BB Cream Review

You would like to know which the best BB Cream is? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this benchmark test we are looking at the different creams and we answer some of the main questions you have when it comes to application and effect of these special skin care products on your face.

First of all we come to the TOP 3 BB Creams and then you’ll get to know the specifics and details of BB Cream application.


Summary of the BB Cream Review:

Our Top Pick: Missha M Signature BB Cream

Missha BB Cream

  • “Soft texture and gentle, yet effective product”

The Missha M Signature Cream is our BB Cream test winner. This skin care product combines all the features necessary for a good BB Cream:

  • Smoothness for easy application and distribution
  • Great texture to cover any kind of blemishes and to have a natural impact on the skin
  • SPF 25 for your daily UV protection
  • High tolerance on your skin thanks to the natural formula without any parabens, mineral oils, alcohol or benzophenones. Instead it consists out of plant extracts and hydrating agents.

The manufacturer himself calls the Missha M Signature Cream hypoallergenic because most of the allergy-causing substances aren’t included in it.

Actually the test has proven that this BB Cream is very tolerable on the skin – even if you have sensitive or “high-maintenance” skin.

This cream can be found in three different colour shades – #13, #21 and #23 (going from lighter to darker shade)

In comparison to the Missha M Perfect Cover, the Signature Cream has some very defining differences:

  • The texture is more fluid, softer and less creamy.
  • Because of its soft consistency the Missha M Signature cream has a higher coverage and it is also more flexible while applying. That is why for example it can adjust better to high-maintenance combination skin.
  • The Signature Cream can handle enlarged pores or redness even a bit better than the Perfect Cover BB Cream.
  • Its scent is subtler and it feels soft and natural on the skin.

With its features the Missha M Signature Cream beats many comparable products, even in the higher price-range. This is the reason why this cream is being our price-performance winner.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Top Pick: Missha M Signature Cream Our Top Pick: Missha M Signature Cream 59 Reviews $15.73


Our Tip #2: Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm

Schrammek BB Cream

  • “The nourishing one”

The Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm is a product for those who like to use a BB Cream but find the Asian shades to be too light for them.

It’s interesting to know that Dr. med Christine Schrammek is actually the inventor of the BB Cream. The skin care products of this brand are all slightly more expensive but they have been tested for decades.

The Blemish Balm is no exception – beside the covering features, this cream also contains nourishing substances and that is also why it is great for irritated or reddened skin.

This BB Cream smooths small blemishes quite well, refreshes the complexion and moisturizes your skin sufficiently because of its richness. Therefore your skin will be protected from drying out during the day. When you compare this product to our BB Cream test winner, you will find two substantial differences between them:

  • The Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm doesn’t contain any UV-protection. If you apply it in the summer time, you should also wear an SPF day cream.
  • It is more nourishing than the Missha M Signature BB Cream and is more suitable for drier or normal skin as opposed to oily skin where you should rather wear BB Creams that aren’t as nourishing.

Even if the overall result of the application is great, too, the cost-benefit ratio of the Christine Schrammek BB Cream lies slightly below the Missha M Signature BB Cream (our TOP #1 Product in this Review).

Generally spoken you can’t go wrong with any of those products.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #2: Christine Schrammek Cream Our Tip #2: Christine Schrammek Cream 21 Reviews $41.20


Our No. 3: Annemarie Borlind BB Cream

Borlind BB Cream

  • “The natural cosmetics all-rounder BB Cream”

Annemarie Borlind is also a beauty producer with rather higher-priced products. The good thing about them is that they are developed without any animal testing and don’t contain any additives that could irritate your skin. Instead of that they contain a lot of herbal extracts and other natural ingredients.

The Annemarie Borlind BB Cream is easily applied and you can distribute it very well. You have to be careful though to work it into your skin thoroughly, otherwise you will get a streaky finish.

The coverage ranges from good to great. The wearability seems very pleasant and the cream doesn’t strain the skin beneath it, which is why it also doesn’t feel too heavy when you have it on. At least it is lighter consistency-wise than the Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm.

Both impurities and redness are concealed very well. Merely around the eye area the Annemarie Borlind BB Cream showed some minor weaknesses. But the result looked really natural and without any “mask effect”.

This cream’s finish has a slight mattifying touch. To enhance this effect further, you could apply some powder at the end of your skin care routine.

  • Annemarie Borlind Blemish Balm is available on the Internet starting at $50.56 .
Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #3: Annemarie Borlind Blemish Balm Our Tip #3: Annemarie Borlind Blemish Balm No ratings yet $24.90


Frequently asked questions of BB Cream application

How does the BB Cream work?

BB Cream Functions

The BB Cream’s concept is a combination of day cream, moisturizing cream and foundation; and most of the time it includes SPF, too. That is why BB Creams are real cosmetic all-rounders and they combine many functions which are highly important for skin care.

The BB Cream already exists since the sixties. The German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek is regarded as the inventor, whose skin care products are still in demand even today.

Eventually the BB Cream trend came to Asia. There it has been welcomed – it is not for nothing that the light, perfect skin type is one of Asia’s ideals of beauty. By now there are many Asian manufacturers in this area, who are especially known for their high sun protection factor in their Blemish Balms.

It is common knowledge that a BB Cream is more than a tinted day cream – beside the coverage and the skin care it often contains sun protection and anti-aging substances. With young and unblemished skin it often goes as far as being a substitute for foundation, which normally would be applied.



What should a good BB Cream be able to accomplish?

The manufacturers interpret Blemish Balms in different ways. Sometimes there is more anti-aging components in them, sometimes the sun protection is left out and even the consistency obviously varies from one skin care product to another.

That is why we have a list of features and functions below, which in our opinion represent a good BB Cream.

The following important key points were identified in our BB Cream test:

  • Good coverage on impure skin, blemishes, pores, redness, liver spots and dark circles.
  • A natural look without any mask effect, since the BB Cream adjusts its colour to the skin tone without leaving streaks.
  • Wonderful consistency, which is distributed well and very pleasant, adjusting to your skin’s structure perfectly.
  • Long-lasting result – ideally throughout the day with eventual powder retouches in between.
  • Rich in product, so you only need a small amount of the Blemish Balm to apply on your skin.
  • Mattifying features, no ingredients with allergy potential.
  • Great tolerance, so that the BB Cream can also be used to conceal shadows under your eyes.
  • Sufficient sun protection factor, which should never be too high. A permanently high sun protection isn’t good for the skin either, since it can lead to a lack of vitamin D (source).
  • Something important at the end: The BB Cream shouldn’t be too expensive. 😉

By evaluating all these criteria and using the characteristics that are most important, you’ll find the best Beauty Balm for you.



What is important when applying BB Cream?

The Blemish Balm application steps should be the following:

  • After your usual skin care routine, you should – if you’d like to – smooth the skin with a primer and prepare it for the BB Cream application.
  • If the skin on your face tends to be on the drier side, you can also use a Moisturising Day Cream as a base for the BB Cream. The nourishing element can also be increased by using a Vitamin C Serum.
  • Because of its richness, you usually just need to pump the dispenser once to get enough product for your whole face.
  • When applying the cream you can either use your fingers or a beauty blender, it’s up to your preference.
  • Our BB Cream test showed that using a make up brush wasn’t a good idea because it soaks up most of the precious cream.
  • Use the Blemish Balm sparingly on your face to get an even and natural-looking result.
  • Before you apply it on your whole face, test it out on a small area of your facial skin to see if the shade matches your skin tone.
  • Important: Immediately after the application the cream seems to be a bit greyish but it will adjust to your natural skin tone after a few minutes.
  • If the coverage isn’t to your liking on some parts, you can always add another layer of BB Cream or use a concealer to enhance the result.
  • To get a mattifying effect you could simply apply a bit of powder and then blend it out at the edges.

Facial cleansing brush review


When is a Blemish Balm application recommended?

Because of a diversity of different concepts there is a matching BB Cream for every skin type:

  • Normal skin: Moisturising skin care, smoothing of blemishes, balancing of the complexion
  • Oily to combination skin: Mattifying effects, long-lasting smooth complexion
  • Young skin: Basic skin care without using foundation/concealer
  • Mature skin: Anti-aging skin care, visual skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles
  • Sensitive to irritated skin: natural cosmetics and hypoallergenic BB Creams, anti-inflammatory effect, long-lasting moisturizing effect, soft skin care and reduction of wrinkles

Based on these diversity of characteristics and varieties any beauty-enthusiast can find the best BB Cream for his skin type nowadays.



Which good BB Cream alternatives exist?

BB Cream Alternative
Nude Magique CC Cream (*CLICK*)

An advancement of BB Creams are the so-called CC Creams. The CC stands for “colour correction”; so it makes the skin a smoother canvas.

The CC creams are especially helpful when it comes to correcting the shade of your complexion and also to enhance it. So they do contain slightly more pigments than BB Creams.

In the CC cream area you can for example find the Nude Magique CC Cream by L’Oreal Paris, which we can highly recommend. We are testing some CC creams by the way and we will also release a small report soon comparing some of them.

With persistent skin impurities and distinctive liver spots a Camouflage Cream would be recommended. These creams are a special concept for the “difficult cases” and also come more pigmented, which makes their coverage even better.

skin care routine


Conclusion of our BB Cream Review

  • BB Creams (Blemish Balms) combine different characteristics of various skin care products for your face.
  • Between covering impurities and wrinkles they smooth the complexion and also enhance it.
  • Many of the BB Creams also contain UV-protection and anti-aging substances like Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen. That is why you can find a BB Cream for every skin type.
  • Worth a Read: Our Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review
  • After the application the skin care product adjusts to the skin structure and the skin tone. To better match the skin tone, Blemish Balms are being offered in an array of shades.
  • When choosing a suitable BB Cream it is important that the skin care product contains as little preservatives and fragrance as possible. Like that you reduce the risk of skin irritations and allergies.
  • In our opinion BB Creams are a very useful invention and they enhance the daily skin care routine with their functionality.

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