Eye Serum Review

Our appearance is mainly influenced by our eyes’ radiance. But our skin around the eyes needs intensive care.

Therefore we have made an assignment for today to find the best Eye Serum for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Everyone has his or her insider tip concerning anti-ageing skin care. That’s why we will show you three recommendable Eye Serum products as well as the most frequently asked questions.

In the FAQ we will talk about basic anti-ageing information and effective care tips for perfect charisma of the eye-area skin care.


Our Top 3 Eye Serums for daily eye-area skin care

Our Top Pick: Instanatural Eye Serum

Best Eye Serum #1
Instanatural Eye Serum (*CLICK*)

This eye-care serum is the one with most versatility in our product review.

It has a complex of active agents like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Herbal Stem Cells. With these active ingredients the sensitive eye section will be hydrated and strengthened.

Moreover this serum contains caffeine, which tauten the tear ducts and hereby lessens the dark circles, which often cause tired looking eyes.

This serum sets fast after spreading and therefore allows a fast application of the following moisturizer. Our only critique is the lightly yellow colour the skin gets directly after application of this serum. It wears off by applying the following moisturizer and makeup, but you should know of this slight skin tone change.

Compared to the other two Eye Serum recommendations the Instanatural Serum has the cheapest price. So this product is also the Price-Performance Winner in our eye-care review.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Top Pick: Instanatural Beauty Serum Our Top Pick: Instanatural Beauty Serum 1,167 Reviews $17.97


Our Tip #2: Amara Organics Eye Gel

Best Eye Serum #2
Amara Organics Eye Gel (*CLICK*)

The Eye Gel by Amara Organics also has many active agents included – besides Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid it contains Herbal Stem Cells and Peptides.

The gel can be spread well on the skin area around the eye and has a slightly cooling effect. The skin gets a bit tightened and refreshed after the application.

You can use gel on the whole face but your eye and forehead area should be considered the most.

The Amara Organics Eye Gel is sold in a pump container – in a different form than the Instanatural serum, which has a pipette. At first we were sceptical about the pump container. Is it really possible to dose sparingly with this mechanism?

Yes it does. The pump container allows dosing the gel in small amounts, so no precious gel is being wasted.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #2: Amara Organics Eye Gel Our Tip #2: Amara Organics Eye Gel 1,731 Reviews $15.95


Our Tip #3: La Roche Posay Active C Eye Serum

Best Eye Serum #3
La Roche Posay Eye Serum (*CLICK*)

The Eye Serum by La Roche Posay is the richest product in our review. Due to its rich texture, we would classify it between serum and cream.

With its moisturizing effect it is really good against dryness crow’s-feet wrinkles. With Vitamin C as its main agent it can smooth the complexion and bring a fresh glow to the skin area around the eyes.

The Eye Serum by La Roche Posay should be applied once a day, either during the morning or the evening skin care routine.

After application it should be massaged into the skin by using a softly tapping motion, it sets fast.

The serum gives the eye section a silky and fresh glow and is suited as a permanent treatment combined with an adequate moisturizer.


Frequently asked questions to treatment and effects of Eye Serums

How does an Eye Serum take effect against wrinkles?

Eye Serum Review

Serums are highly-concentrated facial care products, which often work on a water-basis and therefore mostly have a light consistency.

The skin around our eyes is thin and sensitive. That’s why the skin often tends to dryness, especially with ageing. An Eye Serum against wrinkles has strong hydrating properties and provides our skin with a silky and fresh touch.

An Eye Serum has following functions:

  • A positive effect on tired, stressed or strained eye section
  • Smoothening and hydrating effect on the skin
  • An additional nourishing and moisturizing interlayer before applying care cream
  • Almost instant positive results, which implicate eye-area skin improvement when used consequently

As previously stated in our Anti-Ageing Serum Review, beauty serums are due to its formula not suitable to be used as a sole skin care product. When treating your skin with an Eye Serum we want it to take an almost immediate positive effect, whereas an additional Moisture Cream will provide our skin with a long-term hydration.



Using an Eye Serum properly – what should be considered?

Eye Serum Application

When choosing the proper eye care product it is important to consider the different skin types.

Most serum products are water-based and therefore lightly formulated. They are suited for mostly oily skin and combination skin, because they don’t close skin pores.

If the skin tends to dryness it often won’t be enough to use such a light Eye Serum. In this case there are more saturated products which specially target dry skin. They are often made on a silicone basis and protect our eye-area skin more intensively against moisture loss.

The Eye Serum should be used after a gentle facial cleansing, before applying your skin care cream. To intensify its effect you can also use an alcohol-free toner on your skin (like the Rosense Rosewater). After the toner application, it will be soaked and moisturised.

Another benefit out of using an additional toner is that moisturised skin is ten times more penetrable than dry skin. Therefore the Eye Serum can get into deeper skin layers and here it can unfold its positive effect.


We already mentioned that Eye Serums don’t work as a full-fledged moisturizing care. A skin care cream acts like a film on your skin and protects it from dehydration.

A serum indeed has hydrating properties, but does not form a long-lasting moisturizing barrier on the skin. That’s why the application of additional care cream is an absolute must.

The proper dosage of an Eye Serum is also important. Because it is highly concentrated, in most cases it is sufficient to use a small amount of the product. Any more serum might be absorbed by the skin, but won’t lead to a better result. To not waste the precious substance unnecessarily, you should only apply a pea-sized amount of the Eye Serum.

One tip for the Eye Serum treatment:

  • A chilled moisturizing cream applied immediately after the Eye Serum will create a kind of vacuum on your skin.
  • Therefore the serum’s active agents can be absorbed by the skin even better. 😉


At which age should an Eye Serum be used?

The ageing of the sensitive eye section can be hereditary. But this does not mean that we should abstain from timely anti-ageing care.

The treatment with eye creams is an important precaution, which should be started much earlier than most of us thinks.

Ideally an eye-caring skin serum should be used around the age of 25, earlier than the overall anti-ageing skin care. The reason is that the eye-area skin is thin and sensitive, so that signs of ageing are often seen first around the eye.

Also dark circles around the eyes will be seen because the skin gets thinner with age. The skin’s collagen production lessens and hereby the skin loses its elasticity.

But it is never too late to start the care of your eye section. To make it easier for you to imagine the skin’s ageing effect, we will shortly summarise the usual stages of ageing.

It is important to know that every phase has its own need of skin care – you will see.

The ideal eye-area skin care depends on the age:

  • Teenager: Except for sunscreen and sunglasses no special care is needed for the eye section.
  • Age 25: A good moisturizer with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid should be used once to twice a day, depending on the skin type. An Eye Serum is no must-have but can take a positive effect on the skin, depending on your skin’s condition.
  • Age 35: You should add an Eye Serum to your daily care routine. It should ideally contain Vitamin C to have an antioxidant effect. Hereby the collagen production can be maintained and the ageing process will be slowed down.
  • Age 45: An Eye Serum containing Retinol can help with the battle against wrinkles. It tightens the eye section and improves the skin’s complexion. The Retinol Serum should preferably used at night, because then it can be more effective.
  • From age 55: In this phase it is important to use Peptides. They stimulate the decreasing collagen production and reduce eye wrinkles. These products in general are very mild and don’t irritate the skin. Thus they can be used twice a day. In addition, a moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid should be used at daytime.
Preview Product Rating Price
Our Top Pick: Instanatural Beauty Serum Our Top Pick: Instanatural Beauty Serum 1,167 Reviews $17.97


Eye Serum or Eye Cream – what has the better effect against wrinkles?

Eye Serum or Cream

A short comparison between serums and creams:

  • Serums should ideally be used as a day care. Because of their light formula they are suitable for oily skin as well as combination skin tending to impurities.
  • Eye creams are richer and suitable as a wholly eye care – depending on the product. The effects will be visible after a longer period of treatment in contrast to serums – it is better to bring some patience when treating your skin with eye creams. They also need be applied consequently.
  • When treating dry skin you can also use eye serum in combination with a cream during the evening skin care routine. The skin will receive enough care over night and can regenerate and prepare for the next day.



What should I do when the effect of the Eye Serum lessens with time?

I sometimes have the feeling that my skin gets accustomed to the Eye Serum, so that the treatment does not bring the effect I hoped for. Is it really the case that a serum will have less effect with time?

The answer is: “no”. Our skin does not have a product memory and therefore won’t form some kind of immunity against the Eye Serum – not even after using it for years.

But it can occur that we get used to the better condition our skin is in after some time. We often tend to forget how our skin looked like before we started using special skin care products, because this effect will eventually be a given.

If this happens we tend to think that the Eye Serum stopped working. But this is not true, because we just got used to our new reality. 🙂

But what happens is that our skin will change its needs with time. Therefore it is good to check your daily skin care routine and adapt it to your skin type as well as the skin’s condition.

skin care routine


Our conclusion to the Eye Serum Review:

  • The eye section is a very sensitive skin area, which is in need of special care. A well-timed anti-ageing precaution is the most important requirement to let our outer appearance stay flawless, bright and healthy.
  • The treatment with an Eye Serum should ideally start from middle or end of 20, so that eye wrinkles won’t develop in the first place. It is never too late to begin with eye care. Better late than never! 😉
  • The perfect eye-area skin will always stay an unattainable ideal – even with all the anti-ageing care you can buy. But of course we should still try to keep our well-kept and fresh-looking eye section for as long as we can.
  • Our skin will show if it is being treated well. Day by day. 😉

Our product recommendations:

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