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From everyone’s favourite skin care to testing and reviewing products to beauty secrets you should try: You’ll find out about cosmetics first-hand. 🙂

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

This quote from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is widely used by all kinds of people, and – who would ever dare to contradict it – after all it is truly right.

But I have to say: Who doesn’t like to look drop-dead gorgeous?! Don’t you feel (at least a bit) better when your hair has that healthy shine, your skin that wonderful rosy glow and your body emits that attractive perfume-fragrance you love so much?

And then again who can say that he never suffered from those infamous “bad hair days”, a rather annoying pimple just before that important date you prepared for or dark circles under your eyes after a really fun night out!

Who has never wondered about those innovations of the cosmetics industry (I got to say my favourite one of all of them is – and will always be – the Skin Energy Brush 😉 ) or was highly disappointed by the promises of a very expensive skin treatment he invested in …

Cosmetics will always be an interesting topic to me – and of course to many of my readers, too. While for me beauty and a polished look have little in common with those photoshopped beauty ideals or model sizes, they are important when it comes to liking myself how I am. Or enjoying what I like. And of course what I can do to make myself feel as gorgeous and fabulous as possible every day.

And that is what our product reviews are all about: Your personal “feeling beautiful” experience. Additionally having fun with cosmetics, hair and skin care, make up – and not about all those negative things like taking anti-aging products too serious, talking about wrinkles or gray hair.

Beauty standards are not important here. What is more important is liking yourself. And feeling comfortable in your own skin. With skin, hair and everything that belongs to your body – from lipstick to the world’s best shampoo to eco-friendly cream. Obviously everything you can read about on here is the personal opinion of our testers on the products but to be fair, it can be very useful and informative.

Have fun reading and trying everything! I look forward to your comments and will hopefully see your reviews soon!

Here are our reviews comparing the best beauty products for you:

Further reviews will follow soon! 🙂

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