Beurer Callus Remover Review #1

by Josi on 10.06.2016
“A solid product, but there are better alternatives on the market”

I purchased the Beurer MP26 callus remover a few months ago. Using only 2 AA batteries, which are also included in the delivery, it is a very compact and handy device. The package also comes with a fine and a rough grinding attachment, a protective cap and a brush to clean everything.

Since I really love to spend my summers going barefoot, my feet started to get quite calloused. So you could say that my feet are my biggest problem when it comes to calluses. So on one hand this may seem like a good thing, since they are protected from anything that could cause pain but on the other hand these calluses could rip open and that pain would be even worse.

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Look and Feel

The callus remover by Beurer comes in very handy because of its form and also as it is well-processed, it gives a precise finish and you only need the least amount of pressure to get control over it.

There is also an integrated LED light which appears to be a nice gimmick but sadly it is at a very inconvenient angle where the device is covering it while it is in use. This leads to the light being a waste and impractical.

If you want to switch the device on, you simply push the on button up, which makes the device quite secure and an accidental power-up close to impossible.


Function of Beurer Callus Remover

Now we come to the important part: removing the calluses. Instead of starting with the fine grinding attachment, I used the rough one first. Only after that I did some minor corrections with the fine one, so I could get a cleaner finish. You could compare these two attachments’ intensities to the typical foot file ones.

But here we have the crux of the matter, because this callus remover by Beurer is certainly more comfortable, since you simply remove your calluses with a few flicks of the electrical device, instead of doing all the hard work with a file and using the strength of your hands.

The only negative bit is that as this device uses 2 AA batteries, its performance seems to be a bit weak, although it obviously works faster than doing all the work by hand. Still, in my opinion, it seems to be slightly slower than I expected.

Since a pack of two spare attachments costs about $10 and because of the quite high price of the device in comparison to the sadly low quality when it comes to being comfortable, I would recommend for you to thoroughly think through if it is worth purchasing it for you.


While I really think that this device has potential, I do have to say that it is in quite a need of improvement when it comes to the performance and the LED light.

As you normally have to apply quite some pressure on thicker calluses and the area where you do that becomes really hot, I cannot recommend this device for these types of calluses. Before you want to use the device on those, you should really work with a callus remover plane first, so the area becomes smoother and easier to work on.

There is only one small advantage which I see when using this device: The next day, after you’ve had a nice pedicure, you can use the callus remover, so that said pedicure lasts you a while longer. So if I continue to do this procedure for three minutes every day, then I would only need one pedicure a week, which, if we are really honest here, isn’t the purpose of the callus remover.

So whoever needs a really light pedicure as they have naturally beautiful and soft skin there (lucky you 🙂 ) can use this device and will find it very efficient and fast, since it is easy to handle and faster to use than any typical file. For my needs, as I don’t belong to this lucky group of people, the result was very disappointing and it didn’t pay off.


Callus Shaver Comparison: Beurer vs Emjoi

Now as an alternative to the Beurer callus remover I bought the Emjoi Micro-Pedi (*CLICK*). Because of that I could compare it to the Beurer MP 26 very well and see the differences between those two.

The slightly more expensive Emjoy Micro-Pedi is not only better in quality, it also has a nicer surface feel than the Beurer MP 26 device.

Even when it comes to the usage, the callus remover by Beurer loses against the Micro-Pedi, which is because of the performance. The Emjoi one has a higher performance rate and also a way better end result than the Beurer device, because removing calluses is easier with it.

So if I had to make here and now a decision, I would clearly buy and use the Emjoi Micro-Pedi callus remover. By the way, it has also much better customer reviews (*CLICK*).

I hope that my test helped you make a decision of your own!



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