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You would like to know which one of all the Retinol Creams on the market is the best? Here you go:

Let’s start by summarizing the three best Retinol Creams and then let’s advance towards the details and further to the question as of whether “Retinol products serve as a remedy against wrinkles?”.


Best Retinol Cream – our TOP 3 Products

Our Winner: InstaNatural Retinol Cream

Best Retinol Cream #1

  • “The Retinol All-Rounder”

The InstaNatural Retinol cream is our test winner. Beyond a high Retinol content, it contains other supporting ingredients which allow for an effective anti-aging care.

Important qualities of this cream are:

  • 2.5% Retinol content (Vitamin A) as well as for skin revival suitable active ingredients
  • Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil as a supplement of the active complex
  • Additionally, in low concentrations, Shea Butter and Green Tea are included
  • The Vitamins A and C, as well as green tea, combined together provide for a very powerful anti-oxidative effect
  • Hyaluronic acid provides the skin with a lasting moisturizing balance
  • Natural oils make the skin smooth and protect it from external harmful influences and drying out

The InstaNatural Retinol Cream unites important skin care ingredients in such a way that it works against little wrinkles and skin problems such as irritations, reddened spots and skin impurities.

This all-round wonder cream unfolds its effect relatively fast – already after a few weeks of regular use, one can clearly see the first differences.

With its effectiveness, the InstaNatural Retinol Cream covers the tasks of many (partly way more expensive) care products and at the same time, is our great value tip for high-end skin care at an affordable price!

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Our Best in Test: Instanatural Retinol Cream Our Best in Test: Instanatural Retinol Cream 984 Reviews $19.96

P.S: InstaNatural also offers a Facial Serum boasting an even higher Retinol concentration (*CLICK*). This serum is suited from our point of view, better as a care cure applied for some consecutive weeks, than for everyday use.


Our No. 2: Skincare LdeL Cosmetics Retinol Night Care Cream

Best Retinol Cream #2

  • “The Ultimate Retinol Night Care”

The Skincare LdeL Retinol Cream has turned out to be a good night care – on account of its enriched ingredients. Overnight, the skin is tightened, supplied with moisture and refreshed.

The manufacturer Skincare LdeL Cosmetics is an old-established US-American supplier of anti-aging products. This manufacturer has focused its attention on retinol containing care products and continues to gather experience in this vital area of the care product industry.

Thus, the Retinol Night Cream tested by us, has been on the market for nearly thirty years. During this period, its formula interestingly enough was only changed slightly – it seems the manufacturer obeyed with it the well-known principle of “never change the winning team”. πŸ™‚

Important: This Retinol cream should really be applied overnight. Otherwise, during the day one would walk around – depending on one’s skin type – with a slightly fatty complexion on one’s face. Or one would need a sheer amount of concealer to successfully cover the face.

Applied overnight, this cream functions in an anti-oxidative way and feeds the skin surface of the face with silk proteins, further smoothing it.

These active ingredients contain the means to adapt themselves well to the protein/amino acids structure of the skin and easily combine themselves together with the skin’s own creatine.

An additional lasting protective film is a direct result of this effect, further strengthening the skin’s natural protection.

The active ingredient complex of the Skincare LdeL Cosmetics Retinol cream is complemented by chitosan. This active ingredient supports the natural acid protective coating of the skin and provides for bactericidal function.

You may find additional information on chitosan here.

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Our Tip #2: Skincare LdeL Cream Our Tip #2: Skincare LdeL Cream 99 Reviews $19.18

P.S. Moreover, the range of products offered by the manufacturer go from an another Day Cream with SPF 20, to an Eye Gel as well as a Facial Serum – all with a proven track record of the Retinol effect.


Our No. 3: RoC Retinol Correction Cream

Best Retinol Cream #3

  • “The Balanced Retinol Skincare”

The RoC Retinol Cream has persuaded us above all with its abundant care. Designed and developed as a care product for the night care, the RoC Cream is not as rich as the Skincare LdeL Retinol Cream (Place 2). Hence, next to dry skin it is also suited perfectly for the application on normal skin.

Though the consistency is creamy, it consists nevertheless of a light texture. The RoC Retinol Cream can be well distributed on the facial skin and soaks in fast. It leaves no layer on the skin, but only a light and discreet scent.

Its wholesome effect, the RoC Retinol Cream unfolds best, if it is applied before going to bed. Because it is not of a so rich texture, one can apply it also during the day – above all in the colder season.

The US-American manufacturer claims to have the only product on the market with a proven record of allowing your skin to look 10 years younger. Of course such statements are always to be taken with care.

We would not go so far as to confirm this big statement. The product makes with certainty for a respectable facial cream with Retinol, providing for anti-aging care, but poses according to us, no revolutionary step forward in the fight against wrinkles.

Criticism: The RoC Retinol Cream contains non-dissolvable silicones. Silicones do not cause injuries of skin cells, because they form a protective coating around the skin. Nevertheless, there should not be too much silicone in the cream – because in this case the silicone layer is so thick, that this may have a negative impact on the skin’s ability to breathe.

You may find additional information on care products containing silicones here.

If one applies the RoC Retinol Cream during the day, one should also apply a UV Protective Cream on top of that (at least SPF 15), so that the skin experiences the for its wellbeing necessary protection against injurious UV radiation. If you liked to combine the UV component with a concealer, it is strongly advised to use a BB Cream.


With the effect of this moisturizing care, you should give the skin enough time to get used to the Retinol Care. In our test, the effectiveness of this product unfolded itself a little later than with the other two tested products.

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Our Tip #3: RoC Beauty Cream Our Tip #3: RoC Beauty Cream 3223 Reviews $16.98

P.S. Also the manufacturer RoC offers some other care products within its product segment. Above all, a cream for sensitive skin as well as a Day Care Cream with SPF 30.


Frequent questions regarding Retinol Anti-Aging Care

How does the retinol cream work against wrinkles?

  • Retinol is a fat-soluble vitamin which is stored, above all in the liver, after it was taken in with the food.
  • From there it is transported over the bloodstream into the skin cells.
  • Retinol is essential for the proper development of our skin cells. It improves the oxygen supply to the cells, works against oxidative stress and thus slows down the aging of our skin.
  • Moreover, retinol builds up connective tissue and slows down the naturally occurring collagen dismantling. This is its most important anti-aging effect.
  • Nevertheless, one should not exaggerate the use of retinol, because it works, when applied in overdoses, as a skin irritating substance.



Which foods contain retinol?

  • Retinol (Vitamin A1) can be found in foods like fish, milk products, butter and eggs.
  • These fat-soluble vitamins cannot be produced by the body itself.
  • Therefore, the body depends on the supply from the outside.
  • Above all for vegans, it is important to take in additional Vitamin A in the form of food supplements.
  • A well-balanced nutrition is extremely important – not only for the skin care, but for the general well-being of any person.


Can you purchase retinol pills?

  • Retinol pills and capsules are a widespread method to supply Vitamin A from the outside to the body.
  • The sufficient intake of retinol is important, as already stated, because it not only supports the cell growth and our vision, but also our reproductive abilities.
  • Important: Vitamin A is better absorbed by our body if it is supplied together with zinc.
  • Of course food supplements are no full substitute for a well-balanced diet!



Is retinol skin-tolerant?

  • Retinol is the best of all researched means for slowing down the natural aging of the skin.
  • In the area of skin care, it has been used since the 70s.
  • Retinol activates growth within the skin cells and accelerates thus their regeneration process.


When will the retinol cream show the first results?

  • Of course the first results are showing at individually different times – depending on the skin type, application intensity, compatibility with retinol, as well as the concentration of ingredients in the skincare product.
  • Basically, the first results can be seen after regular use of a retinol cream from about 4 to 8 weeks.
  • The skin needs this time to build up new collagen fibers and to start the regeneration cycle.
  • The skin appearance refines. Enlarged pores, wrinkles and skin impurities lessen all together. The skin is renewed from within.
  • According to age, the results are less or more visible at times. Nevertheless, it is clear that taking some precautions in terms of skin care will affect the age of the skin positively, as the skin ages.

skin care routine


What are the side effects of retinol?

  • Retinol can irritate the skin, because in high concentrations it develops a skin irritating effect.
  • You may find more information on regards to the optimum retinol concentration, here.
  • Therefore, give your skin some time to get used to this new ingredient.
  • For sensitive skin types, it is recommended to await the skin’s reaction before applying retinol cream for everyday care.
  • If as a result of this treatment, no skin irritations are to be seen, you should continue with a maximum of two uses per week. Only as time passes, you should intensify the care further.
  • Important: If you apply a face cream with retinol during the day, you should also apply a UV sunscreen in order to counter-balance the retinol’s irritating effect on the skin.
  • By the application of green tea and hyaluronic acid, one can counteract the retinol’s irritating effect, and additionally supply the skin with much needed moisture.
  • Worth a Read: Our Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review
  • Important: During a pregnancy, one should refrain from using care products containing retinol. The intake of skin-maintaining Vitamin A should occur during this period solely by the consumption of food.
  • Generally, it’s a good rule of thumb that one should not overdo it with the use of a retinol care. Above all, at the beginning of the usage as well as when faced with sensitive skin or problems during its application.
  • Generally, it’s advisable to apply retinol containing creams in the evening, so that the skin can be cared for overnight and be renewed from the inside.
  • Retinol can be well combined with different fruit acid peelings (AHA or BHA), but one should pay attention to the preservation of the natural skin acid barrier.
  • With such nursing combinations, the skin should get enough time to regenerate.
Preview Product Rating Price
Our Top Pick: Instanatural Retinol Cream Our Top Pick: Instanatural Retinol Cream 984 Reviews $19.96


What is the difference between retinol and retinoic acid?

  • Creams containing retinoic acid are only available with a prescription.
  • The reason for this is that retinoic acid works much more aggressively than retinol. Besides, it spreads its active components directly at the cell level, so that a medical supervision by a doctor is to be recommended.
  • Accordingly, it can lead to experiencing side effects much faster, when using a cream containing retinol, such as reddened spots, dry skin or other more or less severe skin irritations.
  • Our recommendation: With the use at home one should definitely choose the retinol creams over retinoid acid. Retinol creams are way more friendly to your skin, while delivering the same anti-aging effect.

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