skin.

skin care routine

Room for improvement

The only negative point I see on this product is the price. It is a whole lot more expensive than comparable drugstore products. But after testing it I would say it really is worth its money. The Daylong After Sun Cooling Gel (LINK) on the other hand is something I can do without. I guess every cheaper lotion will have the same effect.

I am not a person to throw money down the drain, but I am willing to spend a bit more for my skin’s protection. This only means I need to go to the cinema once less, so I guess that is a low price for a good sunscreen product.

I also like the aspect of the Daylong Extreme SPF 50 Sun Lotion not having preservatives. Nowadays there are so many doubtful active agents in cheap products, therefore I can invest in higher-priced products every once in a while.


My Conclusion

Even though the price of the Daylong Sun Lotion is higher than others, I am going to buy it again for my next summer vacation.

My skin will thank me in my older days for buying such a good sun blocker. So I really recommend this product!


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