Clinique Face Bronzer Review #1

by Mike on 04.28.2017
“A turbo bronzer with such a natural result!”

Especially around springtime there is this need of moving on from that dull and pale skin that you’ve been sporting throughout the winter. Particularly when your natural shade is a darker one and you don’t really have such a pale complexion.

Sadly these self-tanning creams and lotions are usually a bit ‘special’ and they don’t really tan your skin correctly. But when it comes to the ‘Face Bronzer’ by Clinique, I have to say that it is such an astonishingly great product, which surprised me quite a bit. I can only recommend it even if it isn’t exactly a self-tanning cream in the classic way.

I think first of all you have to realize that there’s also the female counterpart to this product: The Self Sun by Clinique also contains the same ingredients as the ‘Face Bronzer’ from the Clinique For Men series. But there is one essential difference which I will tell you in a bit.

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How does the Clinique Face Bronzer work?

If you look at it from the ingredient point, both products don’t exactly fall into the classic self-tanning product category because they don’t contain tanning ingredients (for instance Erythrulose), which – through a chemical reaction with the upper layer of your skin cells – gives the skin this brown tone.

No, the facial gel is actually already brown! And if you want a more accurate description of colour, I would say that this is a dark chestnut brown. You might have to get used to this colour but I can tell you it’s worth it!

You apply it on your cleansed (and also moisturized) skin. One tip I can give you is that if your fingers are slightly wet, it will certainly make the application easier, since the water-based gel gets absorbed into the skin pretty fast. So to avoid these unpleasant streaks or rims on your facial skin, you have to apply this product as fast as you can.


This product has a nice gel-like consistency, since it is water-based. This feature is really good greasy and combination skin. The typical self-tanning creams and lotions are usually too nourishing for these skin types. But with this product it is actually different.

Important note: If you have dry skin, you should use a light moisturizer beforehand (e.g. Pond’s Hydration Cream) since more nourishing products have the side effect of prohibiting the absorption of the self-tanning gel!

So please remember: Apply fast, use slightly wet fingers, a cleansed canvas (aka your skin) and a light moisturizer beforehand – et voilà, you’re ready to conquer the outside world!



Why is the Face Bronzer really suitable for men’s skin?

As most men have a darker skin shade than women do (they rather go for a fairy-like white complexion), we prefer the healthy and fresh look.

However there is this slight problem of most self-tanning creams and lotions being too weak. And I have to say that even my skin is not naturally fair, so with the ‘Face Bronzer’ I finally feel like I have this instant fresh look of my complexion. Like I said before: It’s still natural-looking and you can’t see the product! There is also no tinge of orange left.

And if you want to remove the self-tanning gel, you simply wash it off – using some warm water and soap. There is no easier way than this!


How is the durability of the Clinique Bronzer?

I’ve put this product to quite a test and the durability of the Clinique Bronzer fully convinced me: I did sports that made me sweat profusely and I even had to walk through the rain. There were no areas which streaked or dissolved on my face – the colour was shellproof. I’m quite astonished!

What I really like about this product: It doesn’t contain any alcohol or fragrance which is quite typical for products in this category. You don’t even have to get used to the usual self-tanning scent, since it isn’t generated in the application process.

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My Conclusion

  • I can only recommend this product to people who know that one of these basic self-tanning creams or lotions is not strong enough and doesn’t work very fast.
  • Even if the colour is quite strong, men shouldn’t be put off by it because if they apply it evenly, the artificial tinge doesn’t even attract negative attention. There is also no sparkle or glitter in this.
  • I would recommend for you to give the application a few tries though, since you need to act quickly and also need wet fingers for it to work smoothly. The end result is magnificent though and better than you can achieve with any chemical self-tanning product.
  • The female counterpart of this product by Clinique (*CLICK*) is quite fairer. I would say though that the men’s product is really universal or unisex and has a really nice shade. The colour is shellproof (sweat-resistant) and you can simply remove the product with some warm water and soap.


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