Bioeffect EGF Serum Review #1

by Elina on 01.23.2018
“Innovative and powerful skin care serum with the anti-aging effect of Epidermal Growth Factors”

The Bioeffect EGF Serum which is manufactured by the Icelandic company Sif Cosmestics has been a beauty insider for many years now. Rumors have it that even the wonderful Icelandic singer Björk vouches for it.

But what is so special about it? The acronym EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. It is the first EGF serum that is made solely from plants. This product’s main ingredients are made from barley.
What promises are being made?

The manufacturer says that the Bioeffect EGF Serum is a real innovation and promises it has powerful anti-aging skills. For example they say it slows down the skin’s aging, smoothens out uneven pigmentations, increases the skin’s gloss and shine, eliminates dry areas and supplies the skin with deep-reaching moisture. Is it too good to be true or really going to make anti-aging dreams come true? We are going to find out.


The concept behind EGF Serum

First of all, the EGF Serum seems to be a little bit different than many other serums available on the beauty market. It contains only seven ingredients and is therefore a true minimalist. This serum’s star ingredient is the EGF in form of the SH-oligopeptide-1. This oligopeptide is gained from barley and has an identical chemical structure as the body’s own EGF substances.

This active agent is being supported by the first class moisturizers Glycerin (in a really high dosage, being the first ingredient stated on the ingredient list) and Hyaluronic Acid as well as the antioxidant barley extract. Therefore the moisturizing effect seems not to be just an empty promise.

How do EGFs work in general?

Epidermal Growth Factor is, different than people would think, nothing really new: The discovery of EGF was made about 30 years ago and it even got a Nobel prize for medicine.

EGF is a peptide that already naturally resides in the skin. The effect of EGF has also been researched thoroughly: it appears as a pulse emitter on segmentation and activates the body’s own process of skin regeneration and rejuvenation. It also invokes the body’s production of elastin and collagen.

For many years EGF has been successfully applied to increase the skin’s healing of fire victims. But does this approach also work with the Bioeffect EGF serum?

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Does EGF have any effect on the skin?

It all sounds logical, but does it really work? For this question Prof. Dr. Martina Kerscher (professor for cosmetic science, University of Hamburg) put up her own independent and self-financed research. In this study, 30 women tested the EGF-Serum Bioeffect from Sif Cosmetics.

These women applied the serum twice a day on one half of their face and on the other half they applied another product which was identical except for the EGF contained in the serum. To ensure that the research results could not be falsified, the participants did not know which side was being treated with the EGF serum.

After eight weeks they could see the first effects. The wrinkles’ depths were visibly reduced and the skin’s structure and firmness were increased. But this was an effect that could be seen only on the facial half that was treated with EGF.

By the way, what is good to know is that these results are not based on the participants’ subjective perception, but have been documented via standardized photography and biophysical methods and measures.

These are really magnificent results, but we should not forget that this is just a single study to one specific product. Still, are there any more independent studies which can back up these positive results any further? Yes, there are! For example one research from 2007 that proves that the external treatment with EGF is reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as stimulates the production of collagen.

Another clinical research from 2013 emphasizes the great potential of EGF in the anti-aging skin care and shows that EGF can successfully activate the regeneration of skin cells. Also there was a further survey from 2006 where participants used either a Vitamin C Serum or an EGF Serum. It showed that the EGF Serum was able to reduce wrinkles even better than the powerful anti-aging agent Vitamin C.


How does the EGF Serum feel on the skin?

Only a few drops of this transparent serum are enough to treat the whole face. It sets in really fast and does not leave any oily or sticky sensation on the face. Very shortly after applying the serum, the skin feels surprisingly moist and smooth.

As mentioned before, this serum contains the highly dosed moisturizing components Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid, so this effect is actually not that surprising. 😉

By the way, the fresh feeling on the skin will last for many hours.

My Conclusion

Whoever wants to try a new and innovative serum should test the Bioeffect EGF Serum. The main active agent EGF has not yet been researched as well as its predecessors Retinol or Vitamin C. But there still have been made a few independent researches – for example the one study that shows the huge anti-aging potential of EGF, which has been made with this review’s product itself.

Another pro point: The serum only contains 7 ingredients. Critical substances like alcohol, perfume or parabene are nowhere to be found. Minimalists with sensitive skin can get their money’s worth with this product. Well, at least if they can afford it, because this serum costs more than $100.

Of course, there are anti-aging agents with better researches to back them up. Therefore I can understand the worries of those who don’t want to risk anything. You are safe to use the classic active agents, just like before. But let me tell you, there rarely appears a new active agent that seems to promising as this one.

What can be said about EGF is that they appear in our body as a natural protein which stimulates skin rejuvenation. Why shouldn’t they do the same when they are applied as a high-concentrated serum?

Newer researches show exactly these assumptions and point out the unique potential of this agent. Therefore I think there are many pros and little cons to use the EGF anti-aging power for your daily skin care routine.



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