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You would like to know which the Best Camouflage Cream is? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this benchmark review, we are looking at different creams and answering all of the questions about application and effects of these particular cover products.

First of all we come to the TOP 3 Camouflage Creams and then you’ll get to know the specifics and details of Camouflage Cream application.


Summary of our Camouflage Cream Review:

Our Winner: Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream

Top #1 Camouflage Cream

  • “The All-Rounder Cream”

The Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream is our test winner. Because of its high pigmentation the cream has proven to have a high coverage. It stays smooth and is easy to apply on the skin.

Other important features of this cream are:

  • Due to its richness, the small container will last you for at least a few months even when you use it regularly.
  • Even though its formula is very lush, the cream still feels natural and soft on your skin.
  • If you heed the manufacturer’s advice and use some fixing powder onto it, the cream won’t budge even for a second.
  • When applied on your skin, it neither looks dark nor does it give you any shine. It has a slightly mattifying touch.

The Malu Wilz skin care products are a product of Artdeco’s and a premium product line of this manufacturer.

With its coverage the Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream beats many (mostly higher-priced) make-up products and that’s why for us it is our hot tip when it comes to cost-ratio benefits.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Top Pick: Malu Wilz Cream Our Top Pick: Malu Wilz Cream 1 Reviews $17.99

P.S. You can find a comprehensive customer review of this Camouflage Cream here.



Our No. 2: Vichy Dermafinish Foundation

Top #2 Camouflage Cream

  • Soft texture and natural look

This liquid make-up is a complexion corrector and made it to the second position as a product on our Camouflage Cream Review.

Because of its soft texture the application is great and it goes on smoothly. Its slightly lower coverage makes the result look more natural and also makes it easy to wear.

Especially with dry skin the Vichy Dermafinish Foundation will show you its strong points, since it seems to liquefy after the application and therefore is great to cover any kind of dryness lines.

The liquid make-up is available in 5 shades and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling nor does it darken your complexion.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #2: Vichy Dermafinish Foundation Our Tip #2: Vichy Dermafinish Foundation 207 Reviews $30.00


Our Tip #3: Estée Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage Make-up

Top #3 Camouflage Cream

  • “Rich texture and highest coverage”

The Maximum Cover Camouflage make-up by Estée Lauder proved to have the highest coverage in our test.

At the same time this skin care product also was the most expensive in our Camouflage Cream Review.

Mainly because of the Maximum Cover Make-up’s high price, it’s only on third position of our Best Camouflage Product Review.

Besides having a great coverage, this liquid make-up also contains a nourishing effect due to natural essences from Aloe Vera and Sandalwood.

The smooth texture really lasts all day long without getting greasy. But here, too, we recommend using fixing powder to minimize your skin getting shiny throughout the day.

Maximum Cover Camouflage make-up is a premium product with smooth skin care texture which can be used for all types of skin.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #3: Estée Lauder Maximum Cover Our Tip #3: Estée Lauder Maximum Cover 36 Reviews $40.00


Frequently asked questions on the application of Camouflage Make-up products

How does the Camouflage Cream work?

Camouflage Cream functions

The term “camouflage” comes from the military sector and means as much as “disguise”. This does tell you everything about the Camouflage Cream – it is a special, high-coverage kind of make-up. It is especially used on parts of the skin where normal make-up doesn’t help anymore.

The Camouflage Cream contains about double as many pigments as a normal make-up. Because of its better coverage it is often used to conceal rather prominent skin unevenness.

This skin unevenness can be caused by strong skin impurities or irritated areas. But also for age-related liver spots or damaged skin, the Camouflage Concealer can be a great solution.

If you apply the Camouflage Cream correctly, you don’t need to worry about this unevenness anymore. And now we will show you how this kind of application should look like.



What needs to be considered when applying Camouflage Cream?

Using Camouflage Cream

First of all it is important to find the perfect shade of Camouflage Cream that will match your skin tone. Only then the cream can show its best coverage result and you will also find that this result looks more natural and normal.

For a perfect colour result you can also mix several of the different shades of Camouflage Cream. This even works on the skin since the cream is easy to apply and distribute.

After the Camouflage Cream application it should be sealed with fixing powder. The powder doesn’t only make the Camouflage Cream waterproof but it also makes it last for a long time – if you apply it correctly even a whole day. Even humidity or heat can’t melt down your perfect make-up look then.

Microdermabrasion Review

The Camouflage Cream Application should be as following:

  1. Cover your face with your regular day dream and for lighter skin tones you could also use one that contains a sun protection factor.
  2. Remove your desired amount of the cream from the container with a spatula and smooth it on the back of your hand.
  3. If need be you can also mix other shades and apply the now perfect shade on your skin to create a masterpiece.
  4. Before applying the product you should test it on a small area of skin on your face and see if the concealer shade matches your skin tone.
  5. Slightly wet the provided beauty blender and use it to apply the cream on areas where you wish to conceal.
  6. To seal everything, simply use fixing powder on these areas and if necessary blend it out on the edges.
  7. Because of its reliability and high coverage, the Camouflage Concealer is also a suitable alternative for any continued use of normal make-up. You can influence the intensity of the coverage by using more – or less – of the product.



Are there other tips and tricks when it comes to Camouflage Cream application?

Naturally, applying and fixing Camouflage Cream will take more time than doing that with normal make-up products. To speed up the application, you can also apply the cream with your fingers and work it into your skin. In some cases the result will look even more natural, if you do that.

When applying the cream, you shouldn’t rub it in too hard since you can intensify the redness of your skin. Instead of that you should distribute the cream well and work it in smoothly.

At first the Camouflage Cream is a bit harder in the container. To make it more pliable, you can simply put it onto your heater for just a few minutes. You will see that it will get softer immediately and then you can mix and work it in better. You can also dampen the cream which makes it even easier to work with.

To get a more natural-looking result, you shouldn’t overdo the Camouflage foundation. Just use as much of the cream as you need to cover the skin parts that you want to conceal.

Sometimes you hear about this kind of cream being so well covering that it clogs the pores. From our Camouflage Cream Review we can tell you that we cannot confirm this rumour. It’s probably also because we used high-end products in our test.

Because of this for example, we cannot tell you either if drugstore Camouflage Foundation has a similar coverage to the one of the products that we tested. However the drugstore products generally come at a more reasonable price than the products used in our Camouflage Cream Review.

Even for the Camouflage Concealer, the same rule applies as for regular make-up that you use: You should carefully remove your make-up every night. And afterwards you should apply a nourishing and moisturising cream. One that contains Retinol for anti-aging skin care would be great, too.




When is the Camouflage Cream application recommended?

Camouflage Cream Products

With Camouflage Cream you can cover most kinds of redness of skin, small scars and also skin impurities quite well. To better decide which shade of cream would be better for your complexion, we also have some tips for you:

  • To cover red skin parts like facial erythrosis (red blood vessels) or scars well, you should use a shade of cream that has rather green accents in it. That should neutralise the red colour on affected skin parts. To get your healthy-looking complexion back though, you should use a bit of your blush afterwards.
  • With pigment disorders and pale or blueish skin colorations, you should rather use yellow or orange tinged Camouflage Creams. Because of that you will find that the colour will look more even on these parts of the skin. To cover and neutralise dark tattoos you should better use a white Camouflage Concealer.
  • To steer the focus of these skin impurities, you shouldn’t only conceal these areas but also lay emphasis on your face’s assets especially the eyes for example. Like that you will look refreshed and more radiant.



In which cases should you rather abstain from using Camouflage Cream?

Our experience has shown that drier parts of the skin are not recommended to be covered by Camouflage Cream, because the result could look rather fake. Especially around your nose area the cream could look very cakey after being applied.

That’s why it’s recommended for drier skin to first use a day cream and then to apply the foundation on your skin. After that you use the Camouflage Cream only on parts of the skin where you want to cover certain areas. Like that you will avoid any kind of “mask effect”.

And you should also choose the shade of camouflage which fits you best. If the cream is a shade too dark, it might even emphasize your skin unevenness, which would make it worse. To balance everything, you should use a fixing powder lighter in shade.

If you use the Camouflage foundation under or around your eyes, you should apply it sparsely. Using too much foundation might even enhance the look of your eye wrinkles. Instead of that just conceal the unevenness and top everything off with a bit of powder.

skin care routine


Which good Camouflage Cream alternatives exist?

As an alternative to Camouflage Cream, you could use make-up with higher coverage, like for example the Soft Resistant by Max Factor.

If you want a softer alternative, you could always use CC Creams, which are specially made to soothe skin redness and to provide an even complexion at the same time. The Nude Magique CC Cream can only be recommended when it comes to that.

There are also mineral powder make-ups, which contain a higher coverage and also feel quite natural on your skin. We can especially recommend the Professional Mineral Powder by Moni Gutezeit.

For people who suffer from facial erythrosis, make-up products which are soft on the skin and still cover it nicely are recommended. A suitable solution would be Oil-free Make-up, which has a great wearability. For example, the ColorStay Make-up by Revlon.


Conclusion of our Camouflage Cream Review

  • Every beauty set should contain Camouflage Cream because of its waterproof and long-lasting coverage.
  • Because of its intense pigmentation, the Camouflage Cream is a great make-up and concealer alternative for smaller and even bigger skin problems.
  • You cannot only efficiently cover skin impurities, but also red blood vessels (facial erythrosis), liver spots, scars, tattoos and even spider veins with this cream.
  • When correctly applying Camouflage Cream, you will get a natural, smooth complexion and also look refreshed.
  • The higher-end products can also be used daily, since they don’t clog the pores unnecessarily. At least not more than any other make-up product does.
  • This skin care products is usually so rich that one small container will last you for several months, even when you use it daily.
  • Instead of only using it on your face, you can also use the Camouflage Foundation on your whole body. We found a nice video related to this topic:
  • If you seal the Camouflage Cream in with fixing powder, it will become waterproof. That’s why you can just go swimming or jogging and you’ll still look refreshed and radiant in any kind of situation.

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