Clinique Overnight Mask Review #1

by Zoe on 11.05.2017
“An overnight-mask that protects the skin and nourishes it at the same time.”

Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is one of a few masks I still like to use for my skin care routine. This mask does not need to be washed off before going to bed and therefore it moisturizes the skin over night.

This product from the Moisture Surge line is packed differently than the other products of this line. It is packed in a tube which is really handy, therefore it is easy to extract and get the right dose.

This sort of packaging does not completely protect the active agents, but helps mainly against drying out and also protects the products against dirt.


What does the manufacturer promise?

This mask intensely moisturizes the facial skin and restores its own protecting barrier over night. The mask’s texture is creamy and oily and is said to be suitable for all skin types.

The manufacturer also promises that the skin’s moisture depot will be replenished by this mask.

Having read this, I was really curious if the Clinique Overnight Mask can fulfill these promises. 🙂

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Overview of the Active Agents

This mask is really mild in its formula. There are no added fragrances and I find its scent is really nice and discreet. One of the main ingredients is glycerin which is necessary as a moisturizing agent. I think this is what also gives you this slightly sticky feeling on the skin.

The mask also contains emollients and occlusives (e.g. cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, shea butter). These agents are responsible for skin smoothening, oil and moisture replenishing. There are also moisturizing agents such as sucrose and trehalose.

Unfortunately there aren’t any innovative, new or exciting active agents in this mask, or they are only contained in a small amount. They included three different algae extracts which are said to have an antioxidant effect. Also, there are only few antiirritants and antioxidants contained in this mask. I only mentioned them so you have the full overview of active ingredients.

To sum it all up: There are no really exciting ingredients in this mask, but at least it has a mild formula that moisturizes the skin and helps to keep it hydrated for several hours. The mask gives your skin a tight and smooth feeling.


How to use the Clinique Overnight Mask

There is no clear line between this product being a moisturizing cream or an overnight mask. The name “overnight” implies that there is no need to take off the mask before going to sleep. This mask’s consistency is as smooth as that of any moisturizing cream.

If your skin needs the moisture and protection this mask gives, you can even use it on a daily basis.

The Moisture Surge Mask does not need to be applied thick on the skin. A thin and even layer can be spread out with only an amount in the size of a hazelnut. After about 15 minutes the mask sets in a bit, so I don’t have any concerns about it leaving stains on my pillow.


The effects of this facial mask

This product needs more time to set in, so I would clearly say it is a mask. This is actually the only difference I can see to a moisturizing cream. Therefore I would not use this product as a day cream, even though the active agents are comparable.

It also leaves a thin coat on your skin, which is not oily or greasy, but a tiny bit sticky and shiny. But I never found this uncomfortable so I always let the mask stay on my skin over night.

The effect of this product is just as mentioned before. It works just as you can imagine by the active agents that are contained.

My skin really likes the treatment and enjoys the extra moisture, emollients and occlusives. My face feels smooth and tight while the skin is being tranquilized and moisturized. The dry and slightly rough areas I had before vanished completely.

The thin film that lets your skin look shiny is the only reminder that I applied the mask the day before. This Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is completely absorbed by my skin in the morning. When I wash my face the next day I can’t notice any slimy or slippery excess left by this facial mask. I already tested other overnight masks which had such a feeling while washing my face.


My Conclusion

The effectiveness of this overnight mask is limited to few but important aspects. Based on my experiences, you can decide for yourself if this product meets your criteria concerning the value you get for your money. I like mild products without much knickknacks and therefore this mask has become my favorite.

It clearly is no revolutionary product in the area of skin care, but it had an effect on my skin that was not achieved by many other moisturizing creams or products. The Clinique Overnight Mask protects and nourishes my skin and therefore makes it a product I will definitely buy again.



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