Chanel Blue Serum Review #1

by Sandra on 06.28.2017
“Nice look and feel, but the value for money could be better.”

After being taken with Chanel’s beautiful (and skin improving) Hydra Beauty Gel Cream a few months ago, I was really curious about the new “Blue Serum”.

What is so special about the Blue Serum?

For the development of this product Chanel’s scientists pointed out so called “blue zones”.

These blue zones are zones on earth in which the habitants live an exceptional long life. In addition to a respectable ecosystem these habitants have a lifestyle that is based on the four secrets of longevity: A healthy and well-balanced nutrition with regional products, physical activity on a regular basis, a good way to cope with stress and a reliable social network.

There are studies over “longevity” in blue zones and researches in skin ageing. These studies show that there exists an analogy between humans that live over the age of 100 years and those that are genetically gifted with youthful-looking skin.


The results showed four mechanisms that are responsible for the longevity of youthful-looking skin:

  • Cell energy, comparable to daily physical activity
  • Cell metabolism, as important as well-balanced nutrition
  • Adaptability to stress within cells that are essential for handling the demands of daily routines
  • Intercellular communication that is indispensable for the skin’s wellbeing

I must say there is a new trend in cosmetics called “storytelling”. A story or something that may also be called a legend is told concerning a product. I find it quite interesting. 🙂

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What does the Blue Serum contain?

Chanel has included three main active agents in the Blue Serum based on those “discoveries”. These agents are meant to operate on the identified “longevity factors”: green coffee from Costa Rica, olives from Sardinia and the mastix pistachio from Greece.

Alcohol is mentioned second on the INCI-list, which means: It contains a lot! Great, now I can’t even be happy about it containing a good amount of niacinamide. The already mentioned “power agents” as well as good antioxidants are actually contained in somewhat great amount, which is good.

But what I really don’t like here is that Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E are only mentioned at the very end of this list, quantitatively even behind the preservatives. What a pity!

Ethylhexyl Palmitate is uropygial gland substitute material that extracted from palm oil and it is strongly comedogenic, that means it can cause skin impurities. Chlorphenesin is a debatable preservative and silicone is also present as well as perfume. PEG-60 is suspected to irritate the skin’s protective function. All this is important to know, but everything is acceptable for normal skin.


How does the Blue Serum feel?

First of all, the fragrance of this serum is really delicious. Products without any fragrance are always better with skin care products, but you just cannot deny this nose-coaxing effect of Chanel’s products. Those who like the breezy-elegant scent will find it within the Blue Serum, but those who don’t like fragrances on skin care products should not use this one.

This skin care product is whitish and a bit emulsion-like than the Micro Serum which was more like a gel. It feels rather moist and can be spread on the skin easily and silky (thanks to silicone).

The skin immediately feels smoothed and moisturized. Still there is a slightly sticky feeling on the facial skin and hands. Unfortunately I could also feel the typical cooling, lightly drizzling effect that is caused by the great amount of alcohol contained.

I could not see any improvement of my dryness wrinkles even after a constant treatment over a few weeks. Chanel’s blue-principle seems to not work for me. What a shame.



My Conclusion

If you would take out the troublesome alcohol and perfumes this product could be a really nice serum that contains a lot of niacinamide, many oils and antioxidants. The value for money is rather puny. Also the moisturizing effect could have been better.

I think the storytelling to this product is a bit over the top. To try and insert longevity via a healthy lifestyle into a serum is a great wish that cannot be granted.

These “blue zones” may have many elderly people that are living a healthy and long life, but you do not need a company like Chanel with its Blue Serum to gain this result. You need healthy food, good genetics, an active social life and regular physical activity. 😉


What I like about the Blue Serum:

  • Silky emulsion
  • Easy to spread, sets in fast
  • Good mix of antioxidants
  • Chic pump dispenser

What I don’t like about the Chanel Serum:

  • Contains a lot of drying and potentially irritating alcohol
  • Perfume is contained in rather great amount
  • Surprisingly little amount of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E
  • A bit sticky after applying


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