Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation Review #1

by Anna on 02.10.2016
“Fits perfectly to combination skin!”

Today I’m going to report my experiences with the product by Bobbi Brown named Intense Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40.

Just like the name implies, Bobbi Brown’s Serum Foundation is a mixture between highly-concentrated facial care and makeup. The black glass bottle weighs a bit more than the average makeup container, but this gives the product a bit of a special and luxurious touch. The serum is extracted via a pipette and can be perfectly dosed.


What makes the Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation so special?

I need to praise the manufacturer at this point. With this product they did a good job, because they developed a serum which lets the skin look as good as new. The foundation’s texture is silky and light and gives freshness and naturalness to the skin. After applying the foundation, dark pores vanish magically and dry areas are ideally tended. The facial skin will get a natural glow effect without being or looking greasy.

This serum has two functions: care and coverage. The caring active agents are among other things Litchi, Bamboo grass and Cordyceps sinensis (Chinese caterpillar fungus).

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What are the effects of these active agents?

1) Bamboo grass:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • grants a smooth and tender feelings to the skin
  • optimises the skin’s light reflection
  • does not contain provocative agents
  • a natural antioxidant
  • gives a lot of moisture to the skin
  • makes the serum easier to spread

2) Litchi:

  • helps building collagen fibres
  • returns elasticity to the skin
  • binds moisture
  • makes skin soft and smooth


3) Cordyceps sinensis:

  • stimulates activity of skin cells
  • helps skin to regenerate itself
  • preserves skin’s moisture
  • smoothes the skin

Besides these extracts there are a lot of other highly effective active agents like, for example, alga extract, which have a matting and pore-refining effect, or lipopeptide argireline, which is known as anti-ageing active agent. They count as the gentle alternative to botulinum toxin and stuff.

This active agent constrains the flow of neurotransmitters and relaxes thereby the facial muscles. It does not make a mask effect! The face will just seem relaxed and naturally rejuvenated.

skin care routine

Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation treatment

The treatment is really easy. After preparing your skin with your favourite moisturising product you can just go and apply the makeup. To get good results you should shake the bottle before usage. Thereby all the mentioned ingredients are mixed well. Use the pipette to apply the needed dose to the back of your hand and then spread it either with a makeup brush or a makeup sponge on your skin.

You can apply the foundation evenly with a Beauty Blender (*CLICK*). To get a good result you should soak the blender sponge with water, or thermal water, so that it won’t absorb too much makeup. Start with your forehead and spread to the outer regions of your face and under your chin with dabbing motions. It will appear more natural if you leave out a part before the hair line and only blend out skin redness and irregularities.



Additional information to the Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation

You can choose between 21 different shades, which reach from light to dark. Insofar there is one for every skin colour. The colours adapt perfectly to one’s own skin tone and look really natural. The foundation has a really good coverage without having a mask effect.

A filter with factor SPF 40 protects the skin from sunrays and damaging environmental influences. Because of that you can also use this foundation as a follow up treatment to fruit acid peelings or acne therapy. Sun protection prevents development of pigmented spots.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Serum

My Conclusion

The Bobbi Brown Serum is suitable for combination skin as well as normal to dry skin or for anyone who wants to obtain a flawless result. I have combination skin and this foundation fits perfectly to my skin’s needs. It mats my T-zone and at the same time cares for the dry parts of my face.

The foundation’s ingredients have a long-lasting positive effect on the skin, which is an absolute bonus point. Pores and wrinkles are minimised and pigmentation spots are reduced. The skin appears to be more healthy and younger after some time.

This serum is a higher-priced product. In general, I don’t think it needs to be pricey to be good. Cheaper products can be good as well. In the end only the contained active agents count. But the Bobbi Brown Serum is worth its money. It is really rich and lasts for a long time. When I emptied my bottle, I am going to buy this foundation again.

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