Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp Review #1

by Anna on 09.24.2016
“Cozy warmth to take away”

Up until now, no infrared lamp could be found within the sacred doors of our household. Though, I had heard about these lamps, I had no idea for what one could have needed such a device.

However, during the last winter my whole family got caught by a very bad cold. After numerous fruitless therapies with antibiotics, we got the advice, next to using the Pari Compact inhalation device, to buy an infrared lamp.

I looked around the Internet and found the Beurer IL 50 infrared lamp.

Because we have a toddler, security was the alpha and the omega to me. This lamp has a pad which can become super-hot while in use. However, and this is the major difference between this model and others, you can only approach the heat source from one side. Also the fact that the infrared lamp has two clutches persuaded us to give this model a shot.

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The build-up of the Beurer IL 50 lamp

The product leaves a high-value impression. It has a high quality finishing, that being said the plastic foot could be made of a little thicker plastic.

The cable can be tucked away quite easily under the lamp and remains, due to small hooks, always where it was rolled up and put in place.

You can bend the lamp to any desired angle, so that you can sit down everywhere you would like in order to enjoy the lamp’s rays.

The lamp has an On and Off key, as well as a key for an integrated timer. The latter one can be set up to regulate the time span for which you would like to be warmed. Time spans of 1 to 15 minutes are possible. Then the lamp switches itself off automatically which makes the lamp very safe.

The lamp is suited very well to help the body absorb a lot of warmth – on a large scale – e.g. if you would like to warm up the whole shoulder area (just like me).

All that would not possible with a standard 100 W infrared light bulb. Smaller devices often do not have a timer and do not provide the necessary wattage.

The infrared lamp is extremely quiet and only smells minimally of plastic. I think, however, that this is general the case and something you should be able to cope with.


Does the Beurer infrared lamp work against colds?

Two days after the first treatment, my cold was almost gone. My husband however, who only later became a friend of the device, clearly suffered longer than this was the case for me. Once he started to use the infrared lamp as well, the cold went quite fast away and he became fit again.

Though I do not know whether this product really made a difference when it comes to the recovery from our cold, but the warmth was good in such a way that it almost made no difference for me whether it really helped or not. 🙂

The absorbed warmth can still be felt one hour after the treatment. It is nice that you can use the lamp really for quite almost any purpose. For example, it helps with colds, muscle tensions or skin impurities.

I have been surprised by the power this lamp can easily develop. My husband can use it after sport injuries or after high physical strain, often together with this pain relief cream.


When using the Beurer infrared heat lamp, a certain distance must kept to avoid being burnt though. The swivel arm is movable enough for the uses we have already described.

After just about a year, I can only say that this lamp still functions without any trouble. Some friends have also tested the lamp and were really positively surprised.

With this compact device, you can almost work professionally, while the lamp can be transported easily and can be applied comfortably on any area.

Our Conclusion: Though the Beurer IL 50 infrared lamp is an easy device, it boasts an astonishingly high service and quality for the price. A Must-Have for every household! Absolutely recommended!


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