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Beurer FC100 Microderm Device Review

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Beurer FC100 Review #1

by Zoe on 06.20.2017
“Small multifunctional device for fresher and tighter skin”

Slowly, but surely, I am getting to the age where I need to think about the different possibilities on how to rejuvenate my facial skin. On the one hand I wanted to treat my skin to something good, but on the other hand I did not want to spend a lot of money.

That is how I, at some point, found the Beurer FC 100 Microderm Device.


Why Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that allows a controlled removal of the first skin layer, which mostly consists of already dead skin cells. With this way of cleansing the skin will be rejuvenated naturally and stimulated to regenerate the skin cells.

You can perform microdermabrasion with electrical devices, as well as special peelings, like for example the at the moment specially favoured Fruit Acid Peels. I decided to go for the electrical device method this time, because I made bad experiences with most of the conventional peelings. Some of them affected my skin badly and caused redness and skin irritation.

The Beurer FC 100 is rather low priced in contrast to many other comparable devices. The prices for decent microdermabrasion settings go up to a few hundred dollars. That is the reason why I was sceptical at first, concerning the performance and build quality of this device. But I really wanted to test it out and that is why I ordered it without further ado.

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Scope of supply of the Beurer FC100 Microderm Device

The device and its accessories are placed in a folding container that also has a mirror and overall practical design.

The Beurer FC100 includes three sapphire-coated caps:

  • One rough cap for a strong peeling effect,
  • A bulky cap for full-body treatment and
  • A precision cap for treatment directed to the more sensitive skin areas.

After taking the Microdermabrasion Device out of its package you can decide which cap you are going to use.

In addition to these caps they provided spare filters which are responsible to collect the removed skin particles. All in all they added 20 of those spare filters.

The whole design around the Beurer FC100 is compact and the light package which includes a mirror allows you to take it with you even on holidays.

I like this package. In contrast, my electrical toothbrush always stays at home because it is lacking a proper and robust container.


Recommended way of use

Depending on the skin type you should use the Beurer Microderm Device only twice per week. I have sensitive skin and only treat my face once a week so that the skin can get enough time to regenerate.

The treatment itself is rather easy:

  • After mounting the chosen cap, you just need to slowly move over the relevant skin parts.
  • Of course prior to this, the skin needs to be cleansed and freed from makeup.
  • After the treatment, wipe the skin with a moist towel to clean it.
  • Then apply a Moisturizing Cream or comparable skin care product.

For beginners it is recommended to first test the Beurer FC 100 Microderm Device on a small skin part and then you observe how the skin reacts to this new way of treatment. Surely, it is best not to use the rough cap for the time being, as you do not yet know your skin’s reaction, it could cause skin irritation.

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What does a regular treatment with microdermabrasion bring?

My experiences with the Beurer FC100 Microderm Device show that the skin gets a real regeneration kick. The skin will start to prickle a bit because of the increased blood circulation. I find this effect somehow unpleasing, but it fades rather fast.

After the skin settles down again it will feel clearly softer, the structure is more even and the amount of impurities reduces noticeably.

To let the skin settle down faster you can use special regenerative creams. A good product in the area of natural cosmetics would for example be the Borlind Regeneration Cream (*CLICK*).


The microdermabrasion has already become an inherent part of my anti-ageing care routine. This way the face will be freed from excess skin cells and will feel fresher and tighter.

The Beurer FC100 allows a fast treatment (about 10 minutes per treatment) and is uncomplicated. In think that these 10 minutes once or twice per week are reasonable and well-invested time. I can only recommend everyone to try out this treatment for your skin.

By the way, I was recommended to try a Professional Microderm Device by Kendal (*CLICK*) which has a bit different concept and is much more expensive than the Beurer FC 100. Unfortunately I cannot tell if this device is any good, I only caught a glimpse of it at an acquaintance.

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