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You are searching for the Best Facial Mask? Then you should read this article. We will look at good and skin-friendly cosmetic masks, which will refresh and deep-clean our skin.

While more and more high tech products are hidden in our tubes and crucibles, the key to a pure, shining skin is hidden in a natural active component, which is known for its healing effect since ancient times. Clay masks are currently the star product used by beauty experts.

First we will look at the best clay masks and compare their qualities and traits. Following we will explain the right usage and the effect of clay masks.


Three recommended Facial Mask products

Our Tip #1: Skin Best Wonder Mud by Biotherm

Biotherm Facial Mask

  • “A fruity facial mask with a gentle peeling effect”

While most clay masks tend to dry on the skin, the Wonder Mud stays moist and feels fresh like foam. This green mask has a fruity scent, a gentle peeling effect and can be foamed.


  • Pluvialis extract – rich in astaxinthin, one of the strongest natural antioxidants (protect our cells from free radicals)
  • Ghassoul extract – soap-like earth from Morocco, which has been used by Moroccan women for centuries. They use it for purification, cleansing, toning and nourishing of the skin and hair.
  • Crushed apricot kernel for a gentle peeling effect

Apply two times a week for three minutes, then foam it and wash it off.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #1: Wonder Mud by Biotherm Our Tip #1: Wonder Mud by Biotherm No ratings yet $45.50


Our Tip #2: GlamGlow Powermud

Glamglow Facial Mask

  • “A skin-friendly mask with natural oils”

This Facial Mask by GlamGlow is a two phase product. It combines the deep-cleaning effect of mud and oils. This is why it is very gentle to our skin.

After foaming it, the mask will transform from a slightly sweet scented mask to an oily cleanser. This product also contains small peeling elements, just like Biotherm’s Wonder Mud.


  • Oils:
    • Pine oil – cleans and purifies
    • Myrrha oil – renews
    • Frankincense oil – renews
  • Clay:
    • Brazilian white clay – natural silicone, which gives the skin surface a new texture
    • Bentonite – rich in calcium, helps cleansing
    • Kaolin – powerful minerals help to control excess skin glow
    • Organic minerals green clay – micro nutritious plant material nourishes the skin


Apply a thin layer and let it on for five to ten minutes – or until it becomes touch dry. After this you should massage it in with water, so it will change into a cleansing oil treatment.

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Our Tip #2: GlamGlow Powermud Our Tip #2: GlamGlow Powermud No ratings yet $46.96


Our Tip #3: Instant Detox by Bobbi Brown

Bobby Brown Facial Mask

  • “Detoxifying and deep-cleansing”

In addition to the clay, Hawaiian sea water was added to the dark grey instant detoxifying mask to increase the detoxifying effect.

The skin will be moisturised and the pores will be minimised. The scent is pleasantly soft and lemon-fresh.

This mask is the fastest to dry on the skin and is compact, but however it still is easy to spread.


  • Hawaiian sea water – detoxifying effect from sea salt and sea water
  • White clay from Brazil, rich in minerals

Application: Apply a thin layer on your slightly wet skin and let it dry for two to five minutes. Wash it off with warm water.

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Our Tip #3: Instant Detox by Bobbi Brown Our Tip #3: Instant Detox by Bobbi Brown No ratings yet $50.99


Frequently asked questions to usage and effect of clay masks:

Which effect do clay masks have on facial skin?

Best Clay Mask

Masks with clay as foundation are, compared to other facial masks, especially clearing and deep cleansing. They remove soiling by the environment, make up leftovers and unwanted oils without damaging the skin’s natural oily layer.

Pores will be minimised and your complexion will start to shine again. Clay can also be anti-inflammatory and helps pimples to heal or sooth sunburn. Depending on its origin/mining area clay has a variable mixture of micronutrients and minerals.

The used clays are basically rich in minerals. They contain nearly all essential minerals and important micronutrients. Healing earths are rich in silicic acid, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, aluminium, as well as important micronutrients like selenium, zinc, copper, manganese or lithium.

Clay has a gentle but also drying effect. This drying effect results of its absorbing behaviour – or let’s call it “cravings for dirt”. This is why “mud masks” are provided with additional beautifying and moisturising ingredients, which are usable on all skin types.

I would recommend an additional moisturising product for really dry skin. It will be absorbed by the perfectly cleansed skin.


This treatment is perfectly suitable for oily and impure skin, because clay is able to absorb dirt, fat and other sediments on the skin. It can even bind metals and toxic materials and remove them from our skin – some kind of detox treatment for the face.

Clay has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains important micronutrients and minerals, which support the skin’s complexion.



How do I properly use clay masks?

There is only one rule, which experts say needs to be considered: Clay masks should not dry completely on the skin.

The three phases of the cleansing progress give information: In the first step our skin absorbs all valuable substances from the clay treatment, it follows phase two. The vessels will widen and the blood circulation is animated. While the mask merges to phase three you should wash it off. Otherwise the clay will start to dry out your skin, this will cause irritations and dryness.

You will be on the safe side if you treat your skin with a moisturiser after using a clay mask. This way the skin will be refreshed and can regenerate after the facial mask.

skin care routine


How often should a clay mask be used?

If you tend to really oily or flaky skin you should start by using facial masks two to three times per week, or rather when your skin starts to shine. Later you should only need a mask once per week.

Because these natural facial care products are normally really skin-friendly, they can be used more often without hesitation.



Which facial mask is the best for me?

Clay masks are available in different colour shades, from green to anthracite. But small differences or combination of ingredients (e.g. active coal) can nurse your skin even more.

In general, all clay masks have the same effect: They clear your skin, absorb dirt and supply important minerals. Just test them! 🙂


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