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Braun Silk-Epil 9 Review #1

by Fiona on 10.25.2016
“Small and handy device providing soft epilation”

So today’s topic is all about pain or rather it’s all about epilation pain. 🙂

I’m kidding! Obviously this review will tell you about my experiences with the Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-961 Epilator which is a multifunctional device and comes with a considerable amount of equipment.

Scope of supply

The following content can be found with the Braun Silk-Epil 9:

Peeling brush attachment and peeling brush, high-frequency massage attachment, shaving attachment, trimming attachment, epilation attachment for your face, skin contact attachment, charger, a small cleansing brush and a bag to store everything.


Important facts about epilation

So one thing you should know beforehand is that I did use another epilation device before, which was the rather old Silk-Epil 5-280 (*CLICK*).

If you epilate for the first time, you know that the pain is really unbearable in the beginning. You do get used to it relatively fast though.

One negative point when it comes to any sort of epilation is also that you need to grow out your hair to a “certain” length. So you have to wait a few days in order to be able to remove it again.

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Let’s start with the 9-series innovations by Braun:

Micro grip tweezers technology. Because of the new form and the arrangement of the tweezers, they can even reach shorter hair now that is about 0.5mm long.

One other feature which makes it function so well is the epilation head being broadened by 40%, so you can actually get a wider area covered in “one go”.

After the first use I thankfully didn’t have any irritation marks or such because using this device is very easy and it’s soft to your skin – well as soft as you can call a epilation.

A very positive aspect is that you can use this device in the shower or even in the bathtub because it runs on a battery.

That means you don’t have to be so careful when you drop it and get it wet or even worse to accidentally electrocute yourself.

BUT – and that is a big but – that’s only possible when you use this device WITHOUT the charger. Never – and I really mean never – bring it into the tub while charging it!

You can just use it any place and any time because of its battery and don’t have to worry where the next socket is or if your charger cable is long enough.


Epilation result

Because the epilation head and the massage attachment reach every nook and cranny of your body, the end result looks nicer and neater.

Exactly 14 days ago I epilated my legs and they are still very smooth.

I do think that four weeks is an exaggeration when it comes to epilation but at least two weeks of not having to epilate is wonderful.

Looking at the other alternative I had to wet shave my legs every second day since the hair sadly grew back so fast.

My favourite functions

You know one thing I really found amazing about Braun Silk Epil 9 Epilator? The SmartLight. At first I thought it was really unnecessary but then I realized how ingenious it was.

Who doesn’t know this situation: You’re done with your epilation, put on your body lotion and then you notice it, that one hair that sticks out, and then another one and another one…

Gahhh, so annoying.

With the SmartLight it will never happen to me again because of the different relation between light and shadow, I now see every hair that is still standing.

Brilliant! A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who developed this method which came with the updated Braun 9-series version.

This peeling attachment which – I have to add – is NOT for your face, is another thing I can’t leave out. You have to use another very different attachment for the application on your face. The peeling brush’s main focus is to stimulate the top layer of your skin which leads to refining your body’s complexion.

When you compare peeling with this device and a manual scrub, the device is four times more effective than using the manual method.

So I did try it out for quite some time now and I can honestly tell you that there is a noticeable difference. My legs are softer and really “healthier”.


What I didn’t like

So now we come to the part which disappointed me a little: The shaving.

Sadly I won’t be using the shaving attachment ever again. I put this attachment away because I realized that an electrical shaver is really not the one for me. I prefer the usual razor since it gives me a more even and satisfying shave.

The facial peeling attachments and the skin contact one were only tested by me once in a while.

I’m not in the habit of removing any facial hair – except for my eyebrows. When it comes to my eyebrows though I prefer using tweezers instead of a razor because a razor is prone to accidentally removing a whole brow, which nobody really wants to happen. 🙂

My overall impression

So when I take everything into account I can say that I am more than satisfied with the Braun 9-961 Epilator.

If you either want a “stronger” or a “softer” epilation, you have the option to pick one of those because the device has a two-level system to regulate the speed. I do favour the “stronger” option since it is more thorough.

So when I compare the Silk-Epil 9 to my former epilation device I can tell you that it is way softer when using it and I really didn’t feel any notable pain.

The retail price of my version of the device starts with . It is a quite high price but worth it all the more.

By the way – if you want the basic version without peeling brush you get it for “only” about .


My summary

So to summarise it all:


  • small, handy device which is pretty light-weight
  • soft epilation with nearly no noise
  • comes with light – so no hair will go unseen
  • wet & dry use possible
  • a lot of equipment
  • doesn’t start when you have the charger plugged in


  • it is quite pricey
  • epilation can be really painful especially when you are a “beginner” 😉



I can only recommend the Braun Silk-Epil 9 device to anyone who wants to epilate in a more efficient way. In my opinion, it’s a really great epilator.

There weren’t really any negative points I could find except for the shaving attachment but it’s only because it’s not my favourite of them all.

In any case, you get a wonderful device with this Silk-épil 9 series, so I highly recommend it to you to try it out!

Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilator

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